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  1. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    About all that 16 volts does on an HEI is extend RPM potential...as coil saturation time is dependent on voltage. That is, more voltage = less time to charge coil = higher RPM potential. A stock HEI, in good condition, will function adequately to 7,000 rpm. So, 6,200 for a stock HEI shouldn’t be a problem The increase in spark energy is all but negligible. In other words, there is no HP advantage to 16V. The cylinder either fires, or it doesn’t...there is no magic. If your HEI isn’t misfiring...you will NOT make more power by adding voltage. Again, you will simply extend RPM capability of the ignition. 16V would be useful if you wanted to turn 7,000+. All that being said. Yes it is illegal for Sport Mod!! I am not arguing that point. Just stating it should not be a performance advantage in a 6,200 rpm limited class. However, per Sport Mod rules, OEM alternators with internal regulators are allowed. If you want a legal 16v (or 17v or 18v) ignition...you can run an alternator...very easy to achieve these voltages with OEM type setup.
  2. Big Feature in 1984, Can you ID these drivers?

    I contacted Mike Trigg (pictured, #2 car) He said it was definitely an All Pro Central race.
  3. Big Feature in 1984, Can you ID these drivers?

    Mike Trigg was from Odessa at that time. Most recently he lived in the San Antonio area. The white #26 is Junior Robertson...not sure why I typed “Robinson”. For sure Bob Bolin was from the Odessa/Midland area. That was the one I recognized but couldn’t remember the name. Greg Davidson is from the Houston area. He has an Electrical business “Davidson Electric” in Pearland. I would guess he lives in Pearland or Friendswood...both southern suburbs of Houston. His son-in-law (Ralph Burris) used to be my neighbor. He raced a little too.
  4. Big Feature in 1984, Can you ID these drivers?

    I can help a little. I was at that TIDA race Too bad my memory isn’t better. 1st pic is the late John Foster. He was from Midland, Texas. 4th pic #1 car sponsored by Jolly Rancher candies. I think his name was Don Wilson...not 100% sure. We called him the “The Candy Man”. I know Jolly Rancher was from Colorado at the time, maybe he was too. 8th pic #26 I believe was Junior Robinson, also from Midland, TX. 9th pic #2 was a very young Mike Trigg, shirtless in the background. He still races Street stock on occasion in south Texas...4T wagon. Some of the others are on the tips of my tongue! I’ll report back if my memory kicks in.
  5. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    Yes, (4) Italian Weber 48IDA carbs...a bit tricky to sync all the linkage to get equal airflow. But once they are all synch’ed correctly, throttle response is immediate!
  6. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    Regarding Holman-Moody and the GT40 program... I purchased a “Contemporary Classic” Cobra replica about 5 years ago. I purchased it from the original owner who commissioned the build in the mid-80’s. He spared no expense and still had all the documentation and build sheets from the 80’s. It had a era correct 427FE side Oiler. On the build sheet it says “Holman-Moody Aluminum heads from GT40 program”. Again this was documented in the mid-80’s...probably before this stuff had the same perceived value it has today. I still have the car/engine. I can attest to the fact these are the ONLY aluminum heads I have seen for an FE that have a Ford Oval logo cast into them. Until recently, Dove was the only manufacturer of aluminum heads for the FE...they started business in 1975. I have verified that Dove MFG says they never cast FE heads with the ford logo. Thinking I might have something with some historical significance, I inquired on FE forums about the heads. While I was not able to get verification of authenticity, still no one could identify any known manufacturer of these heads besides Ford and Ford never offered aluminum FE heads...at least not to the public. One other note in the Documentation says my heads are stamped “Holman-Moody” on the intake rail. I have never removed the intake to verify. Though this would not confirm GT40 usage. Lastly, I do know Holman Moody campaigned a 7.0 liter GT40 in the 1966 24 hours of Le Mans. Drivers were Mario Andretti and Lucien Bianchi. Oddly enough they blew a head gasket on lap 97! In 1967 Ford Motor Company along Holman Moody and Shelby American campaigned a total of (7) GT40’s with 7 liter (427)...and they took the overall win. So, Holman Moody was definitely involved in the GT40 program. In the end there is a real chance these heads are legit! For anyone interested, below is a pic showing the FORD logo on the aluminum Fe head...and an overhead view of the 4-carb'ed beast as it sits in the car.
  7. Three of the big 4 in the books !

