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  1. Daytona

    What two tracks are the same?
  2. Daytona

    I choose to be a part of the solution by attending or watching races rather than be part of the problem by complaining about what we dont have. It appears the model of removing seats, selling access and technology to the races online is working. There was a record purse for the Daytona 500, so I could care less if there were 50,000 in the dump ground that there were noone sitting in.
  3. daytona

    Can you say Home Run? Great Job, it was nice seeing Melania on pit road. How about Wrecky Stenhouse? That cat had a fast car but was unable to have much luck
  4. The Nascar deal certainly opens up a lot more opportunities. Their home track deal is getting lots of attention and TV coverage. Selling sponsors with Nascar involved is a much easier sell
  5. Daytona

    Nascar is back. The stands at NS were packed for their race and Daytona was a sold out deal. You gotta love all of the different ways to watch the races now. The stands are not really as important as they used to be. By the way, record purse there too. Natalie Decker ran well in the Truck series. That should create some press. She started like 11th on that last restart and moved her way up to 5th.
  6. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Did he use charcoal in the springs to make ride height?
  7. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Every driver that I have ever talked to could do more with less than anyone and every crewchief was the always running something different than the next one. LOL But, that is why they are in the sport, because they are competitive.
  8. JJ in Austin

    Jimmy Johnson was at the Indycar test yestereday at COTA. Maybe he plans on trying that next year. That would make Red Proud
  9. Sell out crowd at New Smyrna on Monday!

    Yes, they want to help. Kudos to them.
  10. Sell out crowd at New Smyrna on Monday!

    Nascar is pumping the Home track deal a lot. That certainly helps
  11. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Everybody uses the poor boy card. But, there are people that cant even afford to go to the track, much less race a car. So, to them, money wins.
  12. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Money wins races, always has and always will
  13. Plan to fix NASCAR once and for all....

    Why not block, what was there to lose? Maybe someone else behind you wrecks and causes the caution first, if not, so what. If you dont drive like that, you will never win a race
  14. NASCAR Street/Stadium Racing

    Bring them to The Circuit of Americas. That would be nice