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  1. Sport compact for sale -- $1,900

    STILL FOR SALE 1900...2019 Season is approaching
  2. Sport compact for sale -- $1,900

    Yes it is... Msg me... 361-658-2042
  3. Sport compact for sale -- $1,900

    Still for sale....... $2000..... 361-658-2042
  4. Sport compact for sale -- $1,900

    Its a stock head with an isky cam..
  5. For sale great car very very safe and fast car new motor lots of spare tires dirt and street spare lifters, intake and cam.... 361-658-2042...justin
  6. Sport Compacts

    Let me know gb
  7. Looking for some mod lite pull offs if anyone has any i could really use them....call or txt 361-658-2042 ...justin
  8. 2017

    Yeah my cage is very very well built...im not worried at all about getting tore up and mostly just want to be able to race it...if i had the means of buying a bomber i would but i dont so i will race what i have...they were worried about that the night that i did run with them but i know that my car can handle it
  9. 2017

    I ran with the bombers before i guess ill be racing in the bombers with my mustang
  10. Compact Update

    Lets just have some fun first timers old timers dont matter.... I can bet that anyone who is put into a car that has never raced b4 will fall in love with racing just as much in the back as they would if they were in the front.... My racing career has alwaus been in the back.... Not enough money to put into it.... But i have a blast eveytime im on the track
  11. Compact Update

    I just want to go out on the track n have a good time.... Lets keep this class moving along as it is now .... I got a friend that im going to help build a car for next year and got a couple others that im getting interested in racing... And a family that races SCCA That are really interested in trying the dirt track scene..... Watever we need to do let just do it.... This is a really fun class

    I will try n make it there
  13. Compact Update

    I will be there just need to pick a date and do it
  14. Im looking for a place to let my son get some laps in...this is his first time in a cart...just wanna let him get the feel for the cart...any suggestions