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  1. Russ was at CC Speedway this past Saturday night announcing as only he can. He looked to be doing well. Was great to see him at the track.
  2. Five things to consider

    Very well stated Nick. The most glaring point of the "Social Media" part of it is that the majority of the comments or posts are from parties that don't even have a dog in the match.
  3. Rain out May 30 - Make up June 6

    Mike, just asking, since pit passes require signing in, will those sheets be there to count as someone's wrist band for re-admission for next weeks race?
  4. CC Speedway is a go. Load up and come visit young "Master Alan", and call some races.
  5. Believe practice is from 3pm - dark. $25 for car and driver, $10 for crew members.
  6. sat.pit passes

    According to the HMP website, pit passes are $25 for all ages. Located under tickets, dropdown shows $12 adult, $5 children and pit passes $25 all ages.
  7. Unless you need a substitute driver that night in the ol' Super Street there Rodney.
  8. good show

    Booyah Ivan!!!
  9. pit stall

    Gonna have to charge you double for that Mike.
  10. Nick, the 4 dates at CC Speedway are May 30, July 11, August 8 and October 10.
  11. TALMS Tire Discussion.

    John, the tires do vibrate without balancing them. As long as you spin balance and add your weights on the inside of the wheels, it seems to take care of it.
  12. HMP Question

    No they don't Cody.
  13. To Dan & Kandy Monroe

    A big thank you to the Monroe family for their continued efforts in keeping asphalt racing alive in the Corpus Christi area. Hope that your plans come together as soon as possible pertaining to next year's plans. Once again thank you for all of your efforts from DCRST.
  14. Idea for August 23rd at CC Speedway

    Any word if this is still in the plans? Pat Johnson, former driver and photographer, works with me.
  15. August 23rd

    DCRST is in for at least $100.