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  1. Do you have 3-5 billion dollars I could use?
  2. Usac should still back the stock cars of decades past. There is opening right now for it
  3. Nascar buys ARCA

    Maybe it is time for USAC to bring back the stock cars from decades past.
  4. South Texas Dirt Track Opening Nights

    All Texana and South Texas Speedway could do is make a two lane track for constant passing that would hard to beat going anywhere else for a Saturday night. In South texas
  5. How many different tracks have you been to?

    For me is the quality of racing I go see. Sprint to late models, modified, stock cars it doesn't matter as long the show is moving along with good passing and quality racing.
  6. Here is another idea that I saw overmy weekend. Longdale Speedway has a trucking yard also on there property. If SAS has the land to to that and lease it out it would be easy money. If need need new structures find used shipping containers also is what I saw also over the weekend too.
  7. Life continues on with kids and work
  8. How many different tracks have you been to?

    Nick what is sadlook how many Texas tracks are closed vs other states.
  9. Texas Tms Cotton bowl Heart o texas Texas thunder Bellmead speedway Grand prairie Cowtown Kennedale Devil's bowl Thunderhill I37 South Texas speedway Corpus Christi Shady oaks Texana Hot rod hill Gator Hmp Battle ground 105 speedway Golden triangle 281 speedway SAS Oklahoma Lawton Longdale Missouri I-55 raceway Iowa Marshalltown Ia state fair Boone Greene county speedway Knoxville Southern Iowa speedway Cedar raipds Hamilton county speedway Mason City West liberty Greenbelt speedway Louisana Ark la tex
  10. This isn't "if I were the promoter" from me. This is 30 years of experience from a fans side of things and most of y'all are older than me.
  11. There you go Reb making my name world knowledge. LoL
  12. Fsaeracer, Last night I was at Marshalltown Speedway. They had 6 classes racing 131 cars and complete time was 2 hours and 45 minutes. As so as a heat race/feature over the other one was rolling out and no intermission. Tonight at i-55 racerway 3 classes 113 cars and 4 fours and half hours later done with intermission lasting 20 minutes. SAS could make if you contact the right promoters and see how they run their show.