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  1. Sold

    For Sale, 2004 1/2 High Output Dodge Ram 3500 4x4. $23,900 Only 111,600 miles. Original Owner and only used for recreational use. Towing package that includes 5th wheel, goose neck rales. Very low miles on tires and always used Amsoil synthetic. Greg Spreen (830)249-2235
  2. #81 Asphalt Pro Modified (100% Complete)

    I would take $6500 obo without motor, transmission and seat. Greg Spreen (830)249-2235
  3. #81 Asphalt Pro Modified (100% Complete)

    Buy today and race in Houston on April 13th!
  4. We have this car for sale. 100% race ready and up to date with current super stock rules at HMP. Please call 830-249-2235 for more information and pictures.
  5. #81 Asphalt Pro Modified (100% Complete)

    This car is available in many different packages. Willing to entertain any offers.
  6. #81 (Spreen Racing) Asphalt Pro Modified For Sale This car is truly 100% Complete as it sits. Car is updated to fit the current Houston Motorsports Park & Modified of Mayhem Rules! Impala Front Clip w/ current Updates -Full Fire Suppression System -15 Gallon Fuel Safe Fuel Cell -16" Butler-built Full Containment Seat -Collapsible Steering Column -7" Integra Steel Stealth Series Mono-Tube Shock With Schrader Valve -Custom PRC Radiator /w Oil Cooler -Spreen Engines 4 Barrel Motor w/ 750 CFM Carburetor (Only 4 Races since built) -5.5" Quarter Master Triple Disc Clutch -Howe Iron Lunch Crossover Headers (Coated) -MSD Ignition System -Floater 9" Rear End -Custom built Richmond 4-Speed Transmission Asking $13,000 OBO Race Ready Is 100% Complete, but very willing to work on different packages. Please call for more pictures and information. Greg Spreen (830)-249-2235
  7. I lost my RE Semi Custom Ear Molds at Central Texas Speedway on Saturday May 21st, during practice. They fell off my car somewhere from my pit stall and the race track. They are clear with red wiring. They are almost brand new and if anyone picked them up please let me know. Thank You, Brandon Spreen
  8. Internal engine cleaners?

    Amsoil Power Foam works great.

  10. street stock, and other cars

    88 super stock (Brandon Spreen) and 81 modified (Dillon Spreen) are registered.
  11. Pro Mods at CC?

    #81 Modified would be there. Dillon Spreen