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  1. I just had some expenses come up and need to liquidate this. It would make a good enduro car (that was my plan) or sell the 602, drop your motor in and go mod racing pretty cheap. Price dropped to $4,000 cash, will separate motor from chassis. As of now I'd like to keep the rearend with the chassis. Call or text me.
  2. Looking to build another dwarf, gotta get this out of my shop for that to happen. Let's talk
  3. I have had several people ask about the motor and trans. I'd let the motor go alone for $3,000. Motor and trans together $3,750. I would consider any interesting trades, including but not limited to: 8.5'x16' enclosed trailers, nice open trailers, dwarf car rollers, or other cool stuff, but cash is king right now.
  4. What is the price on the 602 crate motor?


    Kevin J. Gould


  5. Sold, possibly in the market for a smaller 8.5' wide enclosed or a nice open trailer.
  6. I am looking to sell my modified, complete or rolling. I got it through a trade deal so I don't know much about it. I got it from Mississippi, drove it down my street, then parked it in my shop on jackstands. All I have done is take the body off. I was told it is a Race Mart chassis but I cannot confirm as I don't know much about mod chassis. 602 crate motor with carb, Schoenfeld headers, all accessories AFCO radiator Bert trans Wile's driveshaft Floating 9" rearend with 600 gear Lower control arms appear to be new Steering quickener Standard 16" Kirkey seat with cover, could possibly throw in an Ultrashield VS Halo full containment for the right deal I have a spare 20-something (22?) gallon cell I can throw in the deal. It is identical dimensions to the cell currently in the car I do have the body, but it's rough $4,000 complete also open to some trading around Can sell any way you want it just make me an offer. Call or text Dillon 210-383-5611
  7. 2017 Cross Trailers 8.5'x24' Blackout Enclosed Trailer Ordered in December 2016, picked up in January 2017, just looking to downsize 8.5'x24' plus V nose 5200lb spread torsion axles with radial tires and 4 wheel brakes Screwless exterior skins Clear lens LEDs E-trac laid into floor, otherwise bare inside Has some dents, dings, and imperfections but pulls great $6,500 or open to trading around Trailer is NOT a Haulmark and the price reflects that Call or text Dillon 210-383-5611
  8. Wanted: Westhold Transponder - FOUND ONE!

    Bought his ^^^^^, thanks.
  9. Looking to buy a Westhold, just wanting to see if anyone has one laying around before I buy new. Prefer hardwire but would entertain rechargeable. Let me know what you have, thanks.
  10. national anthem

    My only regret is that I didn't watch NFL anyway, so me not watching isn't hurting them any more than before!
  11. I have a spare bedroom with bathroom available in Boerne
  12. Let's Have Some Fun

    Great idea
  13. I-37 Speedway live updates 8-5-17

    Thanks for all you do, Reb.
  14. Black flag ...opinion only

    I was trying to raise awareness to an issue that I experienced. There was no ill intent toward the track, neither expressed nor implied.
  15. Big show

    Great thank you!