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  1. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    Not that I expect anyone to follow the most posts. But both of my most recent posts have been regarding rules at I-37 that were NOT enforced. With local circle tracks closing at an alarming rate, you would think track owners and promoters would ensure controversy's in rule enforcement were avoided at ALL costs. My only goal is to point out these "oversights" so hopefully the track will act on the their own rules. Fellow competitors and spectators do care! It can do nothing but hurt their business...which isn't good for anyone who loves racing. Just my $.02
  2. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    Jones, You are a veteran and multiple time track champion at I-37. At the opening race this season at I-37 your old car was compliant with the newly added rule (enclose the rear end to the top of the bumper) for the 2018 race season...as were most others. So, it is obvious you know the rule. So ignorance is NOT an excuse really. Granted it was the first time the car was raced, but not the first "outing" at I-37...you brought the car for a presumed "shake down" the previous race night at I-37 as well. But, again, that should be totally irrelevant since you are fully aware of the rule. You have been announcing the coming of this car since early last season. So, you didn't just show up on a whim, you had time to be fully "ready". To my knowledge you haven't raced anywhere besides I-37 for more than a year. So, when I-37 street stock is your one, and only rule set...I don't see giving you a "pass" on disregarding a clearly written (ie black and white) rule in this class. It surprises me that I-37 would be OK with the infraction from a local/regular racers...especially since they made point to ADD this new rule for 2018. Anyway, with your success you should expect to be held to the highest standard...it comes with the territory. I am glad to hear you asked, but disappointed that I-37 let a local racer disregard a clear rule...that is a slippery slope! Lastly, I whole heartily agree with letting new cars with minor rule infraction race...IF they are given a reasonable penalty, such as add #50, etc. Obviously more serious violations(rule differences) warrant more serious "adjustments" and/or considerations. POINT: when you run well there will always be someone looking...
  3. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    Congrats to Jones on his successful debut of the new Street Stock car. A Clean sweep. Maybe with the winnings you can fully enclose the rear of the body per the I-37 street stock rules before the next outing?
  4. General Rules Question

    Also, remember I37 organized a “grudge race” not too many weeks ago running top cars from several different classes in a single race. I don’t recall any problems with running these cars together that night. I agree if the car fits the rules, it should be allowed to run the any class. Regardless if it is inferior, heavier, or better suited for another class. As far as I know most of the top running SS have professionally built racing chassis, and aftermarket sheetmetal bodies. They can easily fit rules of LLM...maybe a few minor changes. Also, I know Edna let the LLM run in several SS races a few years ago. No major problems then either. So if a SS wants to run in LLM, it shouldn’t be a problem. Again, I assume the hesitation for a track to do this is related to inherent delays associated with one car runnning multiple classes on the same night. However, they allows one driver in multiple classes, which causes even more delays IMO, due to entire car change (not hating, just stating facts). Last year I saw SS at I37 run about a dozen “pace laps” waiting on driver who had just run the race before in another class and car. That particular night it was a little ridiculous. But in fairness, that is the only time I recall a major delay. Unfortunately the track needs to be consistent and not selective. Either you can run one car in multiple classes, or you can’t. They need to take a stand. Either enforce the rule, or get rid of it and then stand behind the decision.
  5. General Rules Question

    Racer26, the rule is NOT ambiguous. It states nothing about a DRIVER, it states a **CAR** cannot register or compete in more than one class. The current rule does not allow for an alternate driver to register the car in another class. Again, the wording is quite clear. If I37 is goIng to allow a single car in multiple classes, then they should rewrite the rule, or obolish it. I am well aware than Cody Leonard has ran several classes in one night...in different cars. There currently is no provision for one car in multiple classes...even with different drivers. The irony of the statement about “crying and doing homework”...there are a few sub-18 second lap Street Stocks. Earlier in the year, those lap times would have been very competitive in Limited Late Model. (LLM’s have gotten faster since then). anyway, one SS driver I talked to really wanted to run against the LLM cars...but the “one car, one class” rule was clear, so he never asked. I guess ignorance is bliss! So, I couldn’t care less if a Pure Stock runs with a SS. I guess my question is can SS run with LLM’s if he wants? i always assumed the rules was to prevent DELAYS!! The track having to wait for driver changes, topping off fuel cells, possible tire changes, etc. But, if that is all out the window now, I think I37 should let everyone know. Thanks
  6. General Rules Question

    As posted on I-37 speedway website under the "General Rules" heading...I quote Rule #5: "A car cannot register or compete in more than one class". I just wonder why this rule did not apply to car 9C...running both PURE STOCK and STREET STOCK. What is the point in having rules if you only follow them when you want to?
  7. Racing is on at I-37 tonight - May 5th

    Pardon my ignorance. But does that mean higher point cars towards the front, or towards the rear? Thanks in advance.
  8. Way to represent I-37

