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  1. $100,000 bounty

    They raced at Charlotte 2 times in a ROW. Nascar lead the way for live sporting events to be held. Even though there are no fans, they are showing the world it can be done with much success, even without fans. Fans will complain regardless. I could care less if they race 7 days in a ROW at one track, we are blessed to be able to watch live events again. God bless NASCAR. It has just been amazing to see these guys go out there are put on a show without a lap of practice. It shows that they are real pros
  2. $100,000 bounty

    It was good to see Clyde put it on the GOAT for the $100,000 bounty. Thanks to Marcus Lemonis and Mr Harvick for putting up $50,000 each. The had to turn away 7 trucks with empty stands. WOW, NASCAR IS BACK, Even without fans. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. Under the lights

    well, I have already gone through the pizza and i am working on the 3rd six pack. What a great deal, the stores will now deliver spirits.
  4. Under the lights

    Nascar under the lights was awesome. Mr Busch was trying to throw a block on Harvick and smashed Clyde instead. He is probably lucky there were no fans there. Clyde was going to win that race. No today, xfinity races at 11. Going to get a pizza and a six pack delivered to watch that one too
  5. Holy Smoke

    And his wife is hot
  6. Holy Smoke

    No sir, but his car won the race
  7. Holy Smoke

    Not a fan in the stand and 6.8 million viewers. WOW, thanks Nascar, we needed that.
  8. That guy kept it going with the improvements. But, I can see things have not changed in 30 years. Everything was too expensive and the tracks had favorites. Same thing today. In reality, the guys with the best work ethic find a way to get the equipment they need to win, regardless of cost. The others complain that it is too expensive. They are really just too lazy.
  9. RUSS Robert Mullins ROMCO

    ROMCO Super Late Model Racing was the peak of short track racing in Texas. Unfortunately, the timing was not right for them to incorporate the crate engines into the series to hold down costs. I am guessing that is what Mr. Mullins was referring to when he wished he could have done more to hold the costs down. The people who had just spent the $40,000 on engines opposed as well as people who just hated crates. Both had valid points, but as a little water has gone under the bridge, the crates are the best thing to happen to short track racing. Basically, a pro late runs a $10,000 crate that can go all year and the Super Lates run a $20,000 crate that can go all year. Not a whole lot of performance difference on the track between the two and 99% of the fans cannot tell the difference. He had a good run and I hope someone Votes Robert Mullins into the Texas Short Track Hall of Fame. If there is not one, maybe that would be a good guy to start one with
  10. VIRUS

    Half of the people I know are home isolated due to it. Thank god none of them have been confirmed with it. Self quarantined for one reason or another.
  11. I-37 Speedway March 21, 2020

    Honestly, that is a good thing. There are things more important than racing right now. If you know someone who has this junk, you know what I mean.
  12. No Nascar till may

    Probably because you do not drink enough after races. If you drink enough after the races, you can solve any problem
  13. No Nascar till may

    I understand, but this micro chip system collects data from every car on the track and uses an algorithm system to control the shocks so you will have the most efficient lap times of all. In other words, it takes the good and bad from each car and controls your front end to be the most efficient on the track.
  14. No Nascar till may

    No Worries here, I am working on those pull down shocks to where they are non detectable. I am putting micro chips inside of the valving on the shocks so if they pull them apart, they can tell. The shocks can be made to pull down together or independently. The crew chiefs will now have another tool in the chest to cheat em to the front