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  1. Friday Night Races

    Stock car races this friday night. Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks, Pure Stocks, & Dwarf Cars
  2. Tuesday, September 26, Practice at Bronco Motor Speedway. Free Front gate admission. Starts at 7pm
  3. Thank you. I will be contacting you very soon. probably sometime next week
  4. WildTurkey Classic flyer

    This event will be postponed until February or March. The new date of the event will be announced soon.
  5. Bronco Motor Speedway is currently seeking sponsorship for the remainder of 2017 season as well as planning now for the 2018 racing season. Lap sponsorship is available for 2017 at $25 per lap. Sponsorship includes public address announcement for the night chosen, listed on the lap sponsor page of the Souvenir program, website listing, facebook business page and group page listing, and 2 free tickets to the races for the night of the sponsorship. 5 classes of competition is available every Friday Night in 2017.
  6. Texas Grand

    November 09, 10, 11, 2017 Two Nights of RACING With One Practice Night on Thursday Bronco Motor Speedway $50,000 Total Purse Factory Stocks Possible $4,000 To Win !! 305 Sprints Possible $3000 to Win! Street Stock, Mod-Lites/Dwarf, IMCA Modified, Limited Modified Possible $2000 to Win!
  7. Texas Grand Purse

    Class Payouts are below A Main: Limited, Street Stocks, IMCA Modified, ModLite/Dwarf. If 50 Cars or More per class Its $2,000.00 To Win! - 49 Cars Per Class $1,000 To Win! 1000-2000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 A Main - Sprint Cars 50 or More Sprints $3000 to Win!. - 49 Sprints $2000 2000-3000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 A Main: Factory If 50 Cars or More per class Its $4,000.00 To Win! - 49 Cars Per Class $3,000! 3000-4000 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200
  8. Texas Grand rules

    2017 rules will be posted Soon! General Rules: 2016 All Cars to display Renegade Race Fuel decal. RACEceivers will be used. Safety Inspection tag is mandatory before you are allowed on the track. 2016 Houston Area Track Safety Inspection tag is valid. Safety Inspection tags will be available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Tech. Items inspected: All personal safety gear, 5 point seat belts/ fastened securely, seat secure, window net/ arm restraints, helmet (neck brace), driving suit, wrecker pick-up points front and rear. Other safety items as required by your class. No large holes in fire wall. No sharp edges on bumpers, nerf bars, fender such to cut another car’s tire. You are not to race without an Inspection Tag. Cost: $-0- Any car coming to Tech without a 2016 VALID Safety Inspection tag issued, after Heat, Dash, D, C, B, or A is disqualified. Non-engine Tech inspection is optional for all classes and will be conducted at Tech at any time. Weight: All weights are post-race. You weigh with the car as it finished the race. ie: missing parts. No radios, no mirrors, scanners, or cell phones allowed in the race car while on the track. ONLY ONE Raceceiver Allowed per car/driver. No race communications. No traction control devices allowed. All rear ends must be locked. No gasoline or methanol additives for the enhancement of power. All drive shafts are to be painted white or silver. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed in the pit area before or during your races. Qualification remains with the driver, not the car. Which means the driver is qualified, but if the driver changes cars, they must start in the rear of the race in which the driver is qualified for. One registration per driver per class is required. Maximum Two Classes. Any ballast that is not welded in place must be painted white or silver. No recaps. Asphalt take offs are legal in some classes. No Claims. Tech is not the place to find out your car is not legal. Know the rules, and know your car. DO NOT argue with the Tech Officials. Tech ruling is final! The rules, regulations, and procedures contained herein were established for the racing events and to provide information for minimum requirements for the events. These rules shall govern the speedway events and by participating in these events all competitors and participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of complete safety shall result from the publication or compliance with these rules, regulations, or procedures. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of this sport and in no way are a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others. Racing is a dangerous sport. Allow safety to be on your side. 2016 Modified: 2016 USMTS, USRA Modified rules apply. IMCA ok. Any steel locked rear end is allowed, quick change okay steel tubes only. Bert, Brinn, Falcon, RaceGator and Mitchell internal clutch allowed. No In/Out boxes. No aluminum suspension parts allowed. Only solid design radius rods, and arms. Any steel 15″ x 8″ wheel, any offset, any beadlock. Modified tires only: Hoosier stamped G60 (NO A, D, H) or American Racer KK704 stamped allowed. May be grooved / siped. NO Softies. Tires will be Durometered. Engine type determines spoilers allowed, weight and RPM chip. Option1: Spec Engine: GM Crate 604 ((6400.rpm chip) OR CT525 crate (7300.rpm chip) Both engines= Spoiler 5″. Weight 2450 lbs max. If CT525 engine minimum two 30 lb weights added at or ahead of motor mounts and above spark plugs. Option2: Concept Engine: (8000 rpm chip). Spoiler 5″ Weight 2400 lbs. Option3: Open Engine: Spoiler 3″ Weight 2500 lbs with 23-degree heads, 2550 lbs with <23-degree heads. With non-Brodix Spec aluminum heads 50lbs in front of motor plate. >375ci must use 8400 rpm chip, <374ci must use 9000 rpm chip. Must declare Heads /Weight at tech and with weight display on left side windshield post! No Claims. 2016 Mod-Lite / Dwarf: Mufflers not required. Body: Mod-Lites and Classic both allowed. Texas Stars body rules. Tires: Hoosier Medium Bozz tread V, Stars plated, or Goodyear G45, G50 allowed. All must duro 40 before race. Wheels: Max 8″ steel wheels allowed. Beadlocks allowed. Engines: GSXR 1000, Honda CBR 1000 RR, Yamaha YZFR1, Kawasaki ZX 10, Max compression 230 psi. 1000cc Stock engines. (2014 newest legal engine). Must remain stock bore and stroke, stock rods and pistons and cams. All head components must remain stock. Cams must be stock as per original equipment manufacturer, Optional sprocket, slots ok. ONLY OEM stock ignition system. Power Commanders up to 5USB and/or TFI may be used. Engine must retain its stock fuel induction system. May run aftermarket air filters/headers/oil pan. Power Commander up to 5 USB, and TFI are legal. NO Bazzaz, auto tune or programmable ECU. Older carbureted engines allowed, Secondary butterflies may be removed. 