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  1. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    Here's a recent story involving Ricky Rapp. About 3 years ago, a coworker of mine had a riding lawn mower that would not crank and run. It was like new, but a few years old. He told me that I could have if it I came and got it. So, I headed out to his house with my trailer and had full intention of stopping by Mom and Dads house on my way home to visit because Ricky had came by to visit and stay a few days. I pulled in with the lawn mower on the trailer and my Dad and Ricky were already outside looking at my Dad's R/C airplanes. Ricky asked me "whatcha got there Ronnie Ruint?" I told him "a lawn mower with a motor that will not crank". He said "let's go take a look at it, it looks brand new, how old is it?". I told him that I didn't have any idea of the age, but that the motor turns over freely with no compression.....he said "Have you pulled the dipstick and checked for any oil?" I said no, I know it doesn't have any oil in it, because the pistons aren't moving and I believe the rods are broke. He pulled the dipstick and it was bone dry. He said, let me know what you find when you dig into it. I did tear it down and it was 2 broke rods. The rods were aluminum and had started melting into the crank shaft journals. Once enough friction happened, the rods broke. I replaced the head gaskets, the rods, and of course flushed the crank case and entire block and then reassembled. I had a total of $177.00 in parts and 40 hours of labor and it's still running. I talked to Ricky about what I found and he just laughed and said, you got a killer deal on that mower. Also, I talked to him several times after my dad passed away. The last time that I talked to him was about 3 weeks before he died. He told me to promise him that I would take care of my Mom, and I promised him sincerely that I would, and I am. He had a nick name for everyone, he called my Mom "Brush" because she painted the numbers, sponsors, pit crew, and other things on my Dad's racecars. I will say this, when I last talked to Ricky, we laughed a lot and he sounded really good. I miss him.
  2. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    Here are the Tee shirt patterns for the making of my Dad's and Ricky Rapp's tee shirts. The patterns are actually made in reverse image so that they can be transferred onto the shirt and the numbers etc. will then have the correct orientation.
  3. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    Thanks Radical. I have some pictures of the patterns that my Mom used to make my Dad's and Ricky Rapp's tee shirts, and for any one else who was a fan. I'll post those later, gotta go feed my dogs and do some things first.
  4. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    I never did play baseball. I played little league football 2 years, 4th and 5th grades and I believe it was the C.C. Little League Football but I'll have to dig up some old photos to be sure of the name of the League. When I was in the 4th grade, the team that I played on was sponsored by Corpus Christi Bank and Trust, we were the Falcons, the 5th grade team that I played on was sponsored by Nolans, we were the Cowboys. We left practice one day to go the mall there in Corpus and waited in line to get Mike Ditka's autograph. I had blood all over my face and jersey as I had received a bloody nose while tackling just before we were told to load up and go to the mall. This would have been 1973 my 4th grade year (Falcons) and 1974 my 5th grade year (Cowboys). Then I played for the Flour Bluff Hornets (football and track) as I was enrolled in Flour Bluff Jr. High School. We had a pretty awesome 440 yard relay team. Willy Wiggins, Jerry Philips, Valtimore Garcia, and me running the final leg. My Mom worked at Bodine - Scott (the heating and air conditioning business) and it was tough for her to get off work, drive all the way to the Bluff, pick me up and drive me back into C.C. for football practice, but she did it.
  5. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    I also have the original patterns my Mom used to make my Dad's and Ricky Rapp's tee shirts. She made them for the crew members and for kids who were fans of my Dad and Ricky. I'll get down there to Mom's and take pictures of these items as soon as I can.
  6. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    Yes sir, share them all that you desire Terry. I want people to see this stuff, it's part of Texas racing history.
  7. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    I played little league football in Corpus and Nolans was the sponsor of our team, and yeah, they had great chicken fried steak.
  8. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    The enitre contents of this particular C.C. Speedway racing program. Page #1, the front cover.
  9. More Cuddihy and CC Speedway memories

    I'm going to try to get some pictures up today, Not just a lousy teaser Radical, I would hate to send you descending into a mental swirling cesspool of death, destruction and foreboding doom lol