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  1. TSTRS - Input needed

    The Sport Mod boys showed up at Kyle and there are hundreds and hundreds of them out there. There changes are minimal. A cross promotion from some track to where the highest average finisher between their track and HMP would be great. I really dont care to watch factory stocks.
  2. Watermelon man

    Who are the spoiled brat, rich teenagers that you are talking about? Ross Chastain is one of Nascar's favorite son's. They use him a lot in their marketing. Why would Nascar not want him to win? Totally confused here.
  3. Watermelon man

    Yes sir, They all do the sob stories stuff. Noone at that level is broke. I was broke once where I could not even afford a ticket to the local track for $15. That is broke. I dont feel sorry for any of them at that level. Good luck to them, the best marketers make the big bucks. That is Matty D and Ross's Marketing angle. Neither one of them are broke. Ross probably has more resources than Matty D. Congrats to both, I like em both. But when you hit someone in the mouth, expect it back.
  4. Nascar

    Man, Nascar did it right putting the traction compound on the bottom at Bristol. This is making racing like the old days. You have to do the bump and run to pass. This should rattle some cages. WINK WINK
  5. TSTRS - Input needed

    There are more sport mods than any others. We dont need entry level cars, we need to be heading up, not lowering our standards. Come on man, we want to get enough interest to get the Super/Pro Late models back. It gets old chasing parts for the race cars at Junk Yards. It is easier to point and click to get the parts like you can with the late models. I can sit on the couch with a hot chick, drink a beer and order parts. No hot chick is going to the junk yard with me. Just sayin....
  6. Watermelon man

    Mr Chastain hit shoved about half of the field out of the way going to the front after his penalty. That is cool to watch. I can believe someone did not put his nice white truck in the wall. It is fun to watch, and the retaliation will be better. The problem is, he did not have the ___ to do it to someone who could pay him back. It was the part timers who will not be around every race to return the favor. I want to see one of them pay him back in the championship race. Boy, now that would be fun
  7. TSTRS - Input needed

    Sport Mods is a no brainer. There are hundreds of them out there and they are crazy dudes man. They ran them at Kyle and even had dudes cheating them up to win. We loved that. How awesome
  8. Truck Confiscated

    That is great, I am glad they were thinking outside the box a little bit. I wish more would do that. Cheat em up a little boys, just think, if that truck arm tunnel kept their attention away from something else. WINK WINK
  9. Consider the source. Wells Fargo has a bad rep. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/wells-fargo-scandals-the-complete-timeline-141213414.html
  10. WOW sore losser

    I dont blame his for that. I probably would have done the same. Why wait a couple of hours when in the middle of the night when he could be home by then. There were lots of people that were flying back he could hitch a ride with. But, the media puts the drama spin on it and people bite. Too funny
  11. Truck Confiscated

    JC builds them trucks. LOL
  12. At this point, she appears to have the total package. She speaks well, races well and is even easy on the eyes. The most important part is she appears to have money behind her too. Money is the hardest part. There are a million talented drivers without funding. So she had the total package. Lets hope the dollars increase so she can make it to the top. She is not a GoDaddy type girl, more like a Monster Energy chick
  13. Truck Confiscated

    Yes sir, the Truck arm tunnel was built extremely tall and up into the floor pan area. It looked funny in the pic but lets see what happens if anything. Maybe that is so they get have more angle on the right truck arm? I think Nascar may thing that there is some aero advantage there directing air. I am not sure the truck arm is ever that high. But, there may not be a rule against it. "YET". It is good to see there are still guys willing to be innovative. Those guys did one heck of a job getting that backup ready and running as good as they did. He said it still had rubber on the chassis from the last race when they unloaded it.
  14. yes, exactly. I dont see why these guys bash nascar here,. We need some action and drama, cheating on cars, cheating on wives, changing teams, fighting in the pits, etc. Bring on the news, just watch it. The funny part is, the guys who say they never watch are the biggest complainers. LOL How do they complain about something they dont watch?
  15. That would be nice, but do not get to excited. Paulie Harraka was good in that equipment and could not get off of pit road without wrecking in the cup series. She is in top notch equipment. I hope she does well, it could be a nice shot in the arm for Nascar.