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  1. I'll fill in where I can. 57B Taylor Hunter 3T Casey Smith 46 Dawson Fisher 17T Chance Hull 04 Joseph Penney 51 John Roan 20 Ryan Stoy 24H Aaron Stephens 41T Dustin Rude 24 Colby Urbanovsky 5 don't know 15B Ty Paxson 18T don't know 56 don't know 17 don't know 24G don't know 81S Dillon Spreen 25 Dylan Budnik 15 Troop Miller 88 Rusty Young 21T Ray Allen Kulhanek 146 Willie Veach 12 don't know
  2. Results at the link. No names, just numbers. http://westholdtiming.com/WestholdTiming/Cotton Bowl Speedway/
  3. 37 Ford sedan legend converted to DCRST dwarf car. It is also legal for LSDCC. Currently setup for asphalt but I have raced it on dirt as well. Could be a decent dirt car with some geometry work. Car is big enough for big drivers. 06 GSXR 1000 10 bolt rear with solid axles and 3.58 Stock legend front and rear geometry 4 wheel disk brake conversion Paint is in excellent condition Current belts $5000 race ready minus seat $2500 roller minus seat and driveshaft
  4. Dwarf Car for Sale $4500

    $4500 as is minus seat $2500 roller minus seat and driveshaft
  5. Texas Legend Cars

    Awesome thanks for the info
  6. Dwarf Car for Sale $4500

    $5000 as is or $3000 rolling
  7. I just can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of this guy's comments
  8. Dwarf Car for Sale $4500

    $5500 or make an offer
  9. Tossing around the idea of selling my main car. This car has been raced on both asphalt and dirt with decent success. This was my first racecar, and it took me to 4 feature wins and a championship. 1 feature in 2016, 2 in 2017, 1 in 2018, and the 2017 DCRST Championship. Currently DCRST legal and set up for dirt but can be set up for asphalt in half a day. Older Arizona 37 Chevy coupe chassis updated by Arden Vikre in 2015. The older coupes are pretty small inside compared to the newer cars, so car is best suited for shorter drivers. I'm 5'11". Floor pan is dropped 2". Car is not a beauty queen but if it can put me in the top 5 it can do it for anyone. 08 ZX10 engine that gets hot but has never skipped a beat. I have done everything possible to keep it cool but still gets hot. Will sell rolling as well, or I have an exact spare engine to drop in. 10 bolt Toyota rearend with 1 piece B&B Chassis solid axles and Wilwood brakes 3 row radiator and hardwired fan Toyota front hubs and brakes 4 wheel brakes with front shut off and proportioning valve NO SEAT Front tires will last at least another season and rears will go another couple nights Car isn't pretty by any means but it finishes almost every race it starts, and inside the top 5. Asking $6000 $5000 as is or $4000 $3000 rolling. I have an exact spare engine that can be dropped in as well. Dillon 210-383-5611
  10. Hans - SOLD!

    For reference that is a HANS Sport size medium by model number
  11. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    eVeRyOnE hAtEs StRoNg TeCh Right, that's why nobody goes to the derby.
  12. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    I'm not speaking to the Harvick thing as I have no clue what happened or anything, more speaking on a local level. In our day and age with the top few spending literal thousands to gain .01/lap, spend the time in the shop to make sure the stuff is legal. 1/2% left is a lot. 1" on transponder placement is a lot. Push the envelope all you want, but if it opens, there should be consequences and it's no one's fault but your own. Rules should be enforceable and enforced; otherwise why have rules?
  13. As much as I like the no ads/banners feel of the site currently, I could certainly deal with it if it meant keeping the site running. I would entertain the idea of partially sponsoring and having my logo put up and linked to my website.
  14. This for sure. I have my routine and I sure hate to mess with my routine. This also. I know there are a LOT of those out there, myself included most of the time.
  15. I definitely get my $3/month worth of time spent on here, I'm in.