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  1. The DAS team is excited,and looking forward for the 2017 season
  2. Poll on racers

    Well we have 8 in the DAS team ps and ss
  3. Cooter jj Brenda and Bob will be there
  4. 2016 Rules

    I would like to know as well
  5. i was just wondering is the track going to a little bit smoother than last weekend.
  6. Well I disagree.i guess the track officials will have.to decide
  7. All I'm saying is I have a car but can't afford to run in the shootout class
  8. No disrespect but I disagree. I have been around the sport my entire life and have seen novas beat camaros and camaros beat novas.
  9. My point is that it is the same wheel base as a metric car. That is why I see no problem.
  10. I don't know but I see no problem with it.i guess it is up to the track officials. It would be a legal car for the class.
  11. Stock location is stock location. It is different wheel base than a nova.but is the same wheel base as a Monte Carlo metric car.
  12. A Monte Carlo is lighter than a camaro.
  13. I have a camaro that meets all the requirements of the pure stock class. Except for being a camaro. I am just trying to make the class bigger.
  14. They allow novas now so.....