1250cc max. Must be an originally a carbureted motor. Weight: 1315 lbs. 6. Brakes: 3 working brakes with calipers and steel rotors. Suspension: Torque absorbing devices allowed. Max 3-link. Max 30″ trailing arms, 8. Gears: Quick Change with steel tubes allowed, any gear. Axles must be locked. No bird cages. 2016 Limited Modified: Chassis. 107-109″ wheelbase. All suspension parts must be stock for 78-87 GM metric frame. After market bushings allowed. No offsets. Upper control arm mounts may be moved. Upper control arms stock appearing aftermarket. Spindles and rotors, stock. Stock brakes, minimum 3 complete working brakes assemblies required. Any shock okay that fits stock frame/suspension Spacers OK. Body. Modified style. Wheel base Min= 107 1/2″ at Tech. Max 362ci. May use GM crate engine #88958602, or 19258602 ONLY. Must be sealed with factory seals MUST be present and not show any evidence of tampering! Flat top pistons only, No six inch rods. Max 1.94 in, 1.50 ex. 11/32, Heads: 997, 445, 882, 624, 441, 487, 993, 185, 920, 862, 598, 493, 336, 126 ONLY, no X-Heads. may use Engine Quest (EQ) stock Replacement (SR) cylinder head, GM part #CH3501. 180 psi max. No Roller cam. ONLY Carburetor 4412-500cfm on ALL engines except crates which can use any 4 barrel. GoNoGo will be used on 4412. Wheels. 15x8 with any offset. Right Rear bead lock is allowed. Tires. 8. H-Stamped Hoosier 500 or IMCA Stamp. Tires will be Durometered. Weight. 2315 lbs. IMCA cars must match rules above except EQ heads allowed. 2016 Factory Stock: Update 10/23/2016. If you are ARKLATEX legal, you are allowed race. American made passenger car. Two or four door car is allowed. Steel roof required. Trucks bodies are allowed. Full floor pan not required. Quick Steer OK. Engine. All Engines: Stock OEM cast steel block in stock Location. Max. 364 ci. Stock bore (+0.065) and stock stroke combinations only. After market pulleys and balancer allowed. Hydraulic cam only, MAX .450 lift at valve. Compression Rule 175 psi. Only single spring, steel open chamber heads (no 461,462, nor Vortec etc, must match block (305 heads 305 block OK.). Max valve 1.94, 11/32 No port/polish. No fuel injection. Stock OEM (iron or aluminum) unaltered intakes only, plus VictorJr #2901. Carburetor: Holley 4412-500cfm maximum allowed. After market metering block ok. GoNoGo will be used. May use adapter / spacer with 1 in max thickness. Ignition: Stock/ stock replacement, Transmission must be stock with working torque (10.25min) converter or (10.1min) clutch/flywheel combination. Rear end. Stock for year and make. Axles must be locked. 6. Fuel. Gasoline only. No performance enhancement additives. Brakes Stock Drum or all steel rear disc brakes allowed. Minimum 3 complete working brake assemblies. No proportioning valves. Suspension stock. Any steel spring allowed. Shocks must be stock mount on shock and car in stock location. After market suspension bushings allowed. No jack bolts. No adjustable spring spacers. Wheels. Maximum 8x15 steel. Tires: Asphalt pull offs ONLY. Siping/ Grooving OK. Must durometer 50 or more. No headers allowed. Weight: 52% rule applies. 3000 lbs built engines. Driver. CURRENT Pure / Factory Stock drivers ONLY. If you didn’t race Pure / Factory stock prior to July 4, 2016 you are not eligible. Need Clarification? Call. 2016 Street Stock: Update: 10/15/16 Any American made passenger car with full frame, PLUS Nova and Camaro allowed. Chassis. Full stock frame or uni-body frame. Uni-body sub-frames must be tied together. NESmith approved frames allowed. Suspension. After market steel springs allowed. Lowering blocks are okay. Any steel shocks max 4, allowed, may be relocated. IMCA Stamped upper control arms and tubular arms okay. Any ball joint. Body. Steel/ aluminum body only. No fiberglass except roof. No Late Model style bodies. All interior panels may be removed. Steering. Stock steering box and idler arm must be used. Tubular tie rods ok. Quick steer okay. Fuel/systems. Gasoline only, no performance enhancement additives. Mechanical fuel pump only. Holley 500 4412 ONLY! GoNoGo will be used. Ignition. Stock/ stock replacement, HEI aftermarket ok. ENGINE OPTION 1: Crate SPEC Engine #88958602 /19258602 engine may run any 4-barrel carburetor. All carb main body must be Original manufactured. Metering blocks and base plate may be aluminum non-Holley. May use carburetor spacer on crate engine. Weight 2975 lbs. ENGINE OPTION 2: Maximum 364 cubic inches. Aftermarket Steel rods ok. Flat top pistons must be used. No port or polish. Screw in studs/ guide plates are okay. Steel heads only. Vortec #12407, or Engine Quest GM part # 350c or any OEM straight plug head. Cast iron or aluminum intake okay. Weight 3175 lbs. Any other head weight is 3275 lbs. ENGINE OPTION 3: Engines larger than 362 cubic inches. All other engine rules from Option 2 apply. If any other steel head (max 2.02, 1.68) Weight minimum 3375 lbs. Bore and Stroke must be displayed on left side window post or hood. Engine Location: #1 spark plug must be no further back than 1″ from front upper left ball joint, as measured with a square on the block. Penalty of 50lbs per inch added in front of left front ball joint. 1982-92 Camaros setback 14. from center of steering box slack bolt to first header bolt. Exhaust. Headers okay. Automatics may have working torque converter. Standards with clutch must have aftermarket safety steel bell housing. Bert /Brinn ok. Ball spline NOT allowed. Starters required. 13. No after-market link system. Ford 9in OK. Floaters OK. Must be 100% steel. Wheels. Maximum 15x 8 steel, Ten inch (10″) wheels allowed ONLY with Asphalt pull offs. Bead-locks allowed. Tires: Hoosier Stamped G60, H500, KK-704. No softeners. CAUTION! Tires must durometer more than 48! All tires may be grooved/siped. Drivers must declare weight they are running at driver check-in and MUST BE DISPLAYED on LEFT side WINDOW POST. 2016. 305 Sprints: Southern United Sprints, Louisiana Bayou Sprinters, Smileys Sprints, and RaceSavers are welcome. Sprint cars only. Frame and body must have a sprint car appearance. Wheel base 80 in minimum, 95 in max. RACESAVER 305 SPEC head. 10.25:1 maximum compression ratio, checked w/ Whistle. Max CI= 317. ZERO Tolerance. Max Stroke 3.50. RR= Hoosier RACESAVER plated ONLY. No softeners allowed. Minimum durometer for RR = 35, LR less than 33. RR Bead lock required. No Bleeders. Wing maximums: 25 sq. ft., 61 in wide, side boards 30 in by 72.5 in. Weight 1550 lbs after race. 100 lb. penalty for use of any electronic components, including: ignition, ECUs or driver aids, which means 1650 lbs!
