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  1. Parts

    If you are needing parts for your off season rebuild, Mr. James Huff is your guy. He has just about anything Legacy related and if not, he can get it for you. Spec wheels, body parts, bumpers and may even have a fresh motor. He even has a couple of race ready cars. Look him up on facebook or PM me on this site for contact information.
  2. Thank You HMP for All The Memories

    Wishing you the best Uncle Bob.
  3. Who is racing with us at HMP in 2019?

    #37 Legacy and #37 DCRST Dwarf car, all 11 hopefully.
  4. Thank you racers and fans!!!!

    Big thanks to you all as well!
  5. 2nd Annual Speedfest

    Awesome! Should be a great time.
  6. A message from the track: Speed Fest is one week from today on the 20th!!! It should be a great show. We have a lot planned for this very exciting event. Friday the 19th is an all day practice, it is $200/car. After 5pm it is $50/car and $10 per person. Saturday - gates open at 10am. All racers need to go through the front gates to get their pit passes and sign the waiver forms and then to the media room to pay registration. You will be black flagged off the track for practice if you do not register. You will be black flagged if you don’t have a transponder. Don’t make us black flag you. If you haven’t raced with us before please take your car down to tech to make sure you have been cleared to race. RACERS! If you want your class to race in 2019 for all 11 events you need to show for this race. The classes that have low car counts may be cut for next year and the spots given to classes who can bring higher car counts. Finally, please keep in mind on the day of the event the track staff will be busy putting on a race so we may not respond to questions over LSSZ, FB or by text. Let the racing begin.
  7. #37 will always be there for an asphalt race!!!
  8. Tools

    Generac Generator, 6250 max watts 5000 rated watts. Tecumseh 10hp, new carb, 5 gallon capacity fuel tank, new carb. 120/240 volts $300 obo Sunex 1.5 ton engine hoist. Collapsible for easy storage, like new. $250 obo Call, text or message here. 512-965-9027 located in Cedar Park 78613 [Pics posted in the next post down] IMG_1347.jpg (4193.4 KB).url IMG_1347.jpg (4193.4 KB).url
  9. NASA at COTA

    Good luck to one of our own, Kit Leslie this weekend. He's competing at the NASA Championship at COTA this weekend in his road course Legacy. You can catch him rolling off for practice at the 30 second mark in the video posted.
  10. 1- #82 Brett Mitchell - 300 2- #37 Jaida Simental - 279 3- #63 Brad Harden - 276 4- #23 Peyton Michel - 273 5- #34 Camryn Chadwick - 258 6- #15 Colt Mize - 173 7- #8 Kit Leslie - 170 8- #19 Vince Mize - 158 9- #35 Dooley Smith - 155 10- #5 Rusty Reed - 85 11- #48 Mike Knotts, #51 Rocky Mize - 82 12- #01 Alexis Sampson - 76 Congrats to Brett Mitchell on making it 3 in a row. Congrats to the other podium winners and all fellow competitors. Next race October 20th, can Brett make it a clean sweep?! We shall see!
  11. 2nd Annual Liberty Bell 200 results Heat race: 1- Allen Sampson 2- Brett Mitchell 3- Jaida Simental 4- Brad Harden 5- Kit Leslie 6- Peyton Michel 7- Camryn Chadwick 8- Mike Knotts Feature race: 1- Brett Mitchell 2- Jaida Simental 3- Brad Harden 4- Peyton Michel 5- Camryn Chadwick 6- Kit Leslie 7- Mike Knotts 8- Allen Sampson- DQ Thanks to all who came out to race Updated points coming soon
  12. Thank you Advanced Auto Parts!!!!
  13. July race

    Thanks Brad, see ya there!
  14. July race

    We have a few drivers sitting out this race due to conflicting schedules. With that being said who all plans on attending or not? Trying to get an idea on a car count. Also, the track is offering golf cart rentals for the race. I believe Raymond D is handling that so get in touch with him. This Saturday is the last open practice prior to the race as well.