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  1. Excited to see one of the best promoters in America helping Jerry and Tina succeed at their dream.
  2. Just to help with information. I asked about restarting this series a while back. after Stephan shared what he was interested in doing, I put together a sponsor proposal and began sending many out. A major health crisis happened in my family that had me leaving for my wife's country to help with my father-in-law who had a major stroke. My wife and I took on the task of keeping their small business and church going until my father-in-law got back on his feet. This meant that I was not able to finish what I started. I am sorry that I got many hopes up not to be able to get this series going again. But on the good side, James Brown is starting the Lonestar Street Stock Series. James is a very talented and experienced promoter and pr person who was the man responsible for taking the Texas Outlaw Stock Car series to the level it is now. I am really excited to see this new series in 2018. In fact, I hope to have a few cars competing in 2019. Thank everyone for the time.
  3. Thanks for posting. Life has taken me away from committing to the track
  4. thank you. I am still learning the basics of graphic work
  5. sorry. owner and manager took week off to get ready for the 600. I will post them as soon as I get them
  6. The next race night will be friday, october 13. Classes will be announced later this week. No races this week due to supporting the 600 at Devils Bowl Speedway. Lets help this great event succeed. Look forward to seeing everyone there
  7. Bronco Motor Speedway Sept. 29

    Jerry Brown is the owner. Tina Walter is the general manager. the facebook page is still bronco motor speedway. but will be changing the name sometime soon.
  8. bronco motor speedway

    the track will be called 105 speedway from this point forward. Thank you
  9. Races tonight are still on. Limited Modified, Factory Stock, Pure Stock, and Dwarf Car classes. The decision has been made by management to grant the request by many drivers, fans, and sponsors to change the name back to 105 Speedway. Hopefully this will eliminate any confusion about the track.
  10. bronco motor speedway

    Racing tonight is still on. The decision has been made, due to popular demand, we will be changing the name back to 105 Speedway. This is a request by fans, drivers, and even sponsors to stop any confusion about this track.
  11. this will be the beginning of 2018 racing season. Name changed back to 105 Speedway.