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  1. This IS Lester Culp

    Lester was a friend of the family and a good driver. I adopted his name for use here. At the time of the picture, I was about 5 years old.
  2. Austin Speedway lives on

    This is Jimmy's name.
  3. Central Texas - Early 50s

    My last old picture, I need more please? Also notice the name of the track mentioned in the clipping.
  4. Central Texas - Early 50s

    Another of the "old" pictures
  5. Central Texas - Early 50s

    This is one of the cars that raced on Austin track in the 1950s.
  6. Central Texas - Early 50s

    During the years 1950-1953 nearly all commumities in Central Texas had .a dirt race track. Austin had 3, 1 in Rockdale, Belton, Round Rock and even Georgetown. Surely someone has some photo laying around that they would be willing to share.
  7. Looking for Info

    This car was owned by W.R. Clark and driven by Jimmy Brunner at Oak Hill Downs, the Club Track in South Austin and other tracks. I'm looking for info on the tracks and pictures.