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  1. Bought new in 2016, has seat cover, 20 degree layback. May deliver if bought at asking price. $350 call or text 512-965-9027
  2. Race ready Legacy, ran with Lonestar Legacy Series. Full containment seat, new seat belts/ window net. Race on oval or road course. Josh +1 (713) 969-7594 $3500
  3. Race ready Legacy. Fresh paint, new chassis car. Comes with extra motor and transmission and misc other spare parts. Mark (210) 414-5361 $4500
  4. Race ready Legacy car. Comes with extra set of wheels and tires for road course racing. Ran with the Lonestar Legacy Series. $4500 Mike +1 (936) 444-3630
  5. Racing in 2018

    HMP has stated they will be having at least four races this year. Dates are: March 24th May 26th July 7th October 20th They are still working out all the details and the classes they will be running. Who all will be interested in racing on any if not all these dates? Wanting to get an idea so when they come calling it would be nice to have a number to give them. Also there are a few cars for sale for anyone looking to get into a low cost class.
  6. #5 Allison Legacy car, new 17" ultra shield full containment seat, engine oil cooler, new seat belts and window net, extra set of wheels and tires. Race ready, ran at CTS last year and HMP this year. $4000, Josh 713-969-7594
  7. Keys

    Great racing at HOT this past weekend. Lost trailer keys with a blue tether in the pits or somewhere on the property.
  8. News

    Any news on the future of this awesome track and facility?
  9. Add a new window net and go racing, oval or road course. Comes with extra set of wheels with road road race tires. Call or text Mike (936)0444-3630
  10. Speed Fest

    http://jeffgarvinphotos.zenfolio.com/f486549724 Good pics from the Legacy class.
  11. Speed Fest

    Great racing last night from the Legacy group. The top five made the last few laps very exciting to watch. I know it was a long day but thanks to all for sticking around and making this Legacy race exciting. Congrats to James Remore on your first feature win and thanks to Aaron Chadwick for doing the dirty work to get our class on the schedule. Also thanks to Raymond D. and the Hogans for working with us and allowing us to race at these two events. As for now it's a waiting game to see what next year brings. Hopefully we hear something before the end of the year so we can start planning on the future. Thanks again to all who made it possible and those who came out and participated in these two events.
  12. As of now we are the last race of the night so please plan accordingly. Not sure if it will change. As for Saturday practice, 1st round at 11:40am 2nd round at 2:55pm. They do have open practice at 9-10am and again at 3:55-4:05pm. They have our drivers meeting scheduled at 1pm along with the V8 classes, not sure why since we are a supporting class, but if that time changes I or someone will be sure to let the rest of us know. I will be sure to post any changes that may occur. Chime in if you have any questions.
  13. HMP

    They said it was per their Facebook page.