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  1. Championship Night at I-37 Raceway, September 25

    IT'S RAINING IN PLEASANTON RIGHT NOW!!!! But hopefully it will clear up.
  2. Tire question

    The IMCA rules are pretty staight forward. If you're running "outlaw" now, it sounds like you've got more than tires to worry about. I'd say, get the car IMCA legal and come give the track a try. Good competition for those that are legal. Plus, with IMCA you've got good insurance...just in case.
  3. Come on out to Comanche Park on Rigsby Rd. in San Antonio during Memorial Day Weekend! This is the big "states" race(s) with Quarter Midgets from Texas and surrounding states! Lots of fun for the whole family. See these kids (ages 5 and up) motor their cars around the 1/20th mile asphalt track. Nothing but action and excitement. Here is the schedule of events! Friday 5/22/09 9am safety Opens All cars must be safety inspected prior to practice 10-6 Open Practice 10min Novice practice on the hour 4 -6pm Registration 6pm-Donation Dinner/Live Auction/Retired Driver Recognition Saturday 5/22/09 8-9am Registration 9am Handlers Meeting Controlled Practice & Fueling National Anthem Qualifying followed by Memorial States Race Sunday 5/23/09 8am Pretty Car 8:30 Handlers Meeting Monza Race Tech & Trophy Presentation Contact Info Jo Lindsey-LSQMA President 210-414-4943 For more info regarding Registration & Entry Fees: www.lsqma08.com

    We are looking forward to building some of those memories for our family. We've got three boys ages 6, 8 and 10 who are planning on starting their racing careers this year! Who knows, they may love it, or they may decide it's not for them. But in the meantime, we're excited about the family time together and the opportunity to teach our kids about responsibility, sportsmanship, hard work, competition, etc. The folks at LSQMA have been very helpfull, informative and courteous as we get ready to take part in, what I'm sure will be, a fun and memorable experience.
  5. Limited Modifieds at THR?

    This is my third season of running IMCA Sportmods and I would definately be interested in running the same car on asphalt! I also think that starting a string like this on a dirt forum might generate some more acurate responses from those that are currently in the sportmod class. I just happened to see the most current post on this string and it caught my attention. I don't usually read this subject ("Texas Auto Racing") on this website. I have often thought about trying my hand at asphalt, but don't want to invest the money. That is one of the big benefits of the sportmod class and rules. It's relatively inexpensive and provides for good competitive racing. Although I was track champion in 2006, when the class was in it's infancy at my track, I think having the same class racing on asphalt would be fun and entertaining for the fans. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much, if anything, about asphalt racing (or dirt for that matter!) setups, tires, etc., I think trying a race or two for the sportmod class could not hurt anything. Just because some might want to run their sportmods on asphalt doesn't mean they would give up running them on dirt. In fact, if it was IMCA sanctioned, I don't see why eventually, a driver could not get points for running on both. Kinda like NASCAR running on ovals and road courses. Anyway, count me in. Let me know what I can do to help.
  6. Powder Puff Race

    Heather wants a re-match against Candice. So pencil her in with the #11F Sportmod. We'll try to make sure she has it in the right gear this time!
  7. I37 Raceway

    Happy birthday Cassie (and Charlie)!
  8. Recalled to Active Duty

    Godspeed Jamie. Stay safe. Thank you for your service. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. From: The Finkels
  9. Thank You

    ...And a very big THANK YOU to you Cassie and all the Hunters for coordinating the banquet. It was a great event and we had a blast. Everyone involved did a great job and we appreciate the hard work, as well as all the great door prizes. We wish everyone a safe off season and hopefully we will have better luck next season. Look forward to seeing everyone at the track! J.E.N. X Racing -- The Finkel family
  10. Happy Birthday Cassie!

    Happy Birthday Cassie! Hope you had a great day....."...and many more!". From the Finkel family.

    I know my kids had a great time! Thanks to the Pink Posse for the goodies, especially the autographed basketball. We tried to talk the kids into putting it in the trophy case, but that's not happening. They won't put the thing down. I'm beginning to think they will start wearing pink at the races instead of chearing on their old man (sportmod #7) . Looking forward to getting back on the track if I can get a motor put in. Could use some sponsorship funds about now. Anyway, thanks again and see you all at the track!
  12. Contract or Not

    TXEnergy, I didn't get to see the original post by Cassie, but what lies were told? I agree with jason, if there was a pending contract, that does not make you an owner. You have been telling everyone that you are the new owner, as if it was a done deal. It appears that it in fact it is not a done deal. If you haven't closed on the deal, then YOU wouldn't exactly be telling the truth would you? Showing a copy of a contract only proves that a deal was in the works. Let me (us) know if I'm wrong. Just my opinion. I'm just looking for answers, like everyone else.
  13. You Wild and Crazy People

  14. ON LINE STS Registration

    Thanks guys for the info.
  15. ON LINE STS Registration

    Can someone let me know when and where the IMCA voting meeting is? I see here in Owen's comments it says Saturday. Last I heard it was this Wednesday (tomorrow). I'm making plans to go from out of town and want to make sure I've got the right date and time and place. I am one of those that didn't attend many races BECAUSE the track was not IMCA sanctioned. Had it been, I would have tried to go every week. For me, it's worth the haul if IMCA points are involved. So,... I guess you know what my vote would be.