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  1. Dirt track fever showdown 9-15/9-16

    I want send special thanks for helping buy some time Friday night to allow Mike Trigg time to arrive for qualifying. Thank you Joe Spillman. Bob Trigg Mike Trigg s dad and number 1 fan 0
  2. Street Stock Bounty

    I shall take this opportunity to offer some past history about Mike Trigg.He has been running and WINNING stock cars since 17 years old, Qualified and ran With NASCAR West stars at 18 been in top 100 drivers in state of Texas. Likely has more competitive laps than any 3 of the drivers he runs with, loves the sport of racing, He has went out of his way to make sure that his car meets every aspect of the rule for the class. He has had more major South Texas races taken from him because of petty rule infractions than I care to recall. There isn't any stipulations on past driving experience if so it would narrow the competitors significantly. Todays stock car class is not an entry level class. If two very competitive cars come together door to door this is DIRT TRACK RACING. This sport is not now or has it been in the past a non contact sport. Mike is racing with a smaller engine than most, that has not been out of the frame in over 5 years he wins with handling and driving. This opinion by Mikes Triggs Proud Father