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  1. friday night madness

    That’s ok thanks for the reply.
  2. Ram horns

    I have two pair lol
  3. friday night madness

    Thank you Hi Tech standing bye for more info.
  4. Demo Derby & Trailer race

  5. friday night madness

    Looking for a cart for my son he’ll be 5 in November. Anyone with a cart for sale? Thanks in advance .!
  6. Demo Derby & Trailer race

    Rules would be good ASAP bought a car today. Ready for some stress relief!!!!!
  7. Looking For

    Just brought one home , thanks for the reply.
  8. 2018 South Texas Shootout

    Any idea on supporting classes , or will this be just for the Sportmods only? I’m crossing my fingers for the pure stocks.
  9. Looking For

    I’m looking for a car for the Demolition Derby in November @ I-37 preferably carbureted and old iron . Whatcha got? Thanks
  10. Looking to Sell.....

    What’s the asking price for this car straight up no trades?
  11. race shop

    Ok thanks, Was hoping for San Antonio.
  12. race shop

  13. Texana to hold Practice Night, Saturday, March 10

    Awesome thanks
  14. Texana to hold Practice Night, Saturday, March 10

    Saturday is the 10th so typo, or is it actually Friday the 9th?
  15. Weekend results

    Race on texas has both night of locals.