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  1. I-37 Speedway Grand Opening updates 3-25-17

    The 38x in pure stock is wrong name.. it should be josh Sewell..
  2. USMTS Poster

    I'm hoping just the pit pass..
  3. Rules

    What about pure stock rules?
  4. South Texas Speedway 2017

    Sts is supposed to go to factory stock rules. TRP is staying pure stock.. so ya kinda sux .. I was about to build new car but decided until they figure out what we are doing I'll run old faithful..
  5. USMTS FEB 16-18th

    Pure stock and limited mods sound good to me.. let's hope !!
  6. South Texas Shootout Update 12-1-16

    Love how they keep everything quiet... cliffhanger racing... everyone hold on and wait .. lol
  7. Pure stock rules 2017?

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard if our class is meeting to discuss new rules or if there is going to be changes .. is the factory stock thing for sure? Can I build a car to factory stock rules and be safe?
  8. 2017 racing

    I know seat and pedal placement are different.. which means a lot of the current pure stocks are at a disadvantage.. the other big difference is the shocks.. car bodies are mostly aluminum on most factory stocks..
  9. Pure stocks and Street stocks

    38 pure stock will be there..
  10. Oct 15

    Run them all!!
  11. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Well I'm curious if the track stayed dry today.. Was lots of r around the area in Kingsville ..
  12. Update STS

    I just don't get this long break .. It's rediculous..
  13. Update STS

    But no pure stocks?
  14. STS Pure Stocks

    I would be there..
  15. August 6 races?

    Are we racing this weekend the 6th of August?