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  1. Which side of Houston are you on. I’d be coming from San Antonio and could meet you tomorrow.
  2. Kirkey seat

    Still for sale?
  3. Has flapper, cap, and fittings $75 need gone.
  4. YES it does and Larry should be very proud to have this trophy! Can’t begin to explain how happy I am for him. Great, great, great!
  5. We’re gaining! Big thank you to the Ultimate Deep South Super Late Model Series and Cotton Bowl Speedway. This is going to be one heck of a weekend.
  6. For sure Nick. Both of these were/are ARTS asphalt trucks. Mostly just springs, shocks, ride heights, and moving weight around. Very affordable.
  7. Thank you’

    Rules are available at TexasDirtTrucks.com
  8. Thank you’

    Absolutely! Tons of interest. Get ‘em ready. This is going to be a great series.
  9. Here’s another one that is very close to being ready.
  10. Thank you’

    Thank you for giving us the TDTS forum Nick. Obviously it will take some time to grow this new series but it WILL be great. Texas, Trucks, and Dirt Tracks. What a combination. And thank you to all who are supporting us. 2019 will be a win/win year for Dirt Track Racing in Texas. For information visit TexasDirtTrucks.com and find us on Facebook and Twitter.
  11. I37 is running Sunday Apr 22

    r scheduled 4/21/18 Sat night program Postponed to Sunday afternoon 4/22/18! Full program. 2pm start.