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  1. good show

    lol,,,, keep jawing Sean, i'll be there soon enough. Motor's ready
  2. Thanks for a great opener!

    I can hear Brad in my head screaming and holloring and cussing at the Sport Compacts last year :-) lol
  3. good show

    Don't forget I'm driving 5 laps around Las Vegas Speedway also! Gonna be a blast ......................
  4. good show

    Thanks for making me feel bad that I missed it ! lol
  5. CTS schedule March 28th

    Mike your reading off last years menu.
  6. pit stall

    Damn electrical outlet at my stalls NEVER worked !
  7. pit stall

    Mike you do what you want with the "other" stall....
  8. 2015 CTS Pit Map

    the pit spots come a FREE web address to MYLAPS.com
  9. pit stall

    Jon you need to check your Moment Arm
  10. pit stall

    Me and the New car will be up there soon enough. You can only get away with so much drafting on S.P.I.D. before the law gets involved
  11. pit stall

    New Owner of the Javelin "Steven" has choice of one of my 2 pit spots - 51g or 52g- this coming weekend. . Im not going to be there this weekend so Mike or Josh McCain will have first dibs on my other available pit spot.
  12. pit stall

    I'm gonna build a house on my two
  13. weather

    looking forward to the new season
  14. Come On Admit It

    ive got strong shoulders, ill take the blame
  15. Interesting topic about Driver and Class!

    Got asked to drive 2 years ago at CCS, loved it so much I ended up buying the car at the end of that year. Really enjoy the Bomber/Grand Stock class and its affordable for my wallet (as of now).
  16. Saturday practice?

    Is Nick trying to turn this Thread serious? ? ? ? lol
  17. Saturday practice?

    im going to run my car with a gallon of paint on top of it, and im going to remove the lid from the paint can to shed some weight.
  18. Central Texas Speedway testing plans

    I cut a hole in the fence back on the northside of the property and Nick always saves me a spot to park my car, I never pay!
  19. Saturday practice?

    LMAO---- From Saturday Practice to Stealing Sand and Bay Water and Cutting Toe Nails-----------
  20. Central Texas Speedway testing plans

    well I wanna practice at 3am on Wednesday mornings, who's gonna open for me?
  21. This is going to be an awesome 6 or so weeks!
  22. The welcome sign alone was worth the money! The power outage made it all interesting, lol.
  23. Banquet

    Don't get him started Rodney
  24. Congrats to CTS and Staff, GREAT Job ! Congrats to our Champions and there Crews. Congrats to all our racers.
  25. Transponders

    do I have to pay for the gas in my car also? ? ? :-)