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  1. 10" Wide 5 Wheels For Sale

    Both 4" Offset wheels are still available
  2. 8" 5x5 Wheels For Sale

    3" Offset Wheels are back up for sale
  3. 8" 5x5 Wheels For Sale

    No, sorry we will not be at I-37
  4. 10" Wide 5 Wheels For Sale

    The Aero Wheels are brand new, never been on a car.
  5. 8" 5x5 Wheels For Sale

    Yes, possibly this sunday or next sunday. Brandon will be driving back up to school and drives through marble falls.
  6. 10" Wide 5 Wheels for sale. These would be great wheels for a dirt limited late model. Aero Wheels $35 Each OBO 2- 4" Offset (Black) Bassett Wheels $35 Each OBO 3- 5" Offset (Black) SOLD Please contact Greg Spreen at 830-249-2235
  7. Various 8" Wheels for sale. All of these wheels listed below are 5x5 bolt pattern. All prices below are negotiable. Bassett Wheels $25 Each OBO 2- 3" Offset (Chrome) 1- 3" Offset (Grey) 1- 5" Offset (Black) Aero Wheel $25 Each OBO 1- 4" Offset (Silver) Real Wheel $25 Each OBO 1- 2" Offset (Chrome) SOLD Bart Wheels $10 Each OBO 2- 2" Offset SOLD 1- 4" Offset Please contact Greg Spreen at 830-249-2235.
  8. I lost my RE Semi Custom Ear Molds at Central Texas Speedway on Saturday May 21st, during practice. They fell off my car somewhere from my pit stall and the race track. They are clear with red wiring. They are almost brand new and if anyone picked them up please let me know. Thank You, Brandon Spreen
  9. Internal engine cleaners?

    Amsoil Power Foam works great.

  11. street stock, and other cars

    88 super stock (Brandon Spreen) and 81 modified (Dillon Spreen) are registered.
  12. Pro Mods at CC?

    #81 Modified would be there. Dillon Spreen
  13. We will have 3 cars at CTS for the final race. #88 Super Stock: Brandon Spreen #81 Pro Modified: Dillon Spreen #81 Pro Late Model: Bobby Teer Jr.
  14. Conratulations

    We would like to Congratulate R.L. Allexander on his Super stock track championship and Hunter Montgomery on his Charger track championship We would also like to Congratulate Mike Reineger on his Pro Late Model win It was good to see Keith Reithmeyer back at San Antonio Speedway and finish in the top 3 in his Pro Truck.
  15. Official Point Standings for 2013 Season

    We would like to Congratulate: Rob Slott 2nd in points Stephan Danielsen 3rd in points Jarrett Barber 4th in points