  9. Factory Stock rules

    Bronco Motor Speedway 2017 FACTORY STOCK RULES BODY: Any American made stock passenger car body on a stock unaltered full frame, or Chrysler & Ford unibodies. No front wheel drives. No Camaro or Mustangs. Stock appearing aftermarket plastic nose or tail pieces are allowed. Rear of car must be sealed off, no exposed fuel cell. No spoilers (even if factory equipped), wings, skirts, air scoops, hood scoops, or anything that alters stock appearance. Bodies cannot be moved from the original body mount rubber bushing no more than +/- 1” cannot be less than 5 ½” from ground. A front visor is allowed on the windshield area MAX 7 inches. No side or rear window visors allowed. Sunroofs and T-tops must be reinforced and enclosed. No nerf bars. Maximum one inch wide by two inch tall steel or lexan rub rails allowed - bolted flush to body. All glass, plastic, upholstery, lights, mirrors, and trim must be removed. Cars must be stock appearing. No cutting, channeling, shortening, or modifying of body is allowed. No excessive trimming of fenders or hoods allowed, must maintain stock OEM appearance. All doors, fenders, and window openings must remain stock appearing and OEM dimensions and be the same on both sides. No straight slab sides. No enclosed interiors, or decking allowed. Front edge of rear deck cannot be more than 8” forward of center of rearend and must have at least 2” continuous drop from front to rear. Rear of dash can be no more than 35” from the center of the distributor or 28” from back edge of the center of stock hood. Original OEM front and rear firewalls must remain in stock location and be full and complete. Cars must have a complete stock steel roof mounted in OEM location and OEM rake and angle for model. All openings should be covered as to isolate the driver, subject to track approval. Racecar body should be maintained in such a manner as to keep a presentable appearance. If not OEM body panels any steel or aluminum fabricated bodies must add 50lbs. in front of motor. FRAME: Frame must be full and complete. Cannot be Widened, Narrowed, Shortened, Lengthened, or be Cut, Bent, or Altered to change Suspension Brackets. Rear of frame behind upper shock mounts may be replaced with round, square, or rectangular tubing. Cannot narrow right rear frame for tire clearance. No frame alterations allowed. All Bars forward of cage must be lower than the hood. BUMPERS: Stock type rear bumper required, a fabricated front bumper may be used with the following conditions: cars with aftermarket nose pieces- the bumper may extend past frame rails for support and reinforcement. Must be behind nosepieces. Cars without nosepieces- the bumper may not extend past front frame horns. NO SHARP EDGES. ROLL CAGE: Minimum four-point cage, minimum size 1 ½ “O. D. by .095” wall thickness. Minimum three bars in driver’s side door, and two bars on passenger side door (three bars if passenger in car). Four-point quick release seat belt and harness required for driver and passenger. Racing seats required. Must have window nets and firesuit for driver and passenger. Must have at least three bars in front of driver and passenger in windshield area. ENGINE: Must be stock for the make and model except no 400’s or larger small or big blocks. Cast piston only, Chevy must use 4 equal valve relief pistons. OEM crankshaft only- cannot be lightened. No aerowing, bullnose, knife edge, undercut or drilling of second or third rod throws. OEM steel Connecting rods only must remain stock OEM length, weight and shape. No lightening of any parts. Aftermarket water pump, mini starter, pulleys, harmonic balancer and oil pans okay. Aftermarket power-steering pumps okay. Metric cars may run a 350. NO stroking or de-stroking. Engine must be in stock location. Solid motor and transmission mounts okay. Maximum cranking compression 175lbs. (ignition off, engine turned over 5 times). Oil pans must have at least 1”inspection hole. CAMSHAFT, VALVETRAIN, AND CYLINDER HEADS: Hydraulic cam and flat tappet lifters only. .447 maximum lift. Must maintain 14” of vacuum at 1200 rpm. 1.94 maximum intake valve diameter, 1.50 maximum exhaust valve diameter on Chevrolet engines. No hollow valve stems. Stock size and shape valve springs and retainers. Stock length and diameter pushrods only. Stamped steel 1.5 rockers on Chevy, 1.6 on Ford and Chrysler, NO roller tips. Open chambered heads only, must be unaltered, O.E.M. NO porting, polishing, or gasket matching allowed. The only GM head numbers allowed are 14079267, 3986336, 3986339, 3986339X, 3986388, 3932441, 376445, 3928454, 3932454, 3876487, 3973487, 3973487X, 3973493, 3951598, 468642, 330862, 333882, 3998920, 3998991, 3998993, 3998997, and 3970126. Screw in studs and guide plates ok. 305 engines may use 305 heads (no vortec). CARBURATION AND FUEL SYSTEM: Cast Holley 4412 -2 barrel only. Must be unaltered. Choke plate may be removed. 4412 must be cast into choke horn of carb. Maximum spacer and adapter 1” combined total. Fuel pump must be in stock location for make, NO electric pumps or fuel injection even if factory equipped. EXHAUST: Stock unaltered cast iron exhaust manifolds only no porting or grinding allowed. No Chevy center dump, Corvette, marine, Lt1 or tubular steel type manifolds. No adaptors between head and manifold must be able to use all OEM exhaust bolt holes in head. No two into one exhaust or x pipes must remain duals. INTAKE MANIFOLD: Stock OEM unaltered aluminum or cast iron intake only. No aftermarket or stock high performance or high rise. No bowties. No porting, polishing, cutting or gasket matching. TRANSMISSIONS: Any stock type automatic or manual. Automatics must have stock appearing working 11” torque converter cannot be smaller with ring around it. No direct drives. Transmission Cooler ok. Manual must have single disc 10.5” clutch, flywheel and pressure plate must be steel, minimum 15lb steel flywheel. No mini clutches. Steel drive shafts only must be painted white and have a loop 6” from front u-joint. FUEL: Pump or racing gas only. No additives or smells. Fuel cell must be secured in trunk any part of fuel cell cannot be forward of any part of rear end. SUSPENSION: Front and rear suspension must be stock unaltered OEM for that make and model of frame, ball joints, spindles and all components. No air shocks. No alterations to any part of the suspension or frame will be allowed. Any spring in stock location no spring rubbers, no adjustable weight jacks of any kind, must sit in unaltered stock mounts. May run IMCA type upper control arms. Sway bars must be stock for make and model mounted in OEM mounts. No suspension stops of any kind. Shocks must have stock type rubber ends, must be mounted in stock location on frame, control arm and rearend. No bulb-type, threaded body, coil-over, or remote reservoir shocks. No external or internal bumpers or stops no Schrader valves on shocks. BALL JOINTS: May run aftermarket ball joints but must be stock OEM dimensions. Rebuildable ball joints ok. REAR END: Stock rear-end for make and model no modifying axle bearings or length. All brackets and control arm, shock mounts must be in stock location. Gears may be locked must use stock unaltered ring gear carrier may weld or use bolt in locking blocks. No full spools, Detroit lockers or torque sensing devises. STEERING / DRIVER SEAT: Steering boxes must remain in stock location. Aftermarket steering wheel and quick release steering coupling are recommended. Quick steer boxes allowed. NO part of driver seat may be no further back than 25” forward of center line of rear end housing. RADIATORS: Any (1) radiator that fits in original location without any