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  1. July 6th Advanced Auto Parts Firecracker Blowout results 1st #37 Jaida Simental 2nd #54 Ty Hymel 3rd #23 Peyton Michel 4th #1 Ethan Barker5th #82 Cade McKee6th #44 Austin Bean7th #01 Alexis Sampson8th #48 Mike Knotts9th #35 Dooley Smith10th #8 Delbert May11th #63 Brad Harden12th #14 Brian Benedict See More
  2. TSTRS - First race in the books!

    Excellent job for a first time! Looking forward to August. Thanks TSTRS and all the sponsors for giving us a place to race.
  3. Current points

    Current points standings
  4. Lone Star Legacy Published by Jason Simental · June 16 at 9:22 PM · Summer Fun Run top three! 1st #82 Cade Mckee 2nd #14 Brian Benedict 3rd #23 Peyton Michel
  5. TSTARS @ HMP Video Highlights (RaceOnTexas)

    great highlight clip
  6. Lone Star Legacy would like to congratulate our fellow graduating seniors, #37 Jaida Simental , #54 Ty Hymel and #23 Peyton Michel !! Best of luck as you all move forward in your young adult lives!! Fun fact, all three finished on the podium last race!!
  7. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Some complain about not being payed and some complain about being payed. Looks like they need to find a better paying hobby.
  8. Heat race and feature winner- Jaida Simental 2nd Ty Hymel 3rd Peyton Michel 4th- Brian Benedict 5th- Austin Bean 6th- Donnie Schubert 7th- Ethan Barker 8th- Mike Knotts 9th- David Duck
  9. We appreciate all you are doing and thanks for giving us a place to race.
  10. Legacy Specs

    Per Allison Legacy
  11. Spring Fling

    Feature winner, Cade McKee Brad Harden, 2nd place feature Jaida Simental, 3rd place feature Heat race 2 winner, Ty Hymel Heat race 1 winner, Brad Harden
  12. HMP Spring Fling March 2 Race Results

    Well done TSTARS. The fireworks show was the icing on the cake after a great night of racing! Yes there was a fireworks show and it was no amateur show!!
  13. Any word on the race day schedule?