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  1. Still available ready for the season getting ready to start
  2. Selling my 2012 GMC sierra 2500 this is a great truck, but my son sold me his 3500. So here is a great truck for the money. 4x4 with the z71 package. Only 61,200 miles everything works as it should. call Larry 36one 33two 192three
  3. DCRST Dwarf car race ready, with fresh Crutchfield Kawasaki rebuild. 2009 Kawasaki Crutchfield zx10r built motor Rosson Racing air stack with K&N air filter Bilstein shock package ez ups in front Kirkey full containment 20degree 16 1/2 seat Wilwood brakes front and rear calipers with hydraulic adjustment, and manual pedal adjustment as well. Plus mini brake gauges front and rear dual Wilwood master cylinder's with all new brake lines with right front turn off switch Aluminum front hubs from NXS and scalloped rotors all around Aluminum racing oil pan with sliding pickup, hold extra quart of oil too Brand new professionally cut wiring harness Toyota 390 8 bolt with fresh everything Our rules are replace seat belts every two years, one year left pull handle fire suppression system push pull emergency stop switch right hand clutch with push button start switch in the handle new fuel pump regulator and filter beadlock rims on the rear with good to new tires all around High performance exhaust from NXS The motor was fresh last winter but was real late coming back due to the riots and part issues, in the mean time the frame was completely striped sanded primmer and painted by the time we were ready the season was half over. Then we had issues turned out the be me being stupid and in a hurry. By the time we got it together it wasnt worth traveling to the long distant tracks. So now it's ready and only had 2 races. I was going to put new sheet metal on it, but didnt get around to it last season cause everything was so late it's ok but with everything this car has, she deserves some fresh skin I'm sure there is more may add some later, I paid 6k for this car I have over 15K in it. I'll sell it for $8,500 but nothing less. I'm thinking of saving it for the grandson 36one 33two 192three
  4. Texana rained out this week for 2 in a row. well we will try again in 2 weeks back at Cottonbowl
  5. Cotton Bowl Rained out for Apr 24, see you next week at Texana
  6. Putting together a new site for now DCRST.net (they are still working to get DCRST.com back) I've got the minimum up now but needs a lot more, could use your help. Need what driver information you want on your driver page. Hometown, cartoon character, sponsors, and anything else you would like. please just let me know. thanks Larry dwarf64
  7. I see two new potential problems, Race 5 STS is missing the 96 and 15X in both heat and main Race 8 heat 3, second third and forth have the wrong points, due to the DQ's
  8. Anyone close or have any information, If they got 1/4 of the rain we've got they will cancel 6/23. If I'm coming I have a lot to do, but it's still poring here. Please post up Thanks
  9. Prep

    How much rain are you getting at the track?
  10. Please check these two, cause I believe they are incorrect Race 2, James Fitzgerald was a guest driver and gets no points everyone behind him moves up one slot on both heat and main Race 4, In heat one the 84 and 15X were lapped cars that did cross the line in-between the 86 and the 64
  11. Don't feel like the lone ranger I haven't heard a thing!
  12. Transponders

    https://pitstopusa.com/b-92360-709045-westhold.html has them for $169 free shipping
  13. I have two 3.5" bs new but I did put tires on them so I couldn't send them back would trade for the 2"
  14. I got a lot of help from my DCRST corpus Crew Special thanks to Jerry B, and Silvas's for getting my cars out and all the clean up it sure helped! Keep in mind guys we still don't have internet or tv and a lot of people got hit a lot harder than us! If anyone in the area still needs help I'd like to pay it forward
  15. results for 8-12-17

    Nathan do you have the dwarf results?