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  1. Emods.

    But they are inexpensive.
  2. Emods.

    I think there is a list of shocks. That are legal
  3. Emods.

  4. MUST READ! Drivers and Crew

    Yeah but the muddy tracks tore up a lot of motors and rearends. Keep it dry cut down on dust if you can.
  5. $1000 to win Pure Stocks.

    Where can we see the updated info.
  6. Purse May 19th and 20th

    Are they separate shows or qualifying one night feature next night.
  7. Points

    highest in points
  8. Points

    We start by point average. Lowest average in front. Highest in back. scratch cars behind them. In heat race tope 12 or 10 depending on number of cars get their up front starting spots in the feature again lowest average of cars that qualified up front. highest in back followed by scratch cars. Cars that did not finish in top 10 or 12 start by finishing order behind qualified cars.
  9. SS with LLM

    I think STS and I37 made a deal where this week LLM run at Sts, and SS run at I37.
  10. Front Gate Admission

    I want to race at that track your talking about where the purse went up.
  11. Is June 15th and 16th a Thursday and Friday ?
  12. 2017 Fees for STS

    Does the $45 for driver include the car fee.
  13. They only showed the exciting 15 minutes on wide world of sports. now you watch the whole race. In the famous 79 Daytona 500 the leaders wrecked on the last lap taking out the entire lead pack. Entire [Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough]. Petty and foyt were so far back in 3rd that the other 2 had stopped safely on the grass by the time they went by. im sure Donnie and cale got top10 finishes also not completing the final lap. Must have been a real close race through out the field.
  14. USMTS Poster

    they usually use racecievers john .