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    Our interests is keeping Dirt Track Racing not only alive but thriving in the South Texas Region.

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  1. Results from South Texas Speedway, June 9

    If we couldn't get the win, it was good to see Jesse get it. He clearly deserved the win, driving hard but very respectful to his competition. We dont enjoy finishing 2nd but when you race that tight and hard without tearing up each others cars then you tip your hat to the winner and shake his hand. Well earned. The cautions for us fell at the wrong times. We will come back and try harder! Good job to the #7 team...
  2. Speedpro Cam and Lifters. $75 they have a couple hours on the kit. Part Number is cs-1013r great for RV, Tow Vehicle or street cruiser. Chevy Small Block
  3. Times

    Looks like all classes with full shows each night.
  4. Raceiver

    day motorsports next day delivery free
  5. Looking for bolt on lead in the Corpus area - FOUND SOME!

    found some thanks
  6. Let me know if you have any extra for sale. 8304462438
  7. Professionally built chassis

  8. Make an offer cash or trade for parts. Picked this up several weeks ago. At the time I just couldnt pass it up. Now I need the space so I can finish some garage projects. Completely awesome came to front snout. Would make a top running LLM or converted Street Stock. Has both upper and lower front control arms, weight jacks for all 4 corners, jbar, brake lines place, throttle pedal, shock mounts, battery box. I would love to keep it and through some stuff at it but space is more important right now. Make me an offer 8304462438.
  9. STS and I-37 Announce Pure Stock Rule Change for Crate Motor Option

    i like to also.
  10. STS and I-37 Announce Pure Stock Rule Change for Crate Motor Option

    Dont like midseason rule changes but hats off as this one makes since. I like it if you know anything about crate motors you know 6200 rpm is already too much and out of its powerband. Thats providing the crate motor hasnt been upgraded or messed with. Good decision to keep those with crates honest. Also regardless of it being a crate motor you can still replace or repair certain valvetrain components. The valve covers are not sealed so it allows you to replace valve springs and rocker arms as needed. Only drivers that would be upset with this rule are ones already breaking the rules to start with.
  11. is it a 10 or 11 inch convertor
  12. Did you end up selling your crate motor?

  13. South Texas Dirt Track Opening Nights

    Lots of ways to look at it. There was nothing wrong with last years schedule. With the big points fund at TRP no one who runs STS will be there at TRP.
  14. South Texas Dirt Track Opening Nights

    Be extra special if there schedule wasnt the same.
  15. STS Results, 3/31/18

    Want to congradulate Mr. Whitaker for his official first race night as STS Promoter. Show was ran well did a good job! Big thumbs up. Want to also thank the safety crew and Freddy for helping Robert after his crash. Look forward to supporting and making South Texas Speedway Great Again!