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  1. Labor Day Classic Pictures

    Try this link https://manvelmotorsports.smugmug.com/More-Auto-Racng/Houston-Motorsports-Park/
  2. TSTRS - Car Counts

    Looking good!! Really appreciate the hard work you all are doing.
  3. From their FB page "Thank you for all the kind words and prayers. Josh is home and resting now. We are very grateful that he doesn’t have any broken bones and no major damage, just some whiplash and pulled muscles"
  4. Labor Day Classic top 3 Heat race 1- Jaida Simental Heat race 2- Peyton Michel Feature: 1st Peyton Michel 2nd Jaida Simental 3rd Alexis Sampson Congrats to all who came out and raced this past weekend! Legacy feature 1.23Peyton Michel 2. 37Jaida Simental 3. 01 Alexis Sampson 4. 82 Cade McKee 5. 00 Colt Mize 6. 3 Delbert May 7. 1 Ethan Barker 8. 27 Shelby Huff 9. 48 Mike Knotts 10. 44 Austin Bean 11. 35 Dooley Smith 12. 63 Brad Harden 13. 2 Doug Gibson
  5. July 6th Advanced Auto Parts Firecracker Blowout results 1st #37 Jaida Simental 2nd #54 Ty Hymel 3rd #23 Peyton Michel 4th #1 Ethan Barker5th #82 Cade McKee6th #44 Austin Bean7th #01 Alexis Sampson8th #48 Mike Knotts9th #35 Dooley Smith10th #8 Delbert May11th #63 Brad Harden12th #14 Brian Benedict See More
  6. TSTRS - First race in the books!

    Excellent job for a first time! Looking forward to August. Thanks TSTRS and all the sponsors for giving us a place to race.
  7. Current points

    Current points standings
  8. Lone Star Legacy Published by Jason Simental · June 16 at 9:22 PM · Summer Fun Run top three! 1st #82 Cade Mckee 2nd #14 Brian Benedict 3rd #23 Peyton Michel
  9. TSTARS @ HMP Video Highlights (RaceOnTexas)

    great highlight clip
  10. Lone Star Legacy would like to congratulate our fellow graduating seniors, #37 Jaida Simental , #54 Ty Hymel and #23 Peyton Michel !! Best of luck as you all move forward in your young adult lives!! Fun fact, all three finished on the podium last race!!
  11. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Some complain about not being payed and some complain about being payed. Looks like they need to find a better paying hobby.
  12. Heat race and feature winner- Jaida Simental 2nd Ty Hymel 3rd Peyton Michel 4th- Brian Benedict 5th- Austin Bean 6th- Donnie Schubert 7th- Ethan Barker 8th- Mike Knotts 9th- David Duck
  13. We appreciate all you are doing and thanks for giving us a place to race.