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  1. I will be there with beer in hand
  2. Nice to see two hot chicks like Gina and Mary Ann keeping racing alive here is South Texas
  3. blue print engines

    I was being more specific to the 604 chevy or Ford Blue Oval that the Late Models run. From the dealer, you may get around 400 HP. Getting it up to max specs, you can get 440+ (some had 460 before the tech guy figured it out) That is a huge gain. This will usually cost $3-5,000 more If there is not much competition, you can get away with a non rebuilt factory crate, otherwise, it would be tough to be competitive if you are that far down on HP. No sure on the numbers, but the 602 is about the same way.
  4. As the racers say, keep diggin......you are doing good
  5. blue print engines

    Well, there are two kinds of crate engines. Good ones or cheap ones. The trick is to see which it is.
  6. be truthfull

    I dont think many do it on purpose, it just happens. That is what made some guy name Earnhardt famous and many more. I am like everyone else, if I like the driver and he does it, that is awesome. If someone does it to one of my favorites, he is dirty. However, what I am saying is, the common denominator among big time champions is that they will wreck their mother for a win. It has always been that way and wont change anytime soon
  7. be truthfull

    The racers that are great would wreck the mother for a win. That is just the competitive nature of the winners
  8. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    How about a Buick Electra 225? I flipped the breather over on mine and it was a beast.
  9. Daniel Suarez

    Yep, good deal for Matty D. I just hope Menards doesnt go away as a sponsor. We dont need to lose any more. They have been great for the sport
  10. Daniel Suarez

    I could understand if he did it to Newman, he was racing him for the playoffs. The only reason to wreck Matt Tift was to bring out the caution so he could have a chance at Newman. He tore up Tifts car and ruined his day.
  11. Daniel Suarez

    IT would have been real interesting next week if Suarez made the chase and Newman did not. I am fairly sure Daniels chances were zero getting out of the first round.
  12. Daniel Suarez

    Very True. However, he brings lots of money to the table. I hope Custer can find funding. Daniel picks on the little guys, like he did with Michael McDowell. I think he is too scared to mess with the guys who can afford to fight back. Do you think he would have punted Kyle Busch, or Keven Harvick? I doubt it.
  13. Daniel Suarez

    Mr. Suarez needs to be taken out behind the garage. He wrecked Matt Tift, who was having the run of his life, to get a caution. Then he asked his spotter to talk to XXX on the restart and make sure he did not race him as hard as Matt Tift was.
  14. TSTRS - Letter to Racers Sept 3 2019

    Tough situation there. At one time, i owned a couple of bars and the only way to keep things straight was to pay for my own drinks. That was the only way i could keep everyone else from wanting to be on my tab. When they knew I paid for my drinks, they never asked for freebies. You may try that, make everyone pay and then reimburse those who earn it. That will cut out most of everyone thinking they are someone. LOL
  15. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    From what I understand, the button broke that lifts the car back up after pulling it down for the race. My friends wife told my cousins nephew and he informed my son who texted me that info