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  1. T-STARS 2019 Race Dates at Houston Motorsports Park

    When Johnny M had the track and was Nascar sanctioned, that was the most successful short track ever in the State of Texas. TV commercials, the champion meeting the governor, billboards, etc. Nascar bring lots of Marketing help
  2. T-STARS 2019 Race Dates at Houston Motorsports Park

    That is great news. A Nascar sanction may help landing sponsors for the track and racers. People do not look you out for those reasons, but they make the sales process easier to close the deal on sponsorship.
  3. NA$CAR Brian France arrested and jailed

    A prayer for him, hopefully he is a better person after he gets through this. None of us are perfect. Our kids are though
  4. Watkins Glen

    Man, what a race that was. Martin and Chase went at it lap after lap. Who would have ever thought Elliot would get first win on a road course? That boy is a wheelman.
  5. If it is Nascar sanctioned, I am in. Lets go boys, just like old days. Circle track on one side, drag strip on the other and now a drifting track. That new guy is pretty good at construction, he installs and maintains elevators in Dallas. Very sharp guy
  6. Nascar does it agian

    Thanks for the support, the positive vibes about Nascar may encourage local developments. We love Nascar and want more stock car racing. I wonder why they are spending 50 million at dega? Because there is money in it, that is why.
  7. Mr John M. from HMP did not do any Market study. Get went out and hustled and got sponsorship and put on a show with the clown cones. They tore up lots of cars but the stands were packed and car builders were busy. When he left, the hustle ended. The good operators find a way to make it, Tim Bryant has some of the worst demographics in the racing world but one of the most successful short tracks. Build it and make it work, hustle the cash, the cars will come. This is not a $200,000,000 deal, leave the marketing studies to the geeks.
  8. Nascar does it agian

    Nascar was the highest rated sporting event watched over the weekend. Streaming has replaced many TV viewers so some of those ratings do not mean much. I am confused, what does the ratings have to do with the excitement the races are bringing now? Or is it people hate Nascar and want everyone else to hate them too? Racing has not been this good in years. But I understand, if one guy hates it, he wants everyone else to hate it too. I want everyone to love the sport so it can grow not only locally, but everywhere. I can see why local sponsors dont get involved, too many haters
  9. Another NASCAR discussion

    we all die someday, so will Nascar. Nothing lasts forever. Enjoy it while you can, Sundays are wonderful watching the races.
  10. Nascar does it agian

    Let me tell you, that Nascar has got it going on. Did you see the Pocono race? That Busch and Harvick can bring it to the front man. Sure glad Bubba got out of that car and walked away. That was scary. But this Nascar thing, Man, what a great way to spend sunday. Watching stage racing and these Superstars come from the back. That Kyle Busch dude is the best Nascar driver to ever strap in man, he flats gets it done
  11. Nascar

    Man, I cant wait for this weeks Nascar race. How much better can it get? This year is awesome. The stage racing is so cool.. And how about Harvick and Busch? Man, that one is not over. This should be good. And how many laps will Kenseth go down to Logano? Christopher Bell is the next star of Nascar. This guy will take Denny Hamlins spot at Joe Gibbs racing. Hamlin is under performing in the best equipment out there. He needs to go race dirt. Get him off of the TV on Sunday, he does not belong
  12. Daytona

    The bold move was awesome and what he had to do to have a chance to win, unfortunately, his momentum carried him out of bounds. Nobody got screwed or burned. It was an awesome race and finish.
  13. Daytona

    People love to see the big ones, the car owners do not. It is a plus when you get to see Tony Stewart, Cryle Busch, Bad Keselowski and Kurt Busch cry. We love that. The chicks were hoping for Kasey Kahne but the Jones kid pulled it off. My boy Matt DiBenedetto got him a 7th and Jeffery E got 11th. Good for them two troopers
  14. Daytona

    man, what a race, that Daytona race was awesome. Both the infinity and cup races were filled with drama. That is exciting. Crunched up metal and sparks, gotta love the smell of that. The Xfinity kid went below the yellow line because his momentum carried him there when he was making the pass. He ran a great race, but he is young and knows now, just like football, if you step out of bounds, that it. And Ricky, he should get an award for wrecking Cryle Busch. They dont call him Wrecky Stenhouse for nothing at Daytona. He almost took out enough cars to win it
  15. Super stocks @ HMP

    good job man, that is the way to do it.