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  1. K & N East

    She was driving a car that belongs to the same owner than Nasse drives for. Maybe the steering wheel is just bad in those cars.
  2. K & N East

    That race at New Smyrna was a great race to watch. Very cool race, but it is clear Hailie Deegan is another Danica Patrick. She may be able to raise money, but the race car skills dont ever catch up with her money skills. She will tear some things up. Five Star likes her
  3. Can anyone name a racer in the Hall of Fame that was never DQ'd?
  4. Chad Knaus is one of the greatest of all times, if not the greatest. Chads DQ's are a great subject at all shops around great USA. I am pretty sure there are not many people in the Garage than do not respect Chad. Chad and Bill Belichick will be remembered for their wins, not their DQ's or losses.
  5. hey cperry, i was hoping someone would start telling stories. Like the one that the guy got away with running no restrictor plate at TMS. He as going to finish 4th so he didnt have to go to the tech pad, but they crashed in front of him so he had a podium finish. He still got away with it, they had to heat up their plate and hand it to the daughter of the series guy. LOL They got away with it, yep no plate, had 200 plus more HP
  6. Yes, same way in racing, you only feel like a cheater when you get busted. Other time, you feel like a winner
  7. It is not necessary to win, but most of the time, you have to if you want to beat the ones cheating. Its part of the game, see what you can get away with. Has every driver ever stayed under the speed limit 100% of the time? The answer is no, that does not make them a criminal. But, it sound impressive to say you never went over the speed limit. Just Wink a little when you say it, WINK WINK
  8. Wow, that is awesome. You are the first one that I know that way. Congratulations.
  9. OMG, show me a racing who is 100% legal 100% of the time and you will never find him at the pay window.
  10. Illegal? Pushing the envelope? Whatever you want to call it, you still feel good because you know everyone else is doing the same thing. If not, they are not up front. It is part of the sport. It is nice to say things like that to you kids, but it is not reality
  11. nice looking car. Back in the day, there was more than enough guys wanting to help out. This day and time, most people want to play on their iphone or ipad rather than work on a race car. That is just the way it is today. We did not get the young ones addicted to the sport, they have other things to do. It is all but over, very soon. Noones fault really, promoters tried, many different series tried, just not enough customers to support much of it anymore.
  12. lets hope this does not take cheating entirely out of the sport. Cheating goes back many years. If you aint cheating, you aint winning
  13. RUSS Monday REPLAY ACM Mady Ayesh

    Yes, I know what is involved. She seems to be a good salesman, but probably not enough grey hair for management. It takes both, sales are driven by over the top enthusiasm and good management comes from counting beans and experience dealing with people. She will sell some sponsorships but .............. Lets hope there is someone to take care of the business end. And yes, there is lots involved, who are the engineers on this project? Keep up the good work
  14. RUSS Monday REPLAY ACM Mady Ayesh

    Unfortunately, not much on the oval track. The drag boys look like they have a lot to look forward to. I doubt we will see a circle track for a while, if ever
  15. Who is the civil engineering firm on this? San Antonio and Kyle had a couple of cool tracks to race on, but you can tell, there was no engineer involved in building those. Take Houston Motorsports Park for example, that track was well engineered. Hope they hired a good one