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  1. Looking for a cheap front runner for I37. What is out there?
  2. Tony Heredia passed away

    5918 brambletree 78247. This address for the BBQ plates
  3. Many of you know Tony and Marcus. They are the two brothers that are always at the race track. They are always together and love to be at the race track and always willing to help any one they can. Please keep Tony family and friends in your thoughts and prayers in this time of need. There will be a BBQ plate Sunday November 5 th at Judson and Stahl Rd. in San Antonio between 2 and 6. To help the family.
  4. construction activity at the track

    I was by there yesterday morning about 9:30 and it looked bad. Grass growing tall in the track and around and bushes coming up though the stands. But it didn't look like anything was done or being done.
  5. where to buy 100 + octane fuel

    Sunoco gas station sell race full at the pump. But there are only few pumps that sell it.
  6. CTS Update

    I heard it from somebody that was trying to to workout something for the lease with landowners. And why would the landowners want to do something else with the property if it's like free money. He don't have to mess with anything and get a check every month. Unless he could be getting sued and then it's not worth the little money that he is making when he could have something else in its place and not have to worry about it.
  7. CTS Update

    The landowner says it's not worth the lawsuits. And it's easier to sell dirt than to worry about getting sued.jmo
  8. a question about final rear end ratio?

    You need 3.08 rear gear to get to 5.83
  9. upset drivers and fans

    There are a few tracks on the east coast that if you bash them on social media they suspend you for a few races and if you keep doing it they don't let you come back. And they don't seam to keep have problems with social media. I think the track around here are a little easy on people. You don't see or hear of suspensions any more for acts on the track or off.
  10. Tommy Owen "Cat Daddy" passed away.

    Tommys services are at: Highland Park Lutheran Church on Thursday @ 10:00 705 Hammond Ave San Antonio Tx 78210
  11. Please pray for the Owen family. As Tom was in the hospital with breathing complications Tommy was there visiting his dad and stepped outside to talk on the phone and went into cardiac arrest and passed away last night.
  12. Pray for Gutierrez family

    Also please be on the look out. They believe the killer maybe driving Gutierrez's stolen 2013 White Ford Expedition with Texas license plate BRP-3217.