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  1. Love the direction this going! Keep up the good work.
  2. The X2 is compatible if your subscription is still good you should be good.
  3. This is what I would baseline for a metric monte carlo at HMP- 3200lb GM metric 4 1/2' ride height lf rf lr/ RR 5" Not sure what we used on the shock package Springs LF1000 RF1200 LR 250 RR 225 55% left 49% Rear 53 % crossweight_ this should be pretty neutral- you can add or decrease to tighten or loosen to your style. Stagger front 1-2" rear 2-2.5" - stagger is actually a mathematical equation but I found anywhere in this range was close enough and rear if locked is way more important than front any lead as low as possible to get theses scale numbers
  4. 4 speed Saginaw SOLD

    La Vernia area
  5. Holley 4412- $150 obo sold holley 750 - I got this on an engine a few years back. Don’t know much about it -$400 obo with fuel log- has a ding on the back side as shown in pic. Not in the inlet New holley 390 super late model carb -$500 just cleaning up some stuff to buy new stuff
  6. Back up Transmission I have no need for with a competition Plus shifter Sold
  7. Pro late/Outlaw -SOLD

    Sale pending SOLD
  8. Outlaws Motor options

    The Asphalt outlaws that are running at HMP
  9. Does anybody know if anyone is running a crate motor in the outlaw class? Just Curious how they do against the opens.
  10. Next year classes

    Pm sent
  11. Used on for one project cleaning shop and need gone( have soda and aluminum oxide media approx 40- 50lbs each) $100 obo
  12. Interesting

    Never seen a sprint car race...I am looking forward to this one!
  13. sale pending on both Late model /outlaw Car is $4500 SOLD Trailer $3000SOLD
  14. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    . TRACK standings are based on driver’s total cumulative points at that track. Drivers are allowed to drop one race per season. You CANNOT drop a disqualification or a race you are suspended from. Those with a drop probably ran every race? Looking at the points I am not sure how that works, That's off the website