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  1. I'll be the guy on the Big Mosquito
  2. That's what gets most people is them darn turns and fronts! lol
  3. May 30th Race Schedule

    Josh robbed my shop of tires and my race car! lol
  4. Grand stock

    It holds the wheels on Chris ! duh
  5. Grand stock

    low, left, lite, that's the secret.
  6. weather

    I guarantee you that was an isolated incident! The flag men will jump off there roost and slap a hole in ur head if they see anything wrong. I've accidently went out without my window net up (in practice) and they've gotten me pulled over quickly. I see yalls concerns though and understand what your saying.

    Better safe than sorry.
  8. we are fixing to get clobbered here in corpus!
  9. good luck ! I hope it clears up :-)
  10. Who's ready?

    well the mouldings I ordered came in today so we'll have his old truck looking sharp real soon. and we'll double check that leak area so we know we got it fixed.
  11. Who's ready?

    That's cool Mike. Ive been staying late almost everyday but its just trying to stay above water with all the work we have.
  12. Who's ready?

    lets do it Nick. I no what you mean Jon. Between work, Family and Work I don't know when im going to finish.
  13. Who's ready?

    Got the seat repositioned and mounted today and will spend the rest of the week nights trying to button up small things (mounting front bumper-battery box-tires-first start up of fresh motor).. Im close -trying to catch up.
  14. Time to wake up!

    Dan/Kandy/Anthony let me know if I can help in any ways.
  15. Grand stock

    :-) , heck im not worried. The regals going to be new to me also (im looking forward to powersteering! ) so I haven't got any advise.
  16. Grand stock

    You can run a 454 if you want, and you'll probably have a slower time than the Sport Compacts. I could offer you all the suggestions in the world BUT it could all be bad advise. You need to set the car up for what works best for you and your track, it may not come overnight or even in a race or two but it will come as you get to know the track and what works for your car. Nick Holt has seminars teaching you how to learn the good stuff about your car and tracks. Just remember 3 things - low, left, lite,. Good luck... Id offer more but im going to be in a learning curve myself with my new Regal so im starting fresh myself.
  17. Grand stock

    I put a 283 in my regal
  18. Time to wake up!

    my Bomber should be ready.
  19. CTS a no go April 25- Cancelled

    whenever yall get back, maybe one day next week we can get together. I'll trailer it over to you if you want me to.
  20. CTS a no go April 25- Cancelled

    im going to wait and let you crank it mike. Thanks
  21. CTS a no go April 25- Cancelled

    Motors in buick! tuning and testing in my real near future!
  22. Who's ready?

    im gonna come sliding in Low,Left and light
  23. CTS a no go April 25- Cancelled

    get a room mike! this delay gives me a chance to stab that new 602 crate motor in now

  25. Nah, nobody would ever cheat in racing!