    While not mentioned, the Street Stocks were also in Texana for the memorial race. However, car count was quite low...7 on Friday and 9 on Saturday. For those who keep up with street stock, it was no surprise that car count was low. A track decision was made to invite cars on a “bring your home track rules”. I think the intent was to INCREASE car count. However, there are area tracks which allow 400+ cubic inches, 4BBL carburetors, bigger tires, and bigger spoilers. Texana (and surrounding tracks) rules have a 360 ci limit, 500 cfm 2BBL, with 8” wheels and smaller tires, and 6” spoilers. So, many of the local supporters opted NOT race at such a disadvantage. The expense to ”adapt” in order to compete for ONE race didn’t make sense financially. I applaud the “outside the box” thinking, but I think it kept a lot of local guys from coming, the ones that did participate watched a Houston area car coast to an easy win. Demonstrating the rules packages are far too different, in my opinion. Again, love the thought process...but it probably needs a little tweaking in order to level the playing field.
  8. Odessa track?

    Mike Trigg grew up in Odessa and began his racing career there in the early 80's, at a fairly young age (15 or 16). He continued to reside and race in west Texas for many years. Mike now lives in the San Antonio area and races Street Stock occasionally at I-37, and Texana. You may have also seen him at Goliad (when they were running) and South Texas Speedway...as well as 281 Speedway. Anyway, Mike raced at all the Odessa/Midland tracks during his early racing years. Starting with Asphalt street stock, moving to Asphalt Late Model. Then he ran a TIDA late model when they toured all over Texas and some of Oklahoma. Later he moved to dirt racing and raced pretty much anything that had wheels (more of a "driver", than an owner in those years). He popped up all over west Texas, and up into the pan handle (Lubbock, Amarillo) and south east New Mexico. Hell, I guess in the last 40 years he has raced at dozens of tracks. I also remember John Foster and Bobby Hillin (mentioned above) as well as several other Odessa Midland drivers: Jay Watson, "Moody" Roberts, "Lefty" Smith, John David Jr., Frank Crawford, etc. I am sure I would recognize dozens of racer names from that area and time period. I remember that there was a girl that ran fairly well too (before there were many female racers) I think her name was Stacey...but I could be wrong. The one thing I remember from the old Odessa Speedbowl was individual time trails/qualifying, and fastest cars started in the back!! At least I think that's how it worked. It may have been "high point" car in the back. I just know the fast guys were in the back! Made for awesome racing. Back then people actually had patience and would race side-by-side for many laps to pass. In my opinion there was a lot more respect, so they could do that without tearing up a bunch of racecars every week. It wasn't this "bump and run, get out of my way" racing you see today! I guess both are entertaining...one just takes a lot more talent
  9. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    Not that I expect anyone to follow the most posts. But both of my most recent posts have been regarding rules at I-37 that were NOT enforced. With local circle tracks closing at an alarming rate, you would think track owners and promoters would ensure controversy's in rule enforcement were avoided at ALL costs. My only goal is to point out these "oversights" so hopefully the track will act on the their own rules. Fellow competitors and spectators do care! It can do nothing but hurt their business...which isn't good for anyone who loves racing. Just my $.02
  10. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    Jones, You are a veteran and multiple time track champion at I-37. At the opening race this season at I-37 your old car was compliant with the newly added rule (enclose the rear end to the top of the bumper) for the 2018 race season...as were most others. So, it is obvious you know the rule. So ignorance is NOT an excuse really. Granted it was the first time the car was raced, but not the first "outing" at I-37...you brought the car for a presumed "shake down" the previous race night at I-37 as well. But, again, that should be totally irrelevant since you are fully aware of the rule. You have been announcing the coming of this car since early last season. So, you didn't just show up on a whim, you had time to be fully "ready". To my knowledge you haven't raced anywhere besides I-37 for more than a year. So, when I-37 street stock is your one, and only rule set...I don't see giving you a "pass" on disregarding a clearly written (ie black and white) rule in this class. It surprises me that I-37 would be OK with the infraction from a local/regular racers...especially since they made point to ADD this new rule for 2018. Anyway, with your success you should expect to be held to the highest standard...it comes with the territory. I am glad to hear you asked, but disappointed that I-37 let a local racer disregard a clear rule...that is a slippery slope! Lastly, I whole heartily agree with letting new cars with minor rule infraction race...IF they are given a reasonable penalty, such as add #50, etc. Obviously more serious violations(rule differences) warrant more serious "adjustments" and/or considerations. POINT: when you run well there will always be someone looking...
  11. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    Congrats to Jones on his successful debut of the new Street Stock car. A Clean sweep. Maybe with the winnings you can fully enclose the rear of the body per the I-37 street stock rules before the next outing?
  12. General Rules Question