body modifications is allowed. Water pump mounted fans only, No electric fans. IGNITION: One 12 volt battery only must be mounted securely in rear of driver’s compartment or trunk area. One stock type distributor, module and coil in stock location only. Ignitions on/off switch must be clearly marked. No traction control devices of any kind. No digital gauges or tachs. BRAKES: May use any (1) one master cylinder. Aftermarket pedal OK. Must have at least 3 working brakes. Right front may be blocked. No bias adjustment is allowed. Disc brakes allowed in rear No aluminum or composite rotors or calipers. Must use steel stock type rotors on rear disc. No lighting of components. TIRES AND WHEELS: 8” maximum wide wheels allowed, 15” diameter steel wheels only, wheel covers and mud plugs right rear only. No bead locks or screws allowed. NO bleed-off valves. Must run 1” steel lug nuts. Approved Hoosier asphalt pull-offs only 1070, F45, F50, or F56. May also run F40’s on the front only. Must durometer 51 or higher. No grooving, siping, or softening allowed. WEIGHT: Weight may be securely added in trunk or under the hood, but not in plain view or within the driver’s compartment must be painted white with car number. Car must weigh minimum 3000 lbs. with driver after race. Aluminum bodies add 50lbs. in front of motor. COURTESY RULE: Any car with “minor” rule infractions will be allowed to race (1) event. Must be determined before the race. Cars with infractions are subject to weight penalty. CLAIM PROCEDURE RULES: ENGINE CLAIMING RULES: Any driver in the same race on the lead lap may claim one of the top three finishers immediately after the “A” feature in the tech area. (A) $500.00 and swap claim on engines. (B) Claim does not include - Flywheel, clutch/assembly, bell housing, breathers, carburetor, starter, motor mounts, oil/temp sending units, water pump, fan, pulleys, dip stick, distributor, wires, water outlet/restrictor, fuel pump, fuel pump plate/rod. (C) Driver may NOT claim another driver finishing in a position behind them and may not claim the same driver more than once per calendar year. CARBURETOR / DISTRIBUTOR / SHOCK CLAIM RULES: The official claiming area is in the tech area, or wherever track designates. Claim must be made immediately after the “A” feature race finishes (checkered flag). Only the driver may make the claim. Driver must have money. The claiming driver must be on the same lap as the driver being claimed. Only the top three cars may be claimed by another driver. A driver can claim another driver’s multiple claims on the same carburetor, distributor, or shock, a draw will be held with claiming drivers to determine who gets claim. Refusal to sell will forfeit all cash, trophies, and points for the night. If claim is refused, claim is NOT held against driver who made claim. Carburetor claim $200.00 and swap, Shock or Spring claim $20.00 each and swap, Distributor claim $100.00 and swap. PROTEST RULE: Any driver in the same race on the lead lap may protest another car immediately after feature in the tech area. $250.00 cash per component $50.00 to the track, if legal protested car gets $200.00 if illegal protestor gets $200.00 back. factorystock2017.docx
  10. Pure Stock rules

    2017 PURE STOCK RULES & REGULATIONS This pure stock class is a racing division focused on family participation and is based on rules that will accommodate lower cost and competition. All cars will be subject to re-inspection at any time and if found illegal will forfeit all money and points for that evening. The intent of all rules in this decision is for the safety of all participants. The rules are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury, death to a participant, spectator, or officials. Minimum Age requirement is 13 years of age and up. Ages 13 -17 must have a notarized release form signed by their legal guardian/parent and birth certificate on file. WEIGHT RULE: Minimum Car Weight with Driver after Feature Race: 3300 pounds BODY AND FRAME: Any American made GM or Ford metric frame passenger car, metric framed station wagon, S-10, Ranger pick-up and Novas are permitted. All cars must retain stock wheelbase for make and model. Cars must retain stock steel stock firewalls. Any rusted pieces must be replaced with 20-gauge steel. Trunk area floor pan may be removed inside and outside of frame rails, rearward of wheel houses. Any steel factory style OEM body is permitted, and must have factory hood, truck, and roof. May replace lower fenders, doors, and quarter panels 4 inches (minimum) below body line with aluminum. (see body diagram pg. 5) Bodies must remain in stock location, or be proportionate to stock location when using an alternate body. Frame must remain square and to factory specs. No Roof Rake. 1. Fenders may be cut for tire clearance. Cutting will not exceed 7 inches of the tire circumference. 2. Front inside fender wells may be removed. 3. Body sheet metal must be in place at the beginning of each race event and kept in an acceptable appearance throughout the season. 4. Doors must be welded or bolted shut. 5. All glass, fiberglass, plastic and trim must be completely removed from the car. 6. Driver and passenger door may be gutted for roll cage installation. No other gutting of car allowed. 7. Hood and trunk must be secured with hood pins at all times. No holes allowed in hood except for hood pin holes. Hood and trunk may be gutted. 8. All openings in car that could present a safety hazard to car occupant must be sealed with 20 ga. steel. 9. BUMPERS: Stock OEM bumpers are required. Option: After-market plastic bumpers may replace stock OEM bumper. A maximum of 2 in. x 3 in. rectangular tubing or 1 ¾ in. round tubing should be used to support plastic bumper. In front of plastic bumper, a wrecker loop is required, may not extend further than frame horns, maximum 2 in x 3 in. rectangular tubing or 1- 3/4” steel tubing, tubing must be capped and rounded with no sharp edges. 10. Rub Rails: A single rub rail is allowed on each side. Maximum size 1” x .2” maximum thickness 3/16" steel or Lexan bolted flush to body only. Steel tubing must be capped and rounded with no sharp edges. No rub rails are allowed on the rear outside quarter panel area. ENGINE: 1. Any straight or V-6 cylinder or V-8 engine with a maximum 361 cubic inch engine: must remain in stock location. Stock motor mounts are required, may use OEM stock steel replacement motor mounts, which must be bolted into stock location. 4 valve relief Flat top or dish pistons only, must be cast or hypereutectic, no forged pistons. 2. Cylinder heads. Any open chamber cast iron steel OEM factory production straight plug head is allowed that meets the described requirements. (305 ON 305, 350 ON 350, ECT.) No closed nor partially closed chambered heads. No vortec, aluminum or special-order heads. Maximum 1.94 intake valves and 1.50 exhaust valve. Heads may be flat milled for surfacing reasons only. No angle milling. Studs may be pinned or may also use shoulderless screw in studs not to exceed 3/8” on the rocker arm side. No interior deburring or grinding allowed. Casting numbers must remain in heads. 3. Cast iron intake manifolds only. No bowtie, marine, or high-rise intakes. No aluminum intakes (even if OEM for year, make and model came with an aluminum intake). No Brezinski Intake. No port matching intakes or exhausts. No deburring or grinding allowed. No internal modifications of any intake permitted. All casting numbers and firing order must remain unaltered and visible. 4. Carburetor: Unmodified Holley part #4412 only. No Modifications allowed, Choke butterfly and shaft may be removed and choke horn must remain unmodified, must pass go, no go gauge. Maximum 1” aluminum spacer/adapter with 1 gasket per side not to exceed .065”in thickness. 