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    God strength and Prayers to your family Sam.
  2. Sport compacts

    im going to put a neon body over my chassis
  3. whos ready for some racing

    can you double duty Josh?
  4. whos ready for some racing

    you be the wheel man and keep it a secret
  5. whos ready for some racing

    My car should be there with a guest driver , im out of town this weekend hosting a pamper party for my son and daughter-n-law and getting ready to welcome our first Grand Baby to this world but I've already snagged a back-up driver.
  6. CTS Budweiser 250 schedule Aug 1, 2015

    my car also going thru afew changes but we will be in the stands with some guest.. Thank you CTS!
  7. We had great car count and plenty of folks in the stands. Thank you CTS crew for making it a great experience! see yall next month.
  8. CC SPEEDWAY any preliminary results?

    good show, good crowd in the stands!
  9. July 11 Race Event

    no, but i'll be in the stands and bringing as many people as I can.
  10. July 11 Race Event

    ! ! ! :) ! ! !
  11. Rain (June 20)

    she's an insurance appraiser, yep I know her.
  12. Rain (June 20)

    lol..... THATS TO FUNNY!
  13. Rain (June 20)

    lets get into JetBoat racing!
  14. CTS Weather

    Thank you CTS for trying ! Thank you Chris for letting me go out and wear in some new tires and put a few laps on the buick. See you all at the next one.
  15. Rain (June 20)

    Yall like that? ? that was just the tail wind off that bad boy! just imagine what would have happened if I'd opened the back 2 barrels!
  16. Rain (June 20)

    Thanks Rodney for the todays update, if you don't mind please post again in the morning so we can have a better understanding as to what the boots on the ground are experiencing.
  17. Car count this Sat. the 20th

    Thank you! Thank you for the update.
  18. Car count this Sat. the 20th

    I like that thought arob !
  19. Web site updated

    Thank you Donna
  20. Central Texas Speedway

    There are several of us that travel from Corpus up to Kyle every race, it's a good haul for us but we love it. Please join us!
  21. Unofficial Results 5-30-15

    even more reason to FINISH my dang car!
  22. Unofficial Results 5-30-15

    got ugly quick!
  23. Texas tracks still racing today---as of 2pm

    ugly on radar heading to CC