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  1. 2019 Nascar

    You can always find a reason to have objections to something. Hating on Nascar is counter productive to Mr Essie trying to get a track built. He may say, screw it, too many haters.......... Mr Mandabach used the Nascar sanctioning and worked to its finest. Huge sponsors came on board and even Championship bonuses from large Local Corp Sponsors. There is no reason that same model would not work right here in San Antonio. Corp sponsors are everywhere here. Whataburger, Toyota, Valero, USAA, HEB, Frost, Chesapeake Energy, Marathon Oil, EOG Resources, etc. Their names are all over sporting events. Time to cheat em up and go man,
  2. 2019 Nascar

    I am sure the guys liked the $30,000 at the end of they year. Did you see the attention at when it was Sanctioned? Man, they had big sponsors, billboards, TV Commercials, Nascar even sent a film crew down to do one. The money was flowing. It makes landing sponsors easier. Dont say it is necessary, look at the quality of cars at Five Flags. But the most successful short track in Texas ever was Nascar Sanctioned. That is just facts man, not opinion.
  3. 2019 Nascar

    Kurt Bush has a new ride and the new rules package should make things even more interesting for 2019. The more fans talk about the excitement, the better chances are of getting sponsors attention. That is what drives the sport. The track at Marion could get a huge boost with the help of Nascars marketing power and local fans excitement about Nascar. Lets get that 3/8+ miler build and shoot for a Speed 51 live broadcast of the Alamo 200 by year 3. Get them Pro/Super Late Models ordered and lets get this party started
  4. Snowball Derby & Snowflake 100 entries

    Roger that, these are the car and stars we want to see a Essies track in Marion. Bring on the 3/8 mile speed plant and let the camping games begin. Remember when camping was going on at Thunderhill when they ran late models? It was a 3 day even man. A little racing even went on
  5. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    Who really cares right? Just cheat em up a little and run em. We have been so good doing it here in Texas, all of the asphalt tracks shut down. Now one is open part time. But, lets keep doing the same and we will get the same results. I really dont care about dirt tracks. I want the fresh looking late models roaring on Asphalt.
  6. Welcome to Miami

    ten 4, lets get Essie on your show and start the ball rolling.
  7. Welcome to Miami

    Cibolo is on board of the development. Adding additional pavement/concrete is not a problem. Now, let build this 3/8 miler and get the big boys in town. SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER LATE MODELS, get ready..........
  8. Welcome to Miami

    Oh man, you missed 3 great races. We need more like this to help support Essie s major investment in local racing. We need people watching and talking about it so the sponsors will get excited and these kids want dad to build them a Late model
  9. Welcome to Miami

    Oh yes, what a weekend for Nascar. All three races were all that you could ask for. Mr. Truex took a shot at Logano and missed. Then on the last restart, he went by his so fast he could not even take a shot. And the best thing was Kryle Busch wasnt even a factor. I think Brad K punted the 19 to cause the caution so Joey could win it. Great teammate
  10. Thanks for your efforts. I am sure the changes are increasing it to 3/8 mile so there can be decent racing in the Pro Trucks, Modifieds and Late Models. Thanks to Cibolo, I knew they would not be difficult to deal with and with this type of investment, there needs to be upside, like touring series etc.
  11. New Five Star Bodies

    Five Star has a new body not approved by the ABC committee. It is better right out of the box than the previous one. The current one is pretty easy to cheat up, and I am sure it will take some time to figure out how to cheat up the new one. They should go ahead and approve it to level the field and give late models a fresh look. Harvicks spoiler trick has been used for years on these ABC bodies.
  12. Welcome to Miami

    84 and perfect weather here in Miami. Going to witness the best championship racing in the world. Cant wait, even a few texas boys racing
  13. Phoenix

    What a weekend at Phoenix. 3 great races and the Cup race was standing room only. Can you believe that? The stage races sure made for 3 hours worth of nail biting racing in the cup series. These guys hit a home run with the stage racing and playoff format. I cant wait for Miami. This one is going to rock
  14. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    It may be dumb, but so are some of the rules. I remember when there was a ride height rule after the race. They would roll the ride height checker under the car after the race. All front runners were running soft springs in the front and the front of the cars were scraping under race conditions. Did not see many winners without sparks flying a few laps. So why have a ride height rule? To sell springs, right? People were having to buy exotic metal springs and some of those guys were spending $1500 per front spring so the car would pass after the race. The conventional springs were so soft, the would collapse and not hold the car up after a race. That run lots of folks off, the dudes with the Purple Exotics Springs won all of the races at HMP doing that
  15. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    If you are not pushing the envelope and going over the edge, you aint winning at any level from street stock and up to cup