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  1. IMCA approved beadlock with ring and hardware (I believe it is a Speedway brand) 15x8 5x4.5 3" backspace, never mounted $100 IMCA Spec GM metric upper control arm still in plastic and box $40 Located in Boerne and can ship
  2. I have a brand new in the box Moroso 21323 pan with a new gasket. Fits SBC 80-85 blocks, right side dipstick, metric and Camaro clips, and has inspection bung. I have provided a link below so you can see exactly what it is. I'm asking $120, save some money! Located in Boerne, can ship. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Moroso-21323-Circle-Track-Oil-Pan-1980-85-Pass-Side-Dipstick-w-Plug,46566.html

    Gonna be hard to do, from my view last race he is on another level at STS.
  4. Eldora

    Only race I watch all year, but do we really want Nascar's hands driving local dirt racing into the ground as well?
  5. Coyne wins at I-37

    Thank you Jerry it's much appreciated
  6. Race 5 96 and 15x are listed as guest drivers at the bottom of the results page, receiving 0 points. Race 8 (which I believe is actually race 7) I cannot speak for other than I believe the DQs are in appeal status.
  7. Complete Sportmod $3000 - SOLD!

    Sale pending
  8. I can't speak to whether James was a guest driver at HMP or not, but yes it appears there is a mistake on the race 4 heat 1 points. 84 and 15X crossed the line between 86 and 64 but a lap down. I have notified a manager.
  9. Prep

    Making our first trip of the year to CBS on the 23rd. Has prep been similar to last year? Thanks
  10. I have a gift certificate from Ultrashield, valid for one VS Halo containment seat AND cover any size (width and height) you need. Fill out the form with your size and info, they send you a brand new seat and cover. $630 value valid until October 2018. $500 cash or open to some trade offers. Call or text Dillon 210-383-5611
  11. Complete Sportmod $3000 - SOLD!

  12. Complete Sportmod $3000 - SOLD!

    Yessir seems like a great man. We talked for hours when I went to look at the car. He told me how much he had in it. I won’t disclose it for his sake but add up the new parts, chassis work, new body, etc and you get a big number. Seems like not-new/need-work sportmods are a tough sell right now but I need out of this car to help me climb out of a hole. Thanks