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  1. Im guessing the dreaded "R" word is so expected that this weekends schedule isn't even going to get posted. ?????
  2. lemonaid is made from lemons

    Very well said Thumper, I believe it was really shaking up to be some fantastic racing!
  3. sport compacts

    Went out to watch practices at STS tonight and seen afew sport compacts out there, if any of yall at CTS get interested it looks like its going to be a very good show at STS. Josh McCain is double duty Friday and Saturday night at STS, he will be driving his TPS Pinto and driving my #46 Grand Stock. There were already several teams pulling in early this evening and taking advantage of getting some practice laps in. Once again, Looks like its going to be a good show and a very good car count throughout the classes.
  4. Reminder: Help Needed

    gonna be in kyle Saturday but im will to help out during the week after work if theres anyone going to be around.
  5. sport compacts

    There you go Eric, come down here and meet Thumper. :-)
  6. races canceled

    I hope you all are doing ok up there today...
  7. races canceled

    Thank you for the heads up and as posted earlier " Yall be safe! "
  8. 31st

    ME TOO !!!! im just getting to no the buick a little better and the season's ending and im gonna start tearing it apart and redoing the body in our down time. Good luck to Eric! He's a great young man and has a true passion for racing and has become a real student of the game. Keep me post Rodney and i'll bring you some of that mason jar stuff we were all sharing at the end of the last race. lol
  9. 31st

    Yes, please keep us long haulers posted....
  10. ccspeedway

    Have a blast everytime, Thank You very much Dan and Ms.Kandy .
  11. Transponder

    Its the best deal outside of renting one every week and you'll own this one.
  12. good show

    Thanks, The car is running well and it was a fun night...
  13. October 10 Race Schedule

    Thank you Mr. Dan for the opportunity for us race. Bring a friend and tell them to bring there friends, its going to be a great Saturday night.
  14. SuperStreet/SuperStock at CCS/CTS

    Lets pack the pits and the stands at CCS !!! Tell a friend and tell them to tell a friend!
  15. thanks to all

    Clare im sorry I didn't get to stay any longer to help you load up but I had a wife getting sick to her stomach from something she had ate earlier. I can relate to hitting that wall and vouch for you IT DOESNT MOVE! If I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to come see me.. Maybe if you can find the dimensions for the frame we can pull it on my frame machine? ? just a thought, but usually when they bend behind the suspension they are FUBAR and impossible to ever straighten. Let me know. Thanks, ivan.
  16. not racing but go fast

    ok okay you caught me, I was test driving the old #8 car
  17. Good luck from Massachusetts!

    its against the law here in corpus to do that ---- you see how well its enforced.
  18. Good luck from Massachusetts!

    was that you Mike? The panhandlers were glaring at you on there corner. lol
  19. amazed

    Very nicely put Mike.
  20. Start of dove season and the dreaded "R" words starts hitting us.... We need it but we also want it to stay away long enough to let us race and hunt
  21. Yall had your hands full last night , I wanna say Thank You !!! I know your "just doing your job" but "your job" is probably the most important one at a track and you all do it very very well ! It didn't feel very good popping the wall but having you all respond and tend to me and respond to all the other carnage throughout the night as quickly as you do makes starting that car a little bit easier. Thank you Chris, having a familiar face and voice asking me questions and caring about my situation made it a lot easier for me. Thank you Mr. Wrecker driver for being patient with me and understanding my mumbling of where I thought my pit spot was lol. CTS you do a FANTASIC job, Thank you all !!!!
  22. my cars ready,,, see yall there.
  23. Everyone should get a Trophy! roflmao
  24. Get out to the track this weekend!

    Looking forward to STS