5. Any brand, style or size air cleaner is allowed, but no type of RAM air or forced air induction will be allowed. 6. After-market valve cover with breather tubes may be used. 7. Camshaft and lifters Camshaft and lifters must be OEM hydraulic style only; Roller lifters of any type are not permitted. Camshaft lobes not to exceed .300, maximum valve lift allowed is .450”, measured at the valve. Mechanical lifter may be used by tech, for testing purposes. Engine must hold minimum of 14” vacuum at 1200 engine RPM. (.300 with 1.5 rocker arms equal .450 at the valve) 1.6 rocker arms not allowed. Stock or stock replacement fully hydraulic lifters. 8. Stock appearing rods only. Rods should be 5.7” rods only. 3.48 stroke only. ARP rod bolts allowed. 9. Stock appearing crank only. No lightweight cranks allowed. No knife edge, no bull nosing, undercut or drilling of second or third rod journals throw allowed. 10. Exhaust manifolds must be stock cast iron only. No corvette style (2.5” port exhaust) stock manifolds. No porting, polishing, acid treatment or coatings. Exhaust pipes must extend past driver’s compartment. No Brezinski exhaust manifolds. Must have Turn Downs on Exhaust. 11. Maximum engine cranking compression is 175 psi. For testing, with one or all spark plugs removed from the engine, the engine rotating assembly will be “spun” by the starter for five “hits” on the cylinder being tested and the resulting compression gauge reading recorded for that engine. 12. Must have an oil pan 1” inspection plug between the 2nd and 3rd bolt holes from the front of the motor on the driver’s side to avoid oil pan removal. No obstruction inside of pan. ROLL CAGE: 1. Roll cage must be constructed of no less than 1.5” x .095” steel tubing. Main roll cage and halo must be a minimum of 1” above driver’s head. A minimum of 3 driver’s door bars are required and a minimum of 2 passenger door bars are required. All roll cage welds must be complete. 2. Floor pan may be cut for roll cage installation clearance only. Minimum of 20 ga. steel for replacement floor pans. 3. X bracing under the driver (frame to frame) and sub frame connectors is permitted. 4. Windshield bars must be solid steel bars, minimum 3/8” OD. Windshield bars must extend from upper windshield flange at roof to lower windshield flange at cowl. A minimum of three vertical windshield bars are required in front of driver. 5. Driver must be in stock OEM seating location. ELECTRICAL: 1. All cars must have an ignition switch clearly labeled. 2. The car must have a battery disconnect switch located outside the car and easily accessible to emergency Personnel. If the car is equipped with a working alternator the switch must disable alternator as well. 3. Only one 12V DC battery is allowed. Battery and box must be securely mounted and enclosed if in driver’s compartment or trunk. FUEL CELL: Must be securely mounted in trunk of car between frame rails. All cars must have a fuel cell with maximum capacity of 22 gallons. All fuel cells must have a roll-over valve. No plastic boat tanks. You can run gasoline only with no additives. TRANSMISSION: 1. Any automatic stock transmission (powerglide or turbo 350). All torque converters must be Minimum of 10 inches with no modifications. All forward gears must be in working order on all transmissions, with a neutral and working reverse. No over-drive transmissions. Transmission cooler OK but must be out of drivers compartment or shielded to protect driver. 2. Transmission coolers okay, but must be out of driver's compartment or shielded to protect driver. 3. With engine at idle, and brake applied, transmission must accept shift from “neutral” gear to “reverse” gear, and from “neutral” gear to “low” gear, without causing engine to stall. Race car must remain stationary during such shifting and testing. 4. Standard transmissions must be OEM stock cast iron three or four speed allowed, with all gears in working order and a minimum of 10.5” clutch, pressure plate and full-size stock GM steel flywheel. No mini-clutches, Ram couplers or direct drives. Standard transmissions may not use aluminum flywheel of any size. All standard transmissions must have bell housing made of 1/4” thick steel and must cover 180 degrees over the sides and top of the clutch assembly (also referred to as a blow-proof bell housing). No 5-speed or 6-speed standard transmissions, no overdrive transmissions or overdrive units. No Bert, Brinn or internal clutch style transmissions allowed. Quick-change transmissions or transmission adapters for gear change are not allowed. Car must be self-starting and have working neutral, reverse and ALL forward gears. (ex. 3-speed trans. must have 3 forward working gears.) DRIVESHAFT: All drive shafts must be steel and painted white. Driver shaft must have a safety loop within 6 inches of the front u-joint. No chain loops allowed. REAR-END: Rear-end must be stock OEM for make and model of car. Any gear ratio is allowed as long as the housing doesn’t have to be altered. Rear end must be locked. Mini spools are OK. No limited slip or posi-traction. BRAKES: 1. Single brake master cylinder only. No brake adjustments of any kind. No valves of any kind. No regulating of brake pressure of any kind (other than the drivers foot). Brake lines must be routed in a manner in which the complete length of line may be inspected by track officials 2. Four-wheel disc brakes OK. No Aluminum brake parts. No Scalloped rotors. STEERING: Must use stock OEM steering for make and model. May use aftermarket steering shaft and quick release. Quick Steer Allowed. No aluminum or after-market gear boxes. SUSPENSION: 1. Suspension parts must remain stock for make and model. No modification to any suspension Components. No adjustable or non-adjustable spring spacers. Racing spring allowed maximum height 13” (steel only). Leaf spring cars may use lowering blocks. 2. Shocks: Stock Mount/Stock Appearing Shock, No Heim end or Adjustable Shocks. No take apart shocks/mono tube only. All Shocks subject to Track Claim *****SHOCK CLAIM******(full swap, track will provide 4 new shocks, driver will remove questionable shocks and turn over to track official or forfeit race and points) 3. A-Arm bushings may be replaced with stock style OEM type only. Note: Bushings may not be steel, mono-ball, nor greaseable type on rear trailing arms or upper/lower control arms. TIRES: 1. American Racer KK704 or G60 2. 60 Series DOT tires. 3. 8’ Asphalt pull off (grooving & siping allowed). Must be a pull off no new slick tires. Must durameter 51 at end of race. WHEELS: 1. Maximum 8-inch steel wheel. Beadlock allowed on Right Rear. No light weight wheels permitted. 2. 5/8 studs and 1 inch lug nuts are required. 3. Wheel spacers are allowed. RADIATOR: Only one radiator is permitted in stock location. Aluminum radiator allowed. FUEL PUMP: Fuel pump must be stock mount push rod activated. Aftermarket manual type pump is OK. (Example: Carter, AC, Holley) DRIVER RESTRAINTS: 1. Aluminum racing seats with rib supports are required. Seats must be securely mounted to chassis, not floor pan, with a minimum of four 3/8” bolts. Seat may not be positioned further back than original location. 2. 5-point safety harnesses are required. Required: S.F.I. tag must be legible and no more than 3 years old. Must be bolted to the roll cage and frame with a minimum bolt size of 7/16 inch bolts. 3. A properly installed, full size driver’s side window net is required. Sprint car type window nets are not allowed. 4. All helmets must be a full face, current Snell 90 or newer sticker in it. Snell SA90 & SA00 legal. 5. All drivers are required to wear fire resistant driving suit and gloves. No Nomex coveralls will be allowed. Neck braces are mandatory. Fire resistant shoes are recommended. Bronco Motor Speedway 2017 PURE STOCK RULES.docx
