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  1. Lone Star Legacy would like to congratulate our fellow graduating seniors, #37 Jaida Simental , #54 Ty Hymel and #23 Peyton Michel !! Best of luck as you all move forward in your young adult lives!! Fun fact, all three finished on the podium last race!!
  2. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Some complain about not being payed and some complain about being payed. Looks like they need to find a better paying hobby.
  3. Heat race and feature winner- Jaida Simental 2nd Ty Hymel 3rd Peyton Michel 4th- Brian Benedict 5th- Austin Bean 6th- Donnie Schubert 7th- Ethan Barker 8th- Mike Knotts 9th- David Duck
  4. We appreciate all you are doing and thanks for giving us a place to race.
  5. Legacy Specs

    Per Allison Legacy
  6. Spring Fling

    Feature winner, Cade McKee Brad Harden, 2nd place feature Jaida Simental, 3rd place feature Heat race 2 winner, Ty Hymel Heat race 1 winner, Brad Harden
  7. HMP Spring Fling March 2 Race Results

    Well done TSTARS. The fireworks show was the icing on the cake after a great night of racing! Yes there was a fireworks show and it was no amateur show!!
  8. Any word on the race day schedule?
  9. yes sir they all are. Make an offer
  10. Daytona 00

    Tore up cars is part of the sport just like broken bones and hurt egos in physical sports. It's entertainment for the fans and a "job" for the competitors. It sucks that it happens but it does.
  11. Some of us honestly try to be within the legal limits.
  12. Video meeting

    Check your inbox for the invite.
  13. 2019 Rules Package

    I will look into that.