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  1. Dega Baby

    Jamie Little will be on the air. So will Mr Waltrip. Need to catch the legend while we have the opportunity before he retires
  2. Dega Baby

    yes, the chicks figure scating are hot, but the pit lizards are better to watch on tv
  3. Dega Baby

    Get ready race fans, Talladega is here. Watch it live, stream it, listen to it on MSN, it is a do not miss race. There will be some sheet metal crunching and mad drivers here.
  4. Richmond

    Oh man, we are losing a legend there. He will be missed. That guy is one of us.
  5. Richmond

    Richmond TV ratings UPDATE: NASCAR Cup Series racing from Richmond (Va.) delivered a 1.8 overnight rating on FOX, up a tick from last year (1.7), but down a third from 2017 (3.3). It was the sixth of nine races this season to post an increase in the metered markets.
  6. Richmond

    I prefer to give presents, not receive. That make me much happier
  7. Richmond

    I am confused, it is all boring if you watch it after the fact. How do you know it is boring if you skip it? If you watch it live, none of it is boring. My background is I graduated from 8 th grade, got married and have been watching Nascar since then. I have 37 kids, 129 grand kids. Most of them on cup teams now
  8. Richmond

    I remember back in the day sitting under the stands at the short track watching the Saturday night Nascar races. Now, you can sit in the stands or pits and stream it on your phone. Technology has taken over for the need of fans in the stands. It is all for TV now
  9. Richmond

    I wish that they could run all of their races on Saturday nights under the lights
  10. Richmond

    It was awesome, I was watching it at a place and people were using their iphones and watching the incar audio and scanners. Too cool. It was much better inside the place with neon lights than outside in the dust
  11. Richmond

    OMG, did you see all of the people at the Richmond race even with the threat of bad weather? WOW, and the TV rating were up. With the new package, Nascar is set to boom again. It was a fantastic race
  12. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    The gouging on the hotels has been there forever. The only thing that has changed is that Social Media wasnt around then for everyone to complain about it and dwell on the negatives. Who cares what it costs, what is $300 anyway. You cant take it with you. Too many people would rather spend $900 on a Iphone so they can get on social media bash away at something they cant afford
  13. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Heck yea, I would go for that. In any sport, the chicks sell man. That is something that does not change. The guys with cash go crazy spending money on good looking chicks. Maybe Danica could enhance her looks and do an enhanced tour.
  14. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Roger that. The best time to go is when there is no crowds. I mean, drunk guys spilling beer on you is fun, but it is fine to attend a race without it too. Everyone can have 2 seats then, one for you and one for your ice chest It makes no sense saying people dont go because noone is there. How do you know noone is there unless you go? Just like noone watches the races anymore, but they all have comments on how to change them. How do they know what to change if they are not watching?
  15. Fans love that stuff man. It is all a show.