    Also, remember I37 organized a “grudge race” not too many weeks ago running top cars from several different classes in a single race. I don’t recall any problems with running these cars together that night. I agree if the car fits the rules, it should be allowed to run the any class. Regardless if it is inferior, heavier, or better suited for another class. As far as I know most of the top running SS have professionally built racing chassis, and aftermarket sheetmetal bodies. They can easily fit rules of LLM...maybe a few minor changes. Also, I know Edna let the LLM run in several SS races a few years ago. No major problems then either. So if a SS wants to run in LLM, it shouldn’t be a problem. Again, I assume the hesitation for a track to do this is related to inherent delays associated with one car runnning multiple classes on the same night. However, they allows one driver in multiple classes, which causes even more delays IMO, due to entire car change (not hating, just stating facts). Last year I saw SS at I37 run about a dozen “pace laps” waiting on driver who had just run the race before in another class and car. That particular night it was a little ridiculous. But in fairness, that is the only time I recall a major delay. Unfortunately the track needs to be consistent and not selective. Either you can run one car in multiple classes, or you can’t. They need to take a stand. Either enforce the rule, or get rid of it and then stand behind the decision.
  13. General Rules Question

    Racer26, the rule is NOT ambiguous. It states nothing about a DRIVER, it states a **CAR** cannot register or compete in more than one class. The current rule does not allow for an alternate driver to register the car in another class. Again, the wording is quite clear. If I37 is goIng to allow a single car in multiple classes, then they should rewrite the rule, or obolish it. I am well aware than Cody Leonard has ran several classes in one night...in different cars. There currently is no provision for one car in multiple classes...even with different drivers. The irony of the statement about “crying and doing homework”...there are a few sub-18 second lap Street Stocks. Earlier in the year, those lap times would have been very competitive in Limited Late Model. (LLM’s have gotten faster since then). anyway, one SS driver I talked to really wanted to run against the LLM cars...but the “one car, one class” rule was clear, so he never asked. I guess ignorance is bliss! So, I couldn’t care less if a Pure Stock runs with a SS. I guess my question is can SS run with LLM’s if he wants? i always assumed the rules was to prevent DELAYS!! The track having to wait for driver changes, topping off fuel cells, possible tire changes, etc. But, if that is all out the window now, I think I37 should let everyone know. Thanks
  14. General Rules Question

    As posted on I-37 speedway website under the "General Rules" heading...I quote Rule #5: "A car cannot register or compete in more than one class". I just wonder why this rule did not apply to car 9C...running both PURE STOCK and STREET STOCK. What is the point in having rules if you only follow them when you want to?
  15. Racing is on at I-37 tonight - May 5th

    Pardon my ignorance. But does that mean higher point cars towards the front, or towards the rear? Thanks in advance.