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  1. Emod

    1000 takes it all, this week, need it gone, the rear-end alone is worth that, if I don't sale it this week, its going back in the shop , don't let this deal pass you up, 830-569-9448, thanks
  2. Emod

    New price 1300
  3. Emod

    I have an older sport mod roller, never bent, need engine, seat,shocks, I have a power glide and torque converter that I will throw in, would make a nice emod , need it gone, first 1500 call or text me for pics thanks, charlie at 830-569-9448 located in jourdanton,tx
  4. Announcers beware

    Got that right, guess I'm on the wrong side
  5. Announcers beware

    Free speech has been a one way ride for a long time now.
  6. GCRS at Houston winners

    Not every driver Bud, if I dumped your a$$ , you had it coming, I made no excuse, alot of drivers did the same as I did , never looked for trouble but never ran from it either, I will agree with you , it ain't golf
  7. time

    Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Dems will do what they always do , Obama blamed Bush for the mess, now this one will blame Trump for a foreign virus, give me a break, he was a career politician that did nothing but agree with his party and that was to disagree with the other party no matter how big or small the objective was, I'm sure Harris will be president within a year , after his party finds him not fit to hold office, oh goody.. TIME Will Tell
  8. time

    Yeah kinda weird it's all good now, on the news the media said if you disrespect the new president elect then you ain't American, I sat back and said REALLY WOW... I will be like the Trump haters 4years ago, I will never accept Biden as my President...
  9. time

    The Democratic party will send us backwards not forward , if people cannot see this coming then they are in for a rude awakening, Biden and Harris are just puppets for the left, that's reality not fake news.
  10. time

    I'm just glad most of my stuff is paid for, now all I have to do is protect it, will have plenty of time when he does what he promised to do, god help the working class
  11. time

    America's vote, cmon that hasn't happened since Reagan, it wouldn't be so bad if people were voting for two candidates but they are voting for Trump and not for Trump, Biden just happens to be the lucky one on the other side.
  12. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    I know of 2 engine builders here in San Antonio, that have recently built engines for 23,000 each, so how fast you wanna go.
  13. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    If a driver races every race , at the end they can throw the bad race out, if a driver missed a race , they can't, they have to take the good with the bad.
  14. RIP my friend, my first sponsor, took a chance on a rookie when no one else would, you will be dearly missed by all, Charlie Henley