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  1. Complete Sportmod $4000

    Yessir seems like a great man. We talked for hours when I went to look at the car. He told me how much he had in it. I won’t disclose it for his sake but add up the new parts, chassis work, new body, etc and you get a big number. Seems like not-new/need-work sportmods are a tough sell right now but I need out of this car to help me climb out of a hole. Thanks
  2. Complete Sportmod $4000

    Yessir that is who I bought it from, looks like he spent a good bit of money on it.
  3. Complete Sportmod $4000

    Motivated to sell. Bills piling up from an unexpected surgery and selling this car would help a lot. Bring your offer and you may just leave with the car.
  4. I started in dwarf cars and still race dwarf cars. Small cars, small cost, big fun and lap times equivalent to the mods. My series will be at Cottonbowl June 22, come say hi.
  5. I am looking to sell a sportmod I bought. It was an impulse purchase and I do not have the time or resources to put it on the track. I'd like it to go to someone who can. As it sits it is complete, running, and driving but needs work. I do not know who built the chassis but I was told the Wilcox's did rear clip and hung the new body Junkyard 350 motor with water in oil but does not get hot and has good pressure Schoenfeld headers 4412 carb 3 speed trans with new clutch that needs adjusting Rearend housing appears to be newly built or rebuilt 3.73 gear and driveshaft appears new or rebuilt New Sweet 8:1 steering box with 0 races on it and a quickener New fuel cell Pro-Tek radiator New Bilstein shocks all the way around Belts are stamped 2 years old but look new 3 good IMCA Hoosiers on car Lots of new parts on the car and comes with some new and used extra parts At least 8 extra wheels including 2-3 extra beadlocks (I need to count) 4 old Hoosier F75 slicks 4 new Towel City slicks 2 new IMCA uppers and ball joints 3 new spare Bilstein shocks New front bumper Assorted new shift/throttle rods Can include Ultrashield VS Halo full containment seat for the right deal Can include a rough 18' car hauler for the right deal (the trailer the spare parts are on in picture) Disassembled motor in picture not included I'm asking $4000 green cash money. I am also open to trading around but cash is king. Call or text Dillon 210-383-5611 or send me a message on here. I will answer any and all questions the best I can.
  6. Congratulations to Silvas Jr on his heat one win and to Ty for his sweep. The surface was awesome, those of you that weren’t there make sure you’re there next time!
  7. STS 5-12

    Just wanted to thank y'all for having us (DCRST). The surface was awesome AND we got out early! I was loaded up and headed out by 11pm.
  8. South Texas Speedway

    I'm gonna drag my ol gray bucket of rusty bolts down
  9. I37 has asked Budnik to get a list of everyone's transponder numbers to make it easier on race day. Please send your transponder number to him or me and I will forward to him. Thanks
  10. Looking for???

    No clue on availability or anything. This was posted Monday morning but I haven’t been able to found it again. This was just a screenshot I sent to friends.
  11. Looking for???

    I saw one posted on Facebook in Helotes about a week ago. Don't know anything about it but it appeared to be a complete car and I thought it was pretty cheap. $2500 I believe. I'll see if I can find it and upload a screenshot of the post.
  12. Pit bike - SOLD!

    I want it but I've got too much going on right now to commit and also make the trip to get it. If you've still got it after while I would be a real player.
  13. Pit bike - SOLD!

    Is this an 05? What about title status?
  14. August 4th Race Date

    Thanks Rodney
  15. Rolled across the scales last night, ready as I'm gonna get I guess.