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  1. 2016 GoKart Rules

    Thank you
  2. kart rules

    I agree a few years ago when the go karts were thriving and more than a three kart race there where clear rules and good communication and like the sport compacts were economical now days with these AKRA which most drivers in this area do not associate with are just making it confusing. I heard a rumor that the senior karts may run racing tires which I do not have a problem with because I do have racing tires but a lot of the people that have interest in the senior karts do not have them and do not wish to buy them because the cost of the tires and wheels will cost as much as some of the karts. I have three boys wanting to get back into racing please make the rules clear cheap & fun
  3. kart rules

    Rules and practice dates please. PLEASE
  4. kart rules

    What are the age groups and what classes are being ran this year? I'm having a hard time to find clear rules? I see post above no changes to junior and outlaw what about the senior class? also if I pay for the Akra rules does it tell you the weights for each class and tire type? And when will there be any practice? Ps.
  5. STS Go Karts

    Would some one mind sharing a close gear ratio for the sr karts we have not been there in awhile and just looking to be in the ballpark for the heats, also are the scales going to be available pre race, and what time should karts be there. Thanks in advance for assistance
  6. STS Go Karts

    What clutch in senior?
  7. STS Go Karts

    Can I get a contact phone number so we can get some clarification on the rules
  8. what about the goat karts

    Where can I find the official rule book and how are the classes going to be broke up? Thanks
  9. Guided Hog hunting trip up for auction

    Schanen boys racing in at $100
  10. Go Carts

    Awesome .
  11. 2015 Schedule

    Sad to see the end of the gokarts. You would think the price of pit passes for the kiddos and crew plus admission for all the family and friends that support the kids would offset the cost of a few trophys. That being said best wishes to SOS Going forward. My three boys will continue to race at tracks that support gokarts and miss the good years and good friends we had at Shady Oaks.