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  1. 2nd race is in the books! Congrats to the top three and the rest of drivers. And a huge THANK YOU to Gina and the TSTRS crew and HMP for giving us a place to race! 1st Allen Sampson #01 fast time 16.641 2nd EJ Fitzgerald #68 3rd Zane Goff #42
  2. Lone Star Legacys 1. 01 Allen Sampson, 20 laps 2. 68 David Duck, 20 3. 42 Zane Goff, 20 4. 48 Mike Knotts, 20 5. 37 Jaida Simental, 20 6. 3 Delbert May, 20 7. 9 Joshua Maxey, 20 8. 1 Ethan Barker, 19 9. 8 John Miesen, 18 DQ 18 Johnaton Gelinas
  3. Race #1 results 1- #37 Jaida Simental 2- #54 Ty Hymel 3- #18 Johnaton Gelinas- fast time 16.676 4- #1 Ethan Barker 5- #8 Corey Odonell 6- #48 Mike Knotts 7- #9 Joshua Maxey 8- #44 Austin Bean 9- #3 Delbert May 10- #68 DQ too light Congrats to all who came out and raced this weekend! Hoping Delbert May is feeling ok after that hard hit. Thanks to Gina and the whole TSTRS crew for putting on a great day of racing! Next race, July 4th!!
  4. 2020 TSTRS Re-Vised Racing Schedule

    Thank you sweet baby Jesus!!
  5. Thanks to the Texas Short Track Racing Series crew and the Advanced Auto Parts crew for an awesome 2019 season banquet last night. Congrats to the 2019 top 5! 1st- #82 Cade McKee 2nd- #37 Jaida Simental 3rd- #23 Peyton Michel 4th- #1 Ethan Barker 5th- #63 Brad Harden
  6. Looking for MP2 manual transmission for a Saturn SL1 512-965-9027
  7. Awesome job Gina and staff! Looking forward to this season!
  8. Final points standings for the season. Congrats to Cade McKee on his championship win as well as taking rookie of the year honors. And once again thanks to all who raced with the class this year. Looking forward to 2020!
  9. Season Finale

    Thanks for the kind words guys. But honestly it was a group effort. Without everyone's commitment and support there would be no Legacy class. Mr. Holt and Mr. James Huff revived this class a few years ago and when they decided it was time to step away it was heartbreaking for some us. Instead of letting the class fade away, a few others and myself decided it would be a shame to not carry on what Huff and Holt started. We have a diverse group of drivers with a mix of young guns, a few girls (who can hang with boys I might mention) and some older veterans that have been around the block but are still super competitive that really make this class enjoyable. Hope to see everyone back for the 2020 season.
  10. Technet Results

    Technet 2019 Speedfest Results Heat race 1 winner- #68 EJ Fitzgerald Heat race 2 winner- #82 Cade McKee Feature: 1- #82 Cade McKee 2- #3 Delbert May (set fast time) 3- #63 Brad Harden 4- #37 Jaida Simental 5- #1 Ethan Barker 6- #7 James Remore Jr. 7- #35 Dooley Smith 8- #13 Del Harris 9- #48 Mike Knotts 10- #44 Austin Bean DQ- 68
  11. Season Finale

    Congrats to all who came out and raced the season finale with the Texas Short Track Racing Series at Houston Motorsports Park yesterday. Congrats to Cade McKee on winning heat race #2, the feature and ultimately winning the 2019 Legacy championship. Thanks to all the drivers who stuck with the class during the entire 2019 season and all of our new drivers who came in throughout the year. We definitely had some growing pains but overall we have a great group of drivers and look forward to the continued growth of the Legacy class as well as what next season has in store for us and the entire asphalt racing network. Heartfelt thanks to Gina Schild Knowles, Brad Bush, Tiffany Vogel, Rodney Rodriguez and all the others working hard behind the scene to create an opportunity for us to race and live out our passion for racing. Big thanks to the HMP staff as well, we are looking forward to 2020!
  12. Currents points

    2 race drops not factored in
  13. TSTRS - Car Count as of 10/19/19

    Y'all are doing an awesome job. Looking forward to the 9th and 2020!