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  1. I sold mine so looking for a replacement. I am open to anything really but ideal would be 8.5x16 enclosed or steel deck car hauler. I'm really looking to spend less than $4000 but would consider spending more on the right trailer. Obviously doesn't have to be top-of-the-line, show me what you have. I also have some things I could trade around. Dillon 210-383-5611
  2. Drag Racing and Dirt Tracks better than Asphalt?

    Shameless plug here. Dwarf cars are cheap, fast, and fun! We are running both surfaces again this year.
  3. Sold, sellers remorse setting in now.
  4. Drag Racing and Dirt Tracks better than Asphalt?

    I do love CC Speedway. My first race driving was there 2.5 years ago. I grew up watching at SAS and do miss that place as well, but never got to race there. I agree with Rodney, motocross is taking back a big part of my interest. I'm starting to ride more again. Motocross is 100% rider ability, the most pure form of racing we have today in my opinion.
  5. Drag Racing and Dirt Tracks better than Asphalt?

    One big thing for me is time spent at the track to be competitive. At Kyle I would sometimes show up Friday night and practice. That meant leaving work early, running til I had enough, and driving home. Say 5 hours at the track Friday. Back at the track 9-10am to get ready for first practice, sitting there all day, until 11pm at the earliest. Usually not getting home until 1-2am Sunday morning. 18+ hours just at the track on race weekend, not counting transit time. I'm a young, single guy, no kids, and even for me that is way too much. I can't imagine for those with family. On the dirt, show up at 5pm, race, out by midnight. I have never raced a "typical" class on either surface so I may be off base here. It seems to me that on asphalt, you really only have 2-3 competitive cars in each class, and everybody knows who those cars are before they get on the track. In my experience, one can be more competitive with "less car" and a lower comparative budget on the dirt by compensating with driving and setup. Yes, driving and setup are always a premium no-matter what type of racing, but dirt seems to take some emphasis off essentially having the newest car and the best parts. I believe rules (and enforcement of rules) play a large part as well, but rules will be a never-ending argument as long as racing exists. Also, strictly from a driving perspective, dirt is more fun for me. From a watching perspective, there seems to be a lot less follow-the-leader on the dirt. That's a big thing for me sitting in the stands. I'm not bashing asphalt racing at all, I started on asphalt. But these are the main reasons I believe dirt is sustaining itself in Texas.
  6. I should have taken this to the swap meet today but couldn't make it out. Price drop in honor of the swap meet, $3,500 come and get it. This is for Lonestar Speedzone members! I have it listed higher everywhere else.
  7. Lots of interest, no real action yet.
  8. Iso Dwarf/legends roller

    I would consider selling one of mine as a roller. Grey car is an updated Arizona dwarf that won the 2017 DCRST championship. Maroon car is a legend chassis converted to be DCRST legal. I have run both cars on asphalt and dirt and both cars have won races as they sit. Send me a message if you want to come look.
  9. I just had some expenses come up and need to liquidate this. It would make a good enduro car (that was my plan) or sell the 602, drop your motor in and go mod racing pretty cheap. Price dropped to $4,000 cash, will separate motor from chassis. As of now I'd like to keep the rearend with the chassis. Call or text me.
  10. Looking to build another dwarf, gotta get this out of my shop for that to happen. Let's talk
  11. I have had several people ask about the motor and trans. I'd let the motor go alone for $3,000. Motor and trans together $3,750. I would consider any interesting trades, including but not limited to: 8.5'x16' enclosed trailers, nice open trailers, dwarf car rollers, or other cool stuff, but cash is king right now.
  12. What is the price on the 602 crate motor?


    Kevin J. Gould


  13. I am looking to sell my modified. I got it through a trade deal so I don't know much about it. I got it from Mississippi, drove it down my street, then parked it in my shop on jackstands. All I have done is take the body off. I was told it is a Race Mart chassis but I cannot confirm as I don't know much about mod chassis. Sealed 602 crate motor with carb, Schoenfeld headers, all accessories AFCO radiator Bert trans Wile's driveshaft Floating 9" rearend with 600 gear Lower control arms appear to be new Steering quickener Standard 16" Kirkey seat with cover, could possibly throw in an Ultrashield VS Halo full containment for the right deal I have a spare 20-something (22?) gallon cell I can throw in the deal. It is identical dimensions to the cell currently in the car I do have the body, but it's rough $3,500 complete also open to some trading around Can sell any way you want it just make me an offer. Call or text Dillon 210-383-5611