  11. 2017 Limited Modified Rules SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Rules apply at all times car is on track. Snell rated SA2000, SA2005 or SA2010 helmet required. Roll bar padding required in driver compartment (Fire retardant recommended). SFI approved full fire suit required. Fire retardant gloves, shoes and neck brace (or head and neck restraint) required. Right and left seat head supports required if using head restraint system with no neck collar. Recommended: Fire retardant head sock and underwear; collapsible steering shaft. Driver-side window net required, minimum 16 inches by 20 inch ribbon or mesh style, Sprint car net allowed and must be mounted to roll cage so latch is at top front of window. Maximum four-inch-tall visor attached to window net. Minimum three inches (two-inch with head restraint system) wide SFI-approved five point safety belt assembly required (Y-type shoulder harness not allowed), must be mounted securely to roll cage, and recommended to be no more than two years old. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked 'OFF' and 'ON'. FRAME: 1978-1987 OEM midsize GM metric full frame only. Minimum wheelbase 107-inches, maximum 109-inches, both sides. Frame must be full and complete, cannot be widened, narrowed, shortened, lengthened, or be cut, bent, or altered to change suspension brackets, except upper control arm brackets on front end. All frame bolt holes must remain in OEM location. Front frame horns may be removed in front of steering box. Front frame may be cut for radiator clearance. Frame may be notched for seat clearance. Transmission cross- member mounts may be removed, no further forward than frame welds. Rear of frame, behind upper shock mounts, may be replaced with round, square, or rectangular tubing. No part of frame can be lower than five inches from ground except front cross-member. No other frame alterations allowed. See drawing for OEM frame dimensions ROLL CAGE: Must consist of continuous hoops, minimum 1.5 inch O.D. tubing, with a minimum wall thickness of.095 inch for main cage. Cages must be steel or chrome-moly. Main cage no further forward than rear of engine and no further back than front edge of rear tire. Four bars, two per side, may extend from main roll cage to main frame points in front of the upper control arms. These bars may have two additional braces per side to the main frame. Six bars may extend from the main cage to the rear. X-bracing is allowed. Driver's head must not protrude outside cage with helmet on. Roll cage must be securely supported and braced with minimum one cross bar in top halo. All bars forward of cage must be lower than hood. DOOR BARS: Minimum three driver side door bars required, minimum 1.5 inch O.D. and .083 inch wall thickness, must be parallel to ground and perpendicular to driver, and welded to front and rear of roll cage. Minimum two passenger side door bars required, must have at least one cross door bar, horizontal or angled. Steel door plate, 18 gauge or .049- inch. BODY: [Pay close attention to the measurements] (See diagram) No composite or plastic body panels allowed except roof rock guard and hood scoop. Body and Interior Deck must be same width, front to rear, and parallel to OEM frame. Aluminum nose panel must be flat. Maximum 2.250 inch side fins allowed on aluminum nose. Plastic nosepieces allowed. Nose must be mounted in an approved manner and can extend no higher than front top of hood. Nose piece must remain inside confines of front bumper (exception is plastic valance) and be no lower than four inches below frame horns. Cooling holes allowed. Engine compartment must remain open (no side panels). Hood must cover radiator, be level or sloped down at front, enclosed and maximum two inches above interior deck at rear. No reverse hood rake allowed. No panel in front of right door to engine compartment. No inner panels. No complete or half-car covers, rear tail cover allowed in personal pit area only. Must have front and rear roof support posts. Driver and passenger side windows must have at least 12 inch opening (height and width). Full size, fiberglass or aluminum roof only (see diagram). No dished roofs allowed. Driver roof hatch allowed. Maximum 1.5 inch rolled down rock guard allowed on roof front. Maximum four inch roof sides allowed. Maximum one inch ridge down sides of roof. Maximum one inch rear roof stiffener (must face down). Solid sail panels must resemble all aspects of drawing and may not extend ahead of back of seat. Rear spoiler (optional) may be minimum one inch or maximum eight inches in material height and maximum 67 inches wide. Spoiler may have rear stiffener, must be one inch or more down from top. Maximum three spoiler braces allowed, must be mounted in line. Spoiler braces must resemble all aspects of drawing. Spoiler must be mounted within confines of spoiler braces. No fins, lips, wings or vortex generators allowed. Maximum four-inch plastic skirting allowed on bottom of doors and quarters. SCORING: Car number must be minimum four inches thick and 20 inches tall and clearly visible, on both sides, top and back of car, and front, if possible. Recommended: Avoid holographic or dark on dark colors for numbers. The best number is the top number outlined in white or black depending on car color. DRIVER COMPARTMENT: Must have minimum three windshield bars in front of driver. Lexan or aluminum cowl panel in front of driver can be no wider than cockpit and no further back than steering wheel. Floor pan must be metal or aluminum and cover entire driver compartment. Aluminum high-back seat only, must be securely bolted, using minimum 0.375-inch bolts, to roll cage and support system. Bottom of seat can be no lower than bottom of frame rail. Driver must be sealed off from track, driveline, engine, fuel cell, canisters and pumps. No oil coolers allowed in driver compartment. No devices that would enable driver adjustment to alter wheelbase or for weight jacking while car is in competition. No mirrors of any kind. FRONT SUSPENSION: All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location, and match frame. All A frame bushings may be aftermarket, but no offset or bearing type. No Sway bars or jack bolts allowed. Exceptions are: adjustable spring buckets are allowed. OEM upper A-Frame mount may be moved or replaced (OEM material no longer required) with aftermarket steel non-adjustable mount matching upper A-Frame bolt on design. OEM upper A-frame may be replaced using aftermarket upper A-frame. Upper solid steel shock mount may be maximum four inches above frame. Lower A-frame mount may be notched for clearance. OEM or OEM replacement ball joints allowed, may be tacked in. No suspension stops of any kind allowed. ENGINE OPTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS: (A) CRATE ENGINE: Must use unaltered sealed GM #88958602 or #19258602 crate engine. Upon inspection, any different, altered or missing GM seal bolts will result in disqualification, GM seal bolt exception is IMCA approved and issued cablelock rebuild system, and oil pan may be replaced by IMCA certified builder with Champ pan #CP57LTRB and Champ pan #1012SB, or Kevko pan #1090NRHw/ISP and Kevko pick-up #1003-3/4. (B) ENGINE: All engines must be able to be used in conventional passenger car without alterations. External engine casting and threaded holes cannot be altered. No aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber components allowed. BLOCK: OEM steel passenger vehicle production block only. No GM bowtie, Ford SVO or Chrysler W-2 components allowed. GM approved blocks are: 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350. Ford: 260, 289, 302, 351. Chrysler: 273, 318, 340, 360, no hemis. Maximum cubic inch limits: GM 364, Ford 363, Chrysler 370, no tolerance. Violation of cubic inch limit must be verified by removal of head and will result in disqualification, No 400 or larger cubic inch parts allowed. Any flat top or dished pistons allowed, no gas ported pistons. Stroke must match block. (3.48-inch maximum GM stroke) Maximum 175 lbs. per cylinder compression zero tolerance. Compression checked with one spark plug removed, turned five engine compression revolutions with throttle closed. Engines may be balanced and block decked. Oil filter system must remain OEM. 