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  1. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    99% of the cup drivers bring money to the table. The only question is who did not? We were drunk back in the day and believed talent was the ticket. Who cares if it is Daddy's money or XYZ corp money? Bring the cash., It is good for the sport
  2. NASCAR race at Cota

    The triple header is going to be a huge event. This is going to be a huge shot in the arm for racing in Texas. I just hope the Media stays away from downtown Austin and does not expose the "Keep Austin Weird" group to the world.
  3. NASCAR race at Cota

    That is awesome. The Marketing department at our company has submitted a package to management for the event that will be mid 6 figures. It includes television/radio ads, a block of hotel rooms, charter transportation, event tent, suite tickets and a few other items to promote our product. This will be a huge event
  4. I-37 Speedway updates 8/29/20

    That has been going on for as long as I can remember and it will probably never change. Maybe the tracks could require six pistol calipers!!!!
  5. who is vettel? Is that a Nascart driver?
  6. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    That same noose or garage door pulldown was there last year when Paul Menard was in that stall. Why no FBI or Media explosion then?
  7. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    You cant blame Nascar. Today, everyone is over sensitive and they react in protest to anything. Nascar had to do what they did to cover their tails. That noose that was a rope to pull the garage door down had been there since last year. With the current environment, someone reported it as a potential racist threat or hate crime. Nascar had to do what they did cover their tails. This one was not quite a Smollett case, but close. Whoever reported it should be ashamed. What a waste of resources investigating that.
  8. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    What bothers me is that Tebow could not take a knee for Christians, the confederate flag was taken away not allowing for southern heritage, history and standing up for states rights, but others get to clearly display their heritage freely. The sad part is kids are being programed in school to do what they are doing today in the streets, Ghetto Civil war.
  9. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    I have an opinion. It is not a racist flag. It is about History. Nascar is doing what is best for them financially. This is nothing more than media exposure for Nascar and Bubba Wallace. Those two benefit. So I guess it is a win for them. They just took the souths rights away. This is just the way it is. Things are changing, lets just pray for the good
  10. Nascar & Indycar

    Holy Toledo, racing on the abrasive surface at Atlanta is so fun to watch. Put on new feel goods and you are a hero for a few laps. Tire strategy is huge there. That was awesome. The kid from Central Texas Speedway has 3 top 20's in a row for an underfunded Mike Harmon. I am sure they are eating well at Applebees today. How about the new windshields on the Indycars. They look pretty cool. Only 2 more days until Martinsville. Way to put on a show without fans Nascar.
  11. Nashville

    The cup series is coming to Nashville Super Speedway. Getting rid of one Dover race and going there instead. I cant wait, this is going to be fun
  12. Bristol

    Yes sir, Nascar is showing how it is done. Kudos to them for their vision of what it takes to make it work
  13. Bristol

    Another good one last night. Two teammates going at it for the win. Another home run for Nascar and the people of the USA. Something great to watch on TV to change things up from the disaster going on here. Live sports helps and Nascar is leading the way
  14. Bristol

    That was so awesome. lots of interesting things going on in that race. I did not think Clyde had it in him to sail it in there on the last for for a checkers or wreckers. It did not work out, but that is the heart of a champion. He will win a championship some day, probably sooner than later. I like how the line changes from top to bottom back to the top etc. Nascar hit a home run with that race
  15. $100,000 bounty

    They raced at Charlotte 2 times in a ROW. Nascar lead the way for live sporting events to be held. Even though there are no fans, they are showing the world it can be done with much success, even without fans. Fans will complain regardless. I could care less if they race 7 days in a ROW at one track, we are blessed to be able to watch live events again. God bless NASCAR. It has just been amazing to see these guys go out there are put on a show without a lap of practice. It shows that they are real pros