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  1. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Can someone explain to me how the shock picks the truck up?
  2. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Oh yes, until they do it someone we want them to do it to, it does not count.
  3. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    When a soft spring loses its rate, call it what you want, but I call it collapsed. The tie down shocks have been here so long, I cant remember what conventional is. The progressive springs are where it is at now
  4. TSTRS Message to Drivers

    That is great. Bada Bing
  5. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Yes sir, but the spring is what supports the truck. If it collapsed, nothing you can do. Remember the modifieds at houston ended up buying the $1500 purple springs to keep this from happening? Exotic Metal springs man.
  6. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    Ok, Great, can the Pro Late models run as is with the Super Stocks and Outlaws then?
  7. impending Management Change with T-STARS

    I would make a good race director. I am pretty good at making people mad.
  8. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    Oh yes, I think you guys are an all star team.
  9. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    Ok man, bring the Late Models back. The other cars are fun to watch but people dont come to see them. Usually just family and friends.
  10. Weather looks great at HMP

    That is awesome. I am at Texas Motor Speedway or I would be there. Good luck man, bring back the late models.
  11. 4 Wide

    Kyle Busch thinks it is pretty hard to drive. Have you heard him? He quit over the radio last week. How can anyone tell these cars have 550 HP? They are just as fast. I know I cant watch the TV and tell you how much horsepower they have. I looked at the watch and they were just as fast. Amazing,
  12. 4 Wide

    Give me more of that 4 wide boring stuff. I love it man.
  13. 4 Wide

    Nascar has hit a home run with this package. That race on Sunday was awesome. These guys run 4 wide on the restarts and bang it out. The fans were there, TV ratings up and now if they could just fix the bullies from running the show. Mr. Truex, who cries on a weekly basis, and still upset with Logano, took out Mr Currey because he needed a caution and was in trouble. Then Joey race him too clean on the last restart. The bullies need an ass whoopen
  14. Buy this Modified, go to Houston, race it and have a blast. After a few there, go to Pensacola, Mobile, Opp and run with the best of the best. The Snowball derby is the first week in December, a great place to end the season in you new modified.
  15. The Cup race was spectacular. The new package is bringing out the worst (Or Best) in drivers. They are finally showing some passion. Kyle Busch is crying like a baby. Bowyer cries weekly and even whaled on No Neck Newman. He was a brave man doing that, but a smart one, he left his helmet on. Bubba Wallace even ran up front. Maybe this package levels the playing field some. It is a great time to watch the sport man.