'Wet' sump oiling system only. No accumulators. OEM or OEM replacement steel crankshaft only - cannot be lightened. No aerowing, bullnose, knife edge, undercut or drilling of second or third rod throws allowed. OEM or OEM replacement steel rods only - GM must use maximum 5.7-inch rod. No cap screws. No splayed main caps. Floating wrist pins allowed. Racing oil pans allowed. Recommended one inch inspection hole in all pans. - no obstructions to crank and rods. Pan removal required if no inspection hole and at the discretion of the track. Engine bolts may be aftermarket. Fluid dampener balancer allowed. No roller bearings allowed. CYLINDER HEADS: Steel only. GM OEM approved head numbers are (last 3 digits): 126, 185, 336, 441, 445, 487, 487X, 493, 598, 624, 862, 882, 920, 993, 997, with valve no larger than 1.94-inch intake and 1.50-inch exhaust. May use Engine Quest (EQ) Stock Replacement (SR) cylinder head, part number CH350I, head must remain as produced, seat angles and valve sizes cannot be changed: three angle valve job only (absolutely no casting removal in valve pocket of EQ head, for any reason). No porting, polishing, or unapproved alterations to ANY cylinder head. Any cast iron OEM Ford and Chrysler heads allowed with valves no larger than 2.04-inch intake and 1.70-inch exhaust. Headers must bolt directly to heads with correct numbers. No vortec, bowtie, SVO, W-2 or aftermarket heads allowed. Flat milling allowed. Guide plates, screw-in shouldered studs (0.375- inch max) and polylocks allowed. No stud girdles. Steel roller tip rocker arms, and Full Roller Rockers allowed. Chrysler may use OEM rocker arm bars. Any length push rods allowed. OEM diameter springs (GM - 1.250 inch maximum O.D.) must match heads, no beehive valve springs allowed. No Jessel or other assemblies allowed. No O-Ring Blocks or Heads, No Bresinski or similar style heads. INTAKE: Unaltered, approved OEM cast iron low rise, two- or four-barrel. Only unaltered (no porting or polishing) aftermarket aluminum intakes allowed are: Weiand GM #7547, #7547-1; Ford #7515, #8023 or #7516; Chrysler #7545; Edelbrock GM #2701; Ford #7121, #7181, #7183; Chrysler #2915. Cooling lines allowed on aluminum intakes. Disqualification if any alterations are found to heads/intake. Ford may use OEM aluminum intake, no under air or hi-rise. Belt driven, OEM style water pumps only, no aluminum water pumps on GM engine. CAMSHAFT: Conventional Flat Tappet or Hydraulic - OEM firing order cannot be changed (GM: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2). No maximum cam lift. No vacuum rule. Up to four bronze bushings will be allowed in lifter bore for repair. Hydraulic lifters, Anti-pump up lifters, or solid lifters. Must be chain driven, no gear/belt drives. EIRI: (Except in rare instances) Decisions of officials are final and binding without exception. If the rules don’t say you can, then you cannot. See Body Dimensions on next page. Bronco Motor Speedway – Limited Modified 2017 Rules - pg. 5 STEERING: All components must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame. No grinding, lightening or welding on any steering parts. Spindle may be reamed and bolt on spindle savers are allowed. Steel steering shafts and knuckles only. Steering quickener (optional), steering wheel and quick release (required) may be aluminum. Power steering pump and reservoir must remain one unit. Driver compartment steering may be modified, must be kept on left side. No rack and pinion. Stock OEM gear box only, may not be moved from original location. Bump Steer cannot be adjusted, no altering of inner or outer tie rod end or sleeves. SHOCKS: One steel, nonadjustable, unaltered shock per wheel only. All shocks must completely collapse at any time. No external or internal bumpers or stops. Shock must be in OEM mounts and location, using OEM style shock. Mounting spacers and weld or screw-on shock ends allowed. No air or coil-over shocks, remote reservoir shocks, Schrader valves or bladder type valve allowed. SPRINGS: One steel spring (racing allowed) per wheel only. Minimum 5.5 inches (front), minimum 4.5-inches (rear) O.D., non-Progressive coils only. No torsion bars or air bags. REAR SUSPENSION: All control arms and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM, or OEM replacement in OEM location, and match frame. No jack bolts allowed. Adjustable spring buckets allowed, may be dropped as long as they remain in OEM location. If upper spring cup uses all thread, it must be securely welded to chassis. Lower spring cups must be centered on housing. Stock OEM Control arms may be reinforced, but cannot be shortened or lengthened, must remain OEM length. All control arm bushings may be aftermarket, but no offset or bearing type. Bushings cannot be drilled. No suspension parts may be altered or lightened. No aluminum parts allowed, other than bushings. No suspension stops of any kind allowed. REAR END: Must use OEM 7.5-inch GM 10 bolt rear end (bracing optional), must remain stock width. No Ford or floater rear end allowed. Housing end, from control arm mount out, may be modified with 3-inch tubing to accept 9" Ford axle. If Ford axles are used, rearend must remain minimum GM width or maximum 3-inches wider. Steel components only. OEM mounts on lower control arms must remain in OEM location on original 7.5-inch tube housing. Aftermarket axles, minispools and C-clip eliminators allowed. Locked rear ends only, no torque dividing differentials allowed. No full or aluminum spools allowed. Pinion angle cannot be changed. Any gear ratio allowed but housing must remain unaltered. No quick change devices. BUMPERS/RUB RAILS: (see diagram) Steel bumpers must be on front and rear at all times and welded, or mounted with minimum 0.375 inch bolts. Two bar front bumper must be minimum 1.25-inch O.D. tubing with minimum .065-inch wall thickness (maximum 0.095 inch) mounted frame end to frame end. Rear bumper must be constructed of minimum 1.25inch tubing, 0.095 wall thickness. Maximum 1.50-inch O.D. tubing, .095-inch wall thickness fuel cell protection bar required, must cover rear and extend past both sides of cell, may be welded to rear bumper. Must have at least one upright, minimum 1.25 inch with 0.065 wall thickness, from bumper to fuel cell guard. Rear bumper may be maximum 6inches beyond rear deck. All bumpers and rub rails must be capped with no sharp edges. Single bar rub rail from front to rear wheel allowed on each side, no center supports allowed, maximum 1.50-inch O.D. tubing and .095-inch wall thickness, must be mounted to cage at front and rear of rub rail. TIRES/WHEELS: Must use unaltered Hoosier '500' Race tire, “H” stamped or with IMCA stamped on sidewall. 