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  1. Watermelon man

  2. TSTRS - Input needed

    I disagree. There are an abudance of Sport Mods (Limited Modifieds) in existence. Many of them are not owned by cheaters who spend $10,000+ on an open chambered motor that should cost about $3,500, $15,000 chassis, with $1,000 shocks. Those guys (The cheaters) can stay at the dirt track with the other cheaters. The honest guys who want to run in an affordable series can bring their Legitimate Sport Mods to HMP, and put on a good show for a loyal fan base.
  3. TSTRS - Input needed

    And, it is a glorified "Thunder Bomber" worth about 1/2 of that (with an engine) That is the problem. The Thieves who over charge to build them, and the fools who are willing to pay 3 times what they are worth.
  4. Watermelon man

  5. TSTRS - Input needed

    My previous post was in response to this post.
  6. TSTRS - Input needed

    That is a valid point that will need to be addressed. If not completely dropped, at least "rotated." I know that I will get some opposition here, but I am of the opinion that the Super Stocks, and the Outlaw Stocks are far too similar to be two different classes. Especially when neither class has been able to come up with a decent car count. I have seen more negativity on this forum from the drivers of these two classes than any other. I believe that there should be a way to combine them so the fans won't have to sit through two different classes of a handful of cars that look identical. I still like the idea of Street Stocks with sensible rules, or a Limited Modified class as long as the cheaters with $10,000+ motors, and $1,000 shocks are somehow not allowed.
  7. TSTRS - Input needed

    metroracer makes a damn good point. Those "ASPHALT STYLE STREET STOCKS" are some bad ass looking cars. As a racer, and a fan, I can tell you that the fans get very excited when they hear the announcer say- "It's Street Stock" time! This is a class that the people in the grand stands can relate to. Not to mention that they are very competitive. There are stock bodies as well as aftermarket bodies for these cars that are readily available, and fairly economical. Want to look like a 85 Monte Carlo? No problem. Want to look like a 2015 Cadillac CTS? No problem. Want to look like a 2015 Mustang? No problem. The 108" metric frame has a slew of different looks available. There is no reason to have 3 or 4 or 5 or more different classes that all look alike. This is the problem I see with what is running now. Super stocks, Outlaw Stocks, Late Model Stocks, Modifieds... They all look alike to the people in the bleachers, and NONE of them look like anything they have ever owned, or driven. The best way to win over the fans is to give them competive race cars that they can relate to. That's my story, and I'm stickin to it!!! BTW- I do NOT like "Factory Stock" rules. I think there are way too many little ticky-tacky rules meant to give cheaters, and engine builders the ability to dominate the class, and take advantage of the guys who are actually paying to build a race car out of their pockets.
  8. I had the pleasure of visiting with Corey at HMP the last time he raced there. ( He won the Late Model Stock Car race that night) Corey is a very down to earth, and friendly person. I have been following him in the NASCAR trucks very closely. I have been very impressed by what he has done thus far. Good luck to Corey Roper at Michigan this weekend. I will definitely be watching, and cheering him on. GO #04!!!
  9. WOW sore losser

  10. lol - Harvick

    So much hate. Now I remember why I went several years without posting on this forum. Go ahead and put me back on "Moderator Queue", Nick. I am better than this.
  11. TSTRS - First race in the books!

    Thank you, Gina. (And, everyone else involved) There was a noticeable improvement in the program over the ones in the recent past. Even though it was the first go round, it was pretty awesome. I look forward to the next show. Keep up the good work!
  12. lol - Harvick

    I hate to disappoint the haters, but Kevin wasn't trying to wreck Brad. He was giving him a push, and Brad got loose. Even Brad said so. He was not mad at Kevin. Sorry fellas, but that's the way it was.
  13. Allison Legacy - SOLD!

    It looked great out there tonight. (But, it did not look fast) LOL!
  14. William Byron

    I support Brad Keselowski 100%. That's all I'm going to say. Probably said too much already.
  15. OK, soap box time again

    I think about this every time I am at a race track. I was in the grandstands at the Indy Car Grand Prix of Houston in 2013 when Dario Franchitti's car became airborne on the last lap, and hit the catch fence in front of us. An entire section of fence flew into the bleachers, went over my head, and injured 13 people sitting right behind me. That was a very substantial fence too. The fences at many local tracks are merely "chain link" fences which were never designed to stop a race car. It scares me to death every time I see little kids playing around in front of the fence. Rodney is right about this. It is only a matter of time.