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  1. Spec shocks

    Pro shock, QA1 7564 and Afco 1564 are the only approved shocks.
  2. Spec shocks

    The only other approved shock as of now is the Afco 1564 but you will have to purchase their hardware kit which can get pricey. I've been taking to a person from Bilstein shocks about a replacement shock. I believe the pro shock hardware kits are interchangeable with Bilstein so that helps keep cost down. No decision has been made yet on approving Bilstein just yet.
  3. Entire Lone Star Legacy racing package for sale!!! This Lone Star Legacy Racing Series car comes 100% complete and race ready! Includes AMB hardwired transponder, racing seat, belts, fire suppression system, and mirrors. ALL you need is your personal safety gear and a radio to hit the track at HMP. There are a ton of extras that are going with this car (approx $3k worth). To include, but not limited to: 7 wheels, 5 with Hoosier tires mounted, plus 2 new sticker tires (not mounted), 8 body panels, spare radiator, 8 assorted springs, 5 spare shocks, spare suspension parts, 3 timing kits, spare quickset gear sets, full set of new Wilwood brake pads, spare clutch set, 2 new master cylinders, rear bumper brace, spare ignition wire sets, full set is used Outlaw brake calipers and pads, new oil pump, spare lug nuts, wheel studs, spare misc gaskets, hardware, Longacre Toe plates, and Longacre stagger gauge. This complete program is going for only $7k. From one of the best looking, well maintained, top notch cars in the field, to all needed racing accessories, you cannot beat this deal. Items not sold separately. Please text Brad Harden at 210-273-0289 for a call back.
  4. Season Finale

    Last race of the season is in the books! We successfully ran a 40 lap feature with all 14 cars driving off the track in one piece. Congrats to Allen Sampson on his dominating 1st place finish. Congrats to Ty Hymel, who set fast time with a blistering time of 16.493 on his way to a 2nd place finish. Drew Simental would finish 3rd, congrats to him as well. This season’s LSLRS championship goes to Ethan Barker!! Congratulations Ethan on your spectacular season! A special thanks to Allen Sampson with Sampson Performance Restoration, David Barker, Connie Duke and 4T4 Racing for their purse contributions! And a special thanks to Gina Schild Knowles, Rodney Rodriguez, HMP and the entire TSTRS crew for putting together a fantastic season, even with all the challenges that they had to overcome throughout the year! Legacy Feature: 1) #01 Allen Sampson 2) #54 Ty Hymel 3) #73 Drew Simental 4) #68 EJ Fitzgerald 5) #3 Delbert May 6) #1 Ethan Barker 7) #48 Mike Knotts 8)#37 Jaida Simental 9) #18 William La'Barge 10) #55 John Miesen 11) #63 Brad Harden 12) #9 Joshua Maxey 13) #7 James Remore 14) #8 Harry Osburn Jr. http://www.race-monitor.com/Results/Session/7064412
  5. Last race is 9 days away and do we have some exciting news to share. This race will be sponsored by Allen Sampson with Sampson Performance Restoration! He is putting up $1000 in purse money. But that’s not all! David Barker is going to match that $1000 to bring the purse total to $2000!! With the additional $100 put up by 4T4 Racing we will have over $2000+ to pay out!! But wait there’s more!! The feature race will be a 40 lap race!!! It’s going to be an action packed Saturday night of racing! Thanks to Gina Schild Knowles, Allen Sampson, David Barker and the entire TSTRS crew!!
  6. That's correct. Those Huff cars are fast!!!
  7. Congrats to this past weekends top 3: 1st #1 Ethan Barker (fast time 16.882) 2nd #18 Mike Steinman 3rd #37 Jaida Simental LSLRS would like to thank 4T4 Racing, Connie Duke, Jason Maxey and an anonymous donor for their support with purse contributions! LSLRS would also like to give a huge “THANK YOU” to Gina, Bo and the entire TSTRS crew for their hard work and dedication to keep asphalt racing alive and thriving in the great state of TEXAS!!
  8. Current points

    Current point after 4 races
  9. Advance Auto Parts Labor Day Classic results: Congratulations to the top three 1st- #68 EJ Fitzgerald 2nd- #1 Ethan Barker (fast time @ 16.724) 3rd- #73 Drew Simental 4th- #37 Jaida Simental 5th- #68 Brad Harden 6th- #48 Mike Knotts 7th- #3 Delbert May 8th- #42 Zane Goff 9th- #18 Mike Steinman 10th- #9 Joshua Maxey 11th- #8 Bill Labarge
  10. Updated points

    Updated points. Congrats to Magic Mike Knotts on the point lead.
  11. Great racing last night at HMP’s Short Track Showdown! 13 cars at the track but unfortunately the 18 had electrical issues and did not take the green. We had two new drivers, #8 Bill Labarge and #73 Drew Simental. Competitive racing throughout the field with all cars loaded up in one piece! Congrats to EJ Fitzgerald as well as all who competed!! Thanks to Gina and the whole TSTRS crew and HMP for keeping asphalt racing alive and thriving! Legacy Feature: 1) #68 EJ Fitzgeral… See More
  12. 2nd race is in the books! Congrats to the top three and the rest of drivers. And a huge THANK YOU to Gina and the TSTRS crew and HMP for giving us a place to race! 1st Allen Sampson #01 fast time 16.641 2nd EJ Fitzgerald #68 3rd Zane Goff #42
  13. Lone Star Legacys 1. 01 Allen Sampson, 20 laps 2. 68 David Duck, 20 3. 42 Zane Goff, 20 4. 48 Mike Knotts, 20 5. 37 Jaida Simental, 20 6. 3 Delbert May, 20 7. 9 Joshua Maxey, 20 8. 1 Ethan Barker, 19 9. 8 John Miesen, 18 DQ 18 Johnaton Gelinas
  14. Race #1 results 1- #37 Jaida Simental 2- #54 Ty Hymel 3- #18 Johnaton Gelinas- fast time 16.676 4- #1 Ethan Barker 5- #8 Corey Odonell 6- #48 Mike Knotts 7- #9 Joshua Maxey 8- #44 Austin Bean 9- #3 Delbert May 10- #68 DQ too light Congrats to all who came out and raced this weekend! Hoping Delbert May is feeling ok after that hard hit. Thanks to Gina and the whole TSTRS crew for putting on a great day of racing! Next race, July 4th!!