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  1. Great super stock

    I can't believe nobody wants a good car. The parts on this car is worth more than I'm asking.
  2. Great super stock

    Lowered price. Come get race Houston. Great car. Is old SAS car. Was jeff wells old car.
  3. Great super stock

    Lowered price 3000.
  4. Great car for Houston . Or will be a good dirt car. Been running in limited late models. At south texas. Roller with 9in floater . Rear leaf. All that's is needed is your motor and trans will come with seat and belts. 15 in seat. Car finished in the top 5 most of the time with a rookie. Finished 7 the in points. Has a 650 gear. .. come get it and race. Car was jeff wells old car. Car was raced at SAS. Well built car with all the good stuff. . 3500.00 Now 2000.00
  5. Predator stock/pro gear

    That's close. I run on my stock pred 65/12
  6. Kart rules / meeting ?

    I would like to know to. Are y'll planning on running karts this year.
  7. Sweet track

    I agree it a very good place to take the kids. And has gave my son a chance to learn how to be competitive. He has come a long way thanks to this track . Lawrence has done a great job. I will continue to come run this track.
  8. Kart rules

    Trying to get ready for next season . Any word on them.
  9. New rules

    Any ideal when rules will be out . Gokarts . And other rules. Thanks for your time.
  10. What is the required helmet for the gocart. Please if someone can let me know