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  1. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    After a little looking, it is not difficult to spend $45,000 on a sport mod. I talked to one guy who had $20,000 in a factory stock. Economy is booming man. The Snowball derby was full of Fury and Rowdy cars. Those bad boys are $100,000 each tricked out. There is a used one for $75,000 on racing junk. WOW Not many Port City cars out there any longer.
  2. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    That is what I heard too. I was thinking that they are getting more like $35,000 and up for a turnkey sport mod. Now, lets start adding exotic metals and nice transmissions to these boys and we can get them over $40,000 by start of the season.
  3. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    I see used ones priced more than that.
  4. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    So are the Sport Mods are up to $30,000 now for a good new one?
  5. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    That is awesome, I am sure that is not the reason he won, but if he had 50 of these reasons on his car, he had an advantage. They all add up. If you aint cheatin, you aint winning at this level.
  6. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    Jake Garcia, this 14 year old kid is very impressive. Just think what we were doing at 14 years old.
  7. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    Now the sport mods will start putting titanium brake parts. LOL I see that class costing as much as a late model soon
  8. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    The PFC brakes guys took off and went to PRI but dropped a dime on Nasse before he left.
  9. Two other Texas cars running up front took each other out
  10. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    Cool thread man, we can figure out other ways to cheat now.
  11. Snowball derby

    That deal with Bickle and Hocevar was identical to two guys earlier this year at Five Flags Speedway in the very same spot. At some point, enough is enough and when they come across your nose, you just dont lift. That is what the fans love to watch, the drama of metal crunching and tempers flaring.
  12. Snowball derby

    It looks like about 10 more Super Late Models than last year, but I think this is the best field ever. The last chance race is an all star race. Whats up with these guys doing these slide jobs and expecting someone to lift? Bickle expected the kid to lift but he didnt. I dont think I would have lifted either.
  13. Snowball derby

    Eventful first night of racing. The top 2 trucks got dq'd for motors and the 3rd place guy too much left side. Awesome man, I wonder how many didnt get caught because they were not up front? I'll bet they were not the only two motor cheaters.
  14. Snowball derby

    The point is, the number up until this point are slightly higher than last year and a large amount less than 2017 . On Facebook, they all blamed the live pit stops for not coming last year. Not a lot of difference so far and way behind 2017. What I am saying is, there is lots of racing on Facebook that never happens. They are all fast on Facebook. For only a couple more cars, i would rather see the live pit stops. Now if it were to get the car count back in the upper 60's, I can understand not having them.
  15. Snowball derby

    I found it somewhere. There were 54 entries and 47 took qualifying times last year. Lets see how it plays out. On Facebook, they all say they would go if they did away with the stops.