    Mike Trigg (4T) raced last night at 281 Speedway in Stephenville, Texas utilizing the I-37 Speedway "street stock" rules package and takes 1st place in the "$750 to Win" Dirt Track Fever Showdown! This unique street stock race invites you to race and utilize the rules package from any track in which you have raced during the 2017 race season. As you can imagine there was quite an assortment of "street stocks" from all around Texas. Trigg swept the weekend. Winning the qualifying feature Friday night and winning the big feature Saturday night. Even though he won the qualifying feature Friday night, the start for Saturday's feature was a random draw for the top 4. Based upon his draw, Trigg started 3rd (inside, row 2) of the 24 car field. Within 2 laps Trigg was leading and he led 23 of 25 laps. Anthony Gordon (22M), another I-37 street stock regular, was also on hand. Gordon came from deep in the field in spectacular fashion and earned a hard fought top 5 finish (4th place I think). Congratulations to both drivers...representing I-37 quite nicely!
  9. Street Stock Bounty

    Damn, I thought Slott Machine Shop (their dad) was in Victoria for some reason. It seems all my information is bad these days. I'm going to have screen my sources better ?
  10. Street Stock Bounty

    Thumper, I think you are right about the headers simply making the cars sound different. Given the mandated Holley 4412 2-bbl carburetor rule, the engine simply can't "breathe" well enough to turn a lot of RPM. I would doubt if anyone in Street Stock is turning much more than 7,000. Additionally, the valvetrain rules limit the use a parts which add stability and reliability at high RPM. So, even if your engine could breathe enough to turn 8,000 plus...it might be a time bomb if you did it lap after lap. That being said, it seems Trigg's car is much LOUDER...that's what I notice. As far as chassis, I know Trigg's chassis has plate with the chassis fabricator's logo welded right to chassis near the rear bumper...also a neon orange SNIPER decal on the roll cage. It is a SNIPER street stock chassis fabricated in the mid-west...Iowa I think. So, it is a second-hand chassis that was made from a metric GM chassis and purpose built for the Street Stock class only. While I will not call it fact. I heard from a reliable source that the 41 car is a Port City Late Model chassis...which has been re-purposed into a street stock. So, it just goes to show you can't judge a book by it's cover. So, this this might be counter-intuitive to what you initially thought. Again, I think this is where the exterior sheet metal leads to assumptions about the chassis. I make no claims to which chassis is superior. I just know they are both legal or they wouldn't be racing in street stock. I have also heard that with minor chassis changes a Sport Mod chassis could be converted to a Street Stock under current rules. I believe there are few around South Texas which have done this. In general, anything above he frame rails can be fabricated however you see fit. So, looking the actual roll-cage and body support structure doesn't really indicate much...other than possibly the quality of the fabrication. I remember when the "Slott" brother from Victoria ran the Street Stock series, some of their chassis had front "down bars" similar to a Sprint Car. I assume for added stiffness, but I am not a chassis designer A very interesting feature for a Street Stock. That's the beauty of the class...you can be competitive with a variety of combinations.
  11. Street Stock Bounty

    I'm not trying to piss anyone off. I have stayed consistent by stating that "contact" is part of the sport. I have also stated you have great record, and win a lot of races. I try to be to give credit where due. I understanding passing cars on a dirt track is not easy, even when you are much faster. Therefore I realize "moving" a guy that is holding you up sometimes becomes necessary. Again, it is part of the sport.
  12. Street Stock Bounty

    Anyway, we can agree to disagree.
  13. Street Stock Bounty

    Only you and Mike know the history, and have the mental log of who owes who.
  14. Street Stock Bounty

    I would be the first to say Wade Jones has a remarkable record in his own right. He is extremely consistent, has a very tough and reliable car, and is always a threat to win! But I can promise you he has wrinkled a LOT o sheet metal on the way to front. He is popular with the fans because he wins. People like a winner...and tend to turn s blind eye. On the other hand, Trigg runs a very limited schedule. Mainly chasing the larger purse races. Because of the this he really doesn't have a "home track". So, every time he shows up he is considered an "outsider". The fans, and the bulk of the home track driver don't cut him any slack. This is Trigg's world. He is the "man in black" everywhere he shows up. On the other side, Trigg is one of the nicest racers you would ever hope to meet. He has helped many racers and many competitors through the years. When he raced weekly and had a home track, he enjoyed the fan participation, and especially like to put smile on any kids face by letting sit in race car, or take time to talk to them. I promise you he doesn't wear the "bad guy" stereo type with ease. Unfortunately, perception is reality...and for now he is the "outsider". But, I-37 Speedway would be his local track. Who knows, maybe he will start running more regularly at I-37. That would be cool with me!
  15. Street Stock Bounty

    I saw the pass on Cody. Trigg got a hell of run down the back straight, the two cars entred turn three even, with Trigg having more speed. I feel when Cody saw Trigg he changed his entry to turn 3 (lower than previous laps) trying to protect his spot. So, he was at least a lane lower in the middle of 3 than he had been. That was a smart, understandable move. However, with the slick track conditions, Cody probably also knew Trigg was not going to be able to hold the car that low. At that point, contact was pretty much a given. In my opinion, the contact was very incidental. No one got out of shape, and barely any wrinkle sheep metal. Both cars lost a little momentum, that was all. It was a racing deal. As someone earlier said, there will always be contact in racing. That is why the cars have nerf bars. It is expected to happen!