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    Our interests is keeping Dirt Track Racing not only alive but thriving in the South Texas Region.

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  1. restarting the series next year

    Not interested in restarting it at this time guys.
  2. Want to thank Hobbs and Whitaker for putting together an awesome show. Stacy for putting a big effort into a near perfect track. The best I have seen here for a 3 day show as it was consistant from one night to the next. Want to thank my sponsors and family for the fun time we had all 3 days. Special thanks to the Downeys for pulling the car out of the weeds and allowing us to race it. Also want to give a thumbs up to the techmen who did their job. I cant speak for the 41 pure stock but for us we respect the dq we received for a throttle shaft that didnt meet the specs. We struggled with this carb both friday and saturday. We came close to swapping it out for one that wouldnt leak everywhere and run maybe alittle better but at the last moment we were able to control the fuel leak coming out of it so we ran with it. Turned out to be the wrong decision. Regardless we had an awesome fun weekend and congrads to James Parks for the win!
  3. Sutherland Springs - Kris Workman

    Brooks Army
  4. Sutherland Springs - Kris Workman

    I was hoping yesterday was only a dream but it wasnt. Kris Workman not only a good friend but an I37 regular racer in the pure stock class along with being an official for South Texas Promotions was one of the many caught in harms way. Both Sheryl and myself have grown to love this guy through helping us at STP. Kris was struck twice, his sister in law was also each struck with a bullet. His sister in law is ok from my understanding. However Kris has it much worst. Yesterday he went through some surgeries to resection his small intestines and stop the bleeding. He has been placed into an induced coma and will have to have spinal surgery this week for bullet #2. So much stuff is still hard to come by or very vague. Kris is heavily involved with his church and you couldnt meet a nicer guy. Please keep him in your prayers as this week will set the path for the rest of his life as everyone else that was involved.
  5. The Chase Heats Up

    As a crew chief this year repairing the carnage starting in the back because of points has taken its toll on the wallet and the car. Wish we simply drew every week
  6. between me and you, you hit the nail on the head needing someone to step up and handle this. Thanks for helping and doing your part. The information was put out missing alot of details and all you did was copy it probably several others did the same.  Regardless at least people are seeing something regarding the track. You know the old saying bad pub is good pub.  I hope whitaker grabs this opportunity and goes for it cause right now he is behind the 8 ball big time and is waiting this season out before making any noise. Not sure if thats a good thing or not. Almost feels like he is using this last part of the season to determine if he is even interested in doing it. 

    1. NickHolt


      It's a thankless job for sure.  I've had more than my share of ventures into the administrative site of the stock car racing world and in each instance, the rewards were far outweighed by the negatives. I honestly pity anyone who gets into the operation of a race track since nearly all of them come in with nothing but the best intentions to "help racing," but end up making a ton on enemies, losing a bunch of money and end up hating the sport they once loved. 

      Such is life.

    2. SouthTxPromotions


      Well put it this way for me. I ran the Texas Outlaw Bombers in Houston for 6 years, South Texas Street Stock Shootout for 5 years, leased several tracks - Beaumont, Cleveland 4 times, Goliad, STS 3 times all of them hosting big money events. I made money at everything I did racing related. Didnt get rich but I didnt lose money. Through it all my attitude is piss poor after going through it all with drivers. The biggest most well known drivers are by far the worst ones to deal with.

  7. no biggie i just know from experience people read what they want to read and then confusion comes about.
  8. Understand we have 4 races left but only 2 points races to the season plus most classes only have the next 2 races.
  9. I keep seeing final 4 races of the season? I only see Oct. 14th and Oct. 28th am I missing something?
  10. South Texas Shootout

    Please post details regarding practice and pricing so I can answer some friends in Houston.
  11. Any Word

    pretty good rain last night and this morning.
  12. restarting the series next year

    no perfect time during the day. i can talk if i have no customers in front of me or anytime after 6.
  13. South Texas Speedway Chase

    7 sport mods because top 6 in points were in automatically and the other spot had perfect attendance and a win. He qualified based on the criteria set at the beginning of the year.
  14. restarting the series next year

    The current set of rules is what I wrote several years ago. Tracks in this area adopted them due to the series at the time was the only thing growing. They have pretty much stuck with them since except for Cotton Bowl Speedway adopting the NeSmith Rules.