27 by 8 by 15 or 26.5 by 8 by 15 'stagger tire' allowed. No chemical softening, conditioning of tires. May groove tires. Tires may be ground or siped within confines of tread. Any offset allowed. May use bead lock, on right rear only. External steel bead lock only and it cannot make wheel any narrower than 8-inches and no wider than 8.75-inches. Steel bolts only. Foam type or plastic outer mud cover allowed on right side wheels. Inner mud cover allowed on left rear only. No bleeder valves. Must use minimum 1-inch O.D. steel lug nuts and 0.625-inch studs are recommended. Wheel adapters are treated as spacers and may be aluminum, maximum 1.50-inches thick. No wheel spacers allowed with OEM studs. BRAKES: Must be steel OEM, operative three wheel, drum or disc. Must maintain minimum OEM dimensions for hubs/rotors and calipers, cannot be lightened. No oil bath hubs. Bolt pattern may be changed. 0.625-inch studs allowed. Single or dual aftermarket master cylinders allowed. Driver adjustable dual pedal brake bias allowed. Additional proportioning valve (in-line type) allowed, must be out of driver reach. Rear rotors may be aftermarket, minimum 0.810inch thickness, maximum 12-inch O.D. Vented rotors only, no scalloped, ceramic coated, single phase or drilled rotors allowed. Rear caliper brackets must be welded to housing. EXHAUST: Recommended: Under Chassis Header, may use modified style header that meets these specifications with 1.625-inch tubes (1-5/8 inch tubes) and 3-inch collector. Some suggested part numbers include: Schoenfeld - GM #161, #151, #151E, or GM #161CM, #151CM, #151ECM (for crate motor) Dynatech - GM #701-16210, #701-10010 Chrysler: #451, #461. Ford: #351, #361, #562, #562-4B.Collector length maximum 9 inches. Turn downs (maximum 10 inches) Required. No header modifications allowed. No exhaust sensors, merge collectors, cross-overs, extensions, inserts or balance tubes. Coated headers allowed. FUEL SYSTEM: Racing fuel cell required, maximum 22 gallon capacity (12 gallon recommended), must be in minimum 20 gauge steel container. Must mount with minimum 1 inch square tubing or two solid steel straps around entire cell, two inches wide and 0.125 inch thick, between frame rails and behind rear axle. Fuel cell vents, including cap vent, must have check valves. If fuel cell does not have aircraft style positive seal filler neck/cap system - a flapper, spring or ball type filler rollover valve is required. No part of cell can be lower than protective tubing. No regulators, bypass fuel systems, pressurized, or return lines allowed. One fuel filter allowed. No cool cans. Any air cleaner allowed. No cold air boxes or ducting of any kind between engine and hood. Mechanical OEM type push rod fuel pumps only. Maximum 0.100 inch thick carburetor gaskets on all engines. ENGINE: must use naturally aspirated, unaltered 500 c.f.m. Holley - part no. 4412. Float bowl must face forward. Any adapter, maximum one inch thick. No throttle bore adjustable carburetor spacers. GM CRATE ENGINE: may use any Holley 4 barrel carburetor, all components (float bowls and main body) must be Holley manufactured. Metering blocks and base plate may be billet aluminum non-Holley. No aerosol-style carburetors allowed. May use Speedway Motors part #545-64940 or Moroso part #64940 carburetor spacer on crate. FUEL: Gasoline only. Racing fuel allowed. No E85. No performance enhancing additives or scented additives. Fuel must pass both dielectric meter and chemical tests. Fuel sample may be taken from any car at any time WEIGHT: Minimum weight limit of 2,350 pounds after race with driver in car. Weights must not be used in driver compartment or outside body. All weights must be securely mounted with at least two, .5-inch bolts, painted white with car number on it. No titanium, magnesium, stainless steel or carbon fiber components. Solid steel fasteners only. BATTERY/STARTER: One 12-volt battery only. Must be shielded and securely mounted. Aftermarket starter allowed, must bolt in OEM location. Must have capability of starting without being pushed or pulled. Must leave initial staging area on demand, unaided, or go to rear of that race. GAUGES/ELECTRONICS: No unapproved cameras, transmitting or listening devices (exception is one-way RACEceiver radio by officials), timing retard controls, or digital gauges (including tach). No electronic monitoring computer devices capable of storing or transmitting information except memory recall analog tach. 12 volt ignition system and OEM HEI style ignitions only. Ford/Chrysler may use HEI distributor. No crank triggers. Any module that fits inside distributor with no alteration allowed. Crate engine MUST use original HEI distributor with MSD #8728 rev-control and 6,200 rpm chip. Claim engine MAY use MSD #8728 rev-control with any rpm chip. Rev-control must be out of reach of driver, but accessible for inspection with rev limiter facing upward. No ignition boxes, remote coil or accessories. All wiring must be visible for inspection. OEM type alternator with internal regulator allowed. No electronic traction control devices TRANSMISSION/DRIVE SHAFT: Only OEM production transmissions allowed. No aftermarket transmissions allowed. No 'in and out' boxes or quick change devices allowed. With engine running and car in a still position, must be able to engage car in gear and move forward, then backward. Functioning shift levers must be in OEM location. Transmission fluid coolers allowed. Flywheel, flexplate and converter must be steel. Automatic: Any OEM automatic transmission allowed. Must use functioning, minimum 10-inch diameter steel torque converter. No direct drives, couplers, valved pumps, or bleeder style valve bodies. Must have at least one forward gear and reverse gear, gears must function. Must have an approved scattershield constructed of .125-inch by three-inch steel, 270 degrees around top of flexplate. Aluminum OEM bellhousing may be replaced with aftermarket explosion-proof steel or aluminum bell housing. GM automatic must be used with GM engine, may be used with Ford or Chrysler engine. Stall converters allowed. Steel OEM style flexplate only, must be bolted directly to end of crankshaft. No bump starts allowed. Manual: 3, 4 or 5 speed OEM manual transmissions only. All gears must function. Must have functioning 10.5-inch minimum diameter clutch and OEM appearing pressure plate bolted directly to steel flywheel. These components must rotate, consistent with engine rpm, while car is in any gear. Must use explosion-proof steel bellhousing 180 degrees around top of clutch and flywheel. No mini-clutches or couplers. Minimum 9-inch diameter Ford clutch allowed. Hydraulic slave cylinder/throw out bearing allowed. Drive Shaft: Minimum 2-inch diameter, white, steel drive shaft only. Steel slip-yokes only. 360-degree drive shaft loop required, constructed of at least 0.125-inch by 2-inch steel, or 1-inch tubing, mounted 6-inches back from front U-joint. ENGINE COMPARTMENT: Rear of engine (bellhousing flange) must be mounted at least 70-inches forward from centerline of rear axle. Minimum 11-inch engine height from ground to center of crankshaft. One radiator allowed, steel or aluminum, 27-inches by 19-inches maximum in size, must be mounted in front of engine. Racing cap and electric fans allowed. No sprinklers. Power steering pump and reservoir must remain one unit and mount in front of engine. Side engine mounts only (OEM or 45-degree style) must be steel, aluminum mid-plate allowed. No vacuum pumps or pan evac systems. 2017 Limited Modified Rules.docx
  12. Bronco Motor Speedway September 29 event

    they are running more of an open rules to get some of the older cars back out this year. I will post the rules on here soon.