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  1. $100 never bolted to the car never used
  2. Race quip 5 point seats belts they are camlock and brand new 2 inch shoulder everything 3 inch $125
  3. Shops

    There will be some shops available here soon out on cr 36 Robstown if anyone is interested . Wi-Fi ,security cameras and full bathroom
  4. Weather

    Well hopefully it a go
  5. Weather

    Wonder if the track got hit hard last night with all the rain that suppose to be in the area .
  6. Emod or limited roller swenson Chassis #24 . Good solid frame come with body fuel,cell ,gauges ,17 inch seat ,seat belts steering,brake and lines . Also has 323 rhino rear end left axle needs to be replace it is bent housing is good just axle bent. No shocks ,motor or transmission
  7. Will crate motors be allowed for the 2018 season in pure stock
  8. Points

    Can someone explain the points system on how it works . I don't understand it . From way the features start to the heat races . Does the more you get better the father back you go
  9. E mod

    Sportmod body with pure stock motor
  10. Rain?

    How much rain did the track get today ? Does this Saturday still look promising?
  11. Thank you!

    Really enjoyed coming there it was my first time . Really nice track . Thanks for letting us come play with the emod there
  12. South Texas Speedway Update

    I have not registered the car this year because of work . Come April 1 st what is going to cost to race ?. Is there anywhere to pre register before the first or just wait until then ?