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  1. WOW ! What a night!

    I thought we had a free year also once we were registered and I was never given a password.
  2. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Purestock was 42M, 20, 127, 4J, and 7
  3. July 4th in Review

    I agree with JJ, invert the whole field and put on a show for the fans
  4. RESULTS JULY 2-3, 2016

    One of the officials told us at pay out that they went off of lap 23.
  5. South Texas Speedway Analysis

    I think you should suprise everybody and inverted the whole field every once in a while.
  6. how many bombers running 2016

    We've got a big old boat being put together also
  7. Transponder

    Some of the tracks I've been to hold your drivers license till transponder is returned.
  8. Does anybody have pics from the old dirt track in Edinburg from late 70s early 80s?
  9. Any Results?

    Not there
  10. Any Results?

    What did the pure stock get DQ for?
  11. June 6 Race Canceled!

    So now what do the people that paid general admission do now?
  12. transponder

    Besides renting a transponder, where can I purchase one and what is a good brand?
  13. Rain out May 30 - Make up June 6

    Can we just present our our bands next week so we don't have to pay again?
  14. Any updates from STS, Friday, 4-10?

    Pure stock 127 , 4J, 22,
  15. Where can I find the rules for the bombers for 2015?