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  1. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    . TRACK standings are based on driver’s total cumulative points at that track. Drivers are allowed to drop one race per season. You CANNOT drop a disqualification or a race you are suspended from. Those with a drop probably ran every race? Looking at the points I am not sure how that works, That's off the website
  2. WTB TSTRS Tires

    I was incorrect on the 970's. Turns out to be R-750.
  3. WTB TSTRS Tires

    That does help thanks
  4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think all classes are using the Hoosier (R-750) I'm looking at running the next couple races( outlaws or super stock)and I need the contact info on who HMP is using to supply tires to buy new, or I am open to good used take offs in the San Antonio area.
  5. Dirt Street Stock Race Truck

    if its a truck why not run with the trucks?
  6. Nice to see something not so cookie cutter. I thought of Martinsville when I saw it
  7. HMP Liberty Bell 200 LIVE PPV Broadcast

    From what I saw( when it was working..that's a joke) it was great coverage. You guys provide a great service and product. Understandable sometimes things just don't go your way, but way to step up to the plate with great customer service. Ill be looking forward to my next race on Texas live broadcast!
  8. I think we brought the super stock out every race but 2 last season maybe 3. I only ran it one time in a race and a few practices, but my wife ran it all the other times. The 2 races where we had to leave it at home we brought the late model out . So we pretty much ran something the whole season last year. But we have had a car of some sort on the track every year since about 2010 or so. Hopefully we will have a place to bring them out again soon.
  9. Considering road course for the late model, super stock not sure. More than likely Ill just put them up on stands this year and see what happens. Decide what to do with them next year.
  10. CTS Update

    No problem nick. I never try to be negative. Guess I'm bad at social media, I'll add a smiley emoji next time.....lol
  11. CTS Update

    Chirp chirp...guess it's a no go for racing this year. Time to figure out plan B.(coincidently there's a B in beer and Beach)
  12. Rumours in the air

    Good to hear. I love the 4 cyl. Cars. They always put on some of the best racing.i think it's easier to race hard in slower cars
  13. Edwards is OUT! What?

    he says he told Gibbs right before Christmas, they agreed to wait 4 days and reconvene....he still wanted to retire so Gibbs said ok. That puts you right about Jan 1st. So with no notice after he retired the following has happened in 11 or so days. He retired....the new driver was decided on, contract negotiations took place and a contract was sign sealed and delivered....and all of their prior commitments for this season( both Carl and Suarez) with races race team and sponsors was successfully changed or voided with all parties apparently being ok with that on short notice. The cup sponsors that had backed carl have agreed to ether accept the new driver over a cup superstar for the same or new contract which has been secured, Nascar has approved him for cup or at least he has applied and Nascar gave a it will happen thing....and That's only part of what needed to happen. Other teams take a year or more to secure one sponsorship for big name drivers and yet JOE GIBBS got it all done for a good but unknown driver in a week and a half and right after the holidays to boot. Something stinks here. bet its a drive for diversity Nascar plan to expand the market base into Mexico and daddy Suarez is the A in Arris kind of thing.
  14. Asphalt car count in Texas right now.

    I did a quick count of last year. 125 to 150 cars evevery race.