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  1. Thank you’

    Thank you for giving us the TDTS forum Nick. Obviously it will take some time to grow this new series but it WILL be great. Texas, Trucks, and Dirt Tracks. What a combination. And thank you to all who are supporting us. 2019 will be a win/win year for Dirt Track Racing in Texas. For information visit TexasDirtTrucks.com and find us on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. YES it does and Larry should be very proud to have this trophy! Can’t begin to explain how happy I am for him. Great, great, great!
  3. We’re gaining! Big thank you to the Ultimate Deep South Super Late Model Series and Cotton Bowl Speedway. This is going to be one heck of a weekend.
  4. For sure Nick. Both of these were/are ARTS asphalt trucks. Mostly just springs, shocks, ride heights, and moving weight around. Very affordable.
  5. Thank you’

    Rules are available at TexasDirtTrucks.com
  6. Thank you’

    Absolutely! Tons of interest. Get ‘em ready. This is going to be a great series.
  7. Here’s another one that is very close to being ready.
  8. I37 is running Sunday Apr 22

    r scheduled 4/21/18 Sat night program Postponed to Sunday afternoon 4/22/18! Full program. 2pm start.
  9. CTS Update

    Haven't felt things were being done in good faith since this whole thing started. Too bad, but the true colors (and negativity) of the previous owner, operator, promoter, tenant, or whatever they were are on full display. I recently relocated to awesome Texas and being an avid asphalt short track fan I am very disappointed to say the least. I feel especially bad for the way all the drivers and teams have been treated. Essentially they all got dumped and permanently DQ'ed. (Unless I missed something along the way.).
  10. True. But as I suggested "start" with that.
  11. CTS Update

    What's up? Doesn't get any more negative than this...
  12. Regarding a "new business model".... Find a successful asphalt short track anywhere in the U. S. (And yes, there are plenty). Look very closely at "everything" they are doing and start with that. Why reinvent the wheel? Racers are racers, fans are fans, everywhere you go. The market potential is huge in Texas. And the economy is pretty darn strong in the SA/Austin area compared to areas where many strong short tracks are located. I don't get it.
  13. Edwards is OUT! What?

    Surely he must have signed some sort of friendly noncompete agreement, even if for a brief period in order to get out from under Gibbs on short notice.
  14. CTS Update

    No news is not good news. My fingers are crossed. Can't do anything else.
  15. Precisely correct. Not to mention how long it takes to run all of these divisions. Must be hard hanging around for hours waiting for your turn to run 35 laps once a month. Makes the track look more like a run-what-you-brung show than an organized well thought out series.
  16. Startled me at first! Unintentional little things that can make a huge difference.
  17. http://epub.performanceracing.com/display_article.php?id=1068657&view=112237
  18. Call Tom. 802-244-6963. If Tom's not available speak with Darla. She is Tom's assistant and knows as much about what's going on as Tom. I think that if you explain you're situation and what you're trying to accomplish, Tom would be honored to be consulted.
  19. I do. But as I mentioned earlier his health is poor (severe COPD) and obviously not getting better. This may be his last season running the track and the tour. Follow his lead. He and Ken think very long term. Owning the track (not leasing) allows them to plan years in advance. Tom is in his early 70's. Ken is in his early 80's. Both looking to retire.
  20. I think the reason he has great respect is because he is so strict. His decisions are final. No exceptions. It's his sandbox... respect it, support it 100% or leave. No one disrespectfull driver is worth having an affiliation with his track, no matter who he is. Causes rapid erosion of everybody's respect for the organization, including the fans.
  21. Tom Curley's health has declined quite rapidly lately but I'd bet he'd be thrilled to spend an hour or so on the phone with you folks. He runs a very strict event, considered by many to be a total a-hole but has tremendous respect from all drivers. Having Ken Squire as business partner sure doesn't hurt. I owned a Late Model and ran Thunder Road and his ACT.