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  1. The Ole Alamo Dragway Days

    My dad raced there in the 50s and 60s i used to watch the races sitting on top row of the circle track in the 70s
  2. Pure Stock Rules for USMTS Event

    No aluminum bodies for last race SOS rules last yrs with exception of 53% rear rule
  3. fire wood

    I have plenty you just cut what you want free out by s.o.s
  4. Track officals

    Do y'all have all track personnel coverd and if so who is flagger and tech
  5. Needed, tires

    Let me know if y'all need anything else done
  6. Rules

    Sport compacts running I 37 I think
  7. Rock Motors, LLC Limited Modified Division

    I have never raced at this track and I can't wait to give it a shot. maybe for each one of these companies that have sponsored the track could make up some small stickers to put on each car in their class they sponsored. just a thought
  8. 2016 Banquet

    It has been a honor to work for and be friends with the Stacy family the last 3 yrs
  9. Tech

    Thank you
  10. Tech

    Well this is my last season to work tech I know some will be happy but I really enjoyed the last 3 season's getting to know some great people from the track personnel to the racers it has had it's up and downs but overall been I good exp I will still help out when I can because the Stacy family has been so nice to me and my family so I just want to say thank you and I will see y'all around the track
  11. Mini Stocks

    I have one that i wanted to let my daughter drive but was Leary because of no set rules so if we get a set of rules early enough then when I'm not racing in will bring car down
  12. C.C.Speedway clean up?

    He'll I would go down and help on weekend's myself love that track it's where i started back in the 90s
  13. Live Updates 7-30-16

    All I can say is any time somebody wants to come and help at the track or in tech I am sure they would be welcomed it's real easy standing on the side line or behind the computer and critize how something is going like I said before come out even for one night and work the track see for yourself not by hear say as to what goes on we will never be able to make all racers their fans or wives or friends happy we do this because we love racing and I for one do it because I can't afford to race so I do what I can to help the track and the racers and anybody who thinks they can come in and check 5 to 7 classes 4 cars each class and find everything that is wrong and still get out of the track before midnight of not later then I invite you to come show me how you would do it and most of y'all know me I am the fat guy with the beard at the tech shed I have always tried to work with the drivers and I have dqed my share of cars and I have also talked to drivers to let them know what they need to change all I can say is come by y'all to me I LOVE sitting down face to face with anybody and talk my name is Ralph just ask for me somebody will point you in the right direction