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  1. Talladega

    What I dont understand is if you dont like it, why punish yourself and watch it? Why not watch Bob Ross paint a Happy Little Tree? That is what i do when i dont like something
  2. Talladega

    Well, get the race view and the scanner, there wont be any sleeping with all of that action. The old way of watching it on the couch is out. Get all of the bells and whistles and enhance your race viewing experience. This is 2018, come on man
  3. That Mary lady is a COOL CHICK MAN
  4. Talladega

    Oh man, what a race, that was cool to watch. It goes to show you money does not always get you up front. Those Stewart-Hoss cars (like Dale Jr. Pronounced it) were the class of the field. Noone could catch them, that was so cool, just like the old days. Just think, the 10 won, that could have been Danica if she was still around.
  5. a 3/8 mile is a perfect short track. Anything smaller and there is no much upside potential. 1/4 milers tear up bodies and the cars look like junk in no time. Nooone fixes them because they will get torn up the next race.
  6. NASCAR to implement new Cup rules for 2019

    My pleasure sir. An example is when you watch these Super Late Models throwing flames in the corners, that is fuel that is not being burned. Wasted fuel and energy. These fuel injected with throttle bodies are not sensitive to the weather either. They run just about as good regardless of the relative humidity, temperature, etc. They put the right air/fuel mixture all of the time.
  7. NASCAR to implement new Cup rules for 2019

    a restrictor plate does is not very good with throttle response. In other words, when you smash the gas, not a lot of fuel is getting burned because it drops out of the air mixture. With a tapered spacer, it slows the velocity down and the fuel burns more efficiently. With the tapered spacer and fuel injection, it is much easier to fine tune an engine for maximum torque and horsepower when and where you need it, resulting in a more durable engine that can save teams money and even the playing field some. Nothing wrong with a better power plant that saves money and is more consistant HP and torque wise. These guys are hardly ever blow engines now like they did even just 10 years ago. So Nascar is doing a great job in trying.
  8. NASCAR to implement new Cup rules for 2019

    That is awesome, they are making changes to make the races great again. Hats off to em. They hit home runs with the chase, the allstar rules package and the roval race. Let hope they keep up the good work and it carries over to the new track at Alamo City. Bit buzz in Nascar helps attract dollars to the track.
  9. Nascar "Ro-val" race at Charlotte

    Lets hope, they need somewhere to go now. Lots of punch being spiked in the infield at the Nascar races.
  10. Nascar "Ro-val" race at Charlotte

    Thank all of you guys for watching it, that helped the TV rating go up by 10%. It was one great show. I listened to Sirius radio yesterday and everyone love it and wants more. Again, thanks for helping the ratings. If I hate something, I dont watch.
  11. Nascar "Ro-val" race at Charlotte

    It was sure a great race. Very calculated by many teams with the exceptions of the one who had issues. Numerous pit strategies etc. And by the way, the attendance was huge. You can say what you want about the stands, but I guess they were scattered everywhere. The traffic was a nightmare afterwords and I heard it has been a while since that has happened. Rock on Nascar, ignore the haters.
  12. I can tell you this, I am extremely happy someone is stepping up to the plate and looking at doing this. Having an opinion that there is not much upside to 1/4 mile track, is the way I feel. Building a subdivision in an upscale neighbor hood and letting trailer houses move would be a economic disaster. That attitude reminds me of the current senate. Regardless of what I think is right or the facts are, it will be challenged by the liberals. I dont need to put my money anywhere. Now I have read where there may be issues that require it being built over existing impervious surface. I totally understand that, however going to the city/county agency that has put on that restriction would be well worth the time and effort for the upside potential of a 3/8 mile facility.
  13. Just not much upside to a 1/4 mile track. Wont get many, if any late models built for a 1/4 miler and doubt any touring series would come. The corp sponsors want the late model clean looking nascar type cars. These other ones are ok for support, but not your top class. But, if you dont need sponsors and make it off of the the back gate, running the junkers will work
  14. 1/4 mile will tear up more equipment than there is money to fix. It is cool, fans love hearing the metal crunch. Just an economic disaster for the racers
  15. please add a little to it and make it at least a 3/8 mile.