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  1. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    race got cancelled yesterday tim
  2. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    wow.. hadnt heard about that.. i know most of the fans are bat sh!t crazy.. i certainly dont want to add sitting next to actual bat sh!t
  3. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    i think this past weekend was issues with hotels as well. clint bowyer tweeted that hotels were charging over 300 per night for a holiday inn(normally 133) and a courtyard hotel was 319( would take walkins at 105) i know that the tracks are trying to work with fans on reasonable ticket prices but the hotels certainly are not.
  4. K & N East

    i could not disagree move. Deegan is a winner, dont forget this is only her second year on asphalt.
  5. i am apart of a 3 car legacy team that would travel to san antonio to race for sure!
  6. 2019 Rules Package

    When should we expect the 2019 rules package to come out? Is there any major changes we are expecting?
  7. 2nd Annual Speedfest

    really looking forward to making my legacy car debut this weekend.
  8. HMP TARS Highlight Video. Opening Night.

    fantastic video guys. i enjoyed seeing the highlights
  9. Schedule for WoO - 2/23/18?

    im not excited about this forecast either. If everyone on here donates a 10x10 tarp we can cover the track before the rain starts....