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  1. Stx bomber car

    2108407066. What would you trade for?
  2. i cant sleep

    Well I understand that. Why are they allowed on the track with out radios? I will always come back just really confused on that. Thanks for clarifying!
  3. i cant sleep

    Hitech it really seemed like it was just a rush to the half way point. I understand time limits. But the way the tps race was ended in my opinion was crap. When have you ever seen a race called under caution? What ever happened to a green/white checkered finish? Isn't that how all racing has been besides a rain out ? Jay
  4. Help

  5. Help

    It is a cavalier sport compact all damage seems to be up front of the strut towers I just want to get on the track already and tired of looking at it
  6. Help

    Yes nick
  7. Help

    Anyone near schertz cibolo willing to help fix the front end of my car? I have no help and would like an experienced hand on deck
  8. Pinto parts

    I'm new to the series and I'm buying a pinto from Mike at speedway signs I'm looking for a rear end. Rims msd ignition and some decent tires to roll on any help would be appreciated Thanks Jay
  9. Geetar sucks about your car.. look forward to racing with y'all next week!
  10. Sport compacts

    I meant can I put the # on my car?
  11. Sport compacts

    So it's open then? Sweet I claim it!
  12. Sport compacts

    Don't we all?
  13. Who all races the compacts? I just picked one up and was wondering is the #2 available? Also wanted to meet a few people so I know what I'm doing lol
  14. track

    Cts just put out on the facebook page that races are still on
  15. Super stick