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  1. Predator stock/pro gear

    That's close. I run on my stock pred 65/12
  2. Sold thanks lss.

    Ready to sell. Have to make room in shop. Have to many .
  3. Sold thanks lss.

    If kart not sold by April 14 .we will race it at l87 . Come out and see kart in action. Bring your kid and let them see it . Make offer never know . I just might take it.
  4. Sold thanks lss.

    This would make a great starter kart. L87 has a big race for the youth on april14. Kart has new motor on it , and clutch. All you need is a driver.
  5. Sold thanks lss.

    Good kart some body needs to buy. .I hate to see it sit.
  6. This is the kart my son won 2nd in championship . At l87. It a great kart. My son has won races in this kart on his first time in a kart at L87. Kart comes ready to race. Has a new in box predator hemi. Turned 11s in it atL87. Good kart to start your kid off in . . We have other kart to run here locally. And are buy a kart to run out of town with. Only reason we are selling . Come buy it this week and race it at south Texas sat. Or L87 in two weeks. Asking 1800. But I'm . negotiable.also can be bought as you want.call me 512-981-3447 cage has been painted black. New price 1600. Obo.can be bought as a roller 1250.
  7. Kart rules / meeting ?

    I would like to know to. Are y'll planning on running karts this year.
  8. Sweet track

    I agree it a very good place to take the kids. And has gave my son a chance to learn how to be competitive. He has come a long way thanks to this track . Lawrence has done a great job. I will continue to come run this track.
  9. Kart rules

    Trying to get ready for next season . Any word on them.
  10. New rules

    Any ideal when rules will be out . Gokarts . And other rules. Thanks for your time.
  11. What is the required helmet for the gocart. Please if someone can let me know