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  1. John Hawkins, new owner of the old #00 car.
  2. Bomber meeting

    Good meeting guys and gals, im sure there will be a general post made about the outcome of it but Dan spoke from the heart and I think these 4 races will be exciting and a glance of good things to come.
  3. Bomber/Pure Stocks 2014 Meeting

    Thanks Josh, see yall there.
  4. Bombers/Pure Stocks 2014

    Sam, john Hawkins wont be able to run the april race and I've told him a dozen times to let you drive it! call him.
  5. Bombers/Pure Stocks 2014

    Sounds good and Looking good! it'd be nice to have a 20+ car count for all the races!
  6. C.C. Speedway 2014 schedule

    committed--- 12x (new #46) and 83 (old #00) .... April will be here before we know it!
  7. no bombers ?

    well put HiTech, I don't like the thought of having to drive to Kyle ( though it's only once a month) to race asphalt but we're going to. CCS has been 1. close to home. 2. we didn't have to spend a fortune to race. 3. we were welcomed with open arms by everyone and we just wanted to have fun- As we did. 4. it can work, afew minor adjustments and the car count could/should be there. 5. The History Of CCS! This track has been around longer than most of us have been alive and at some point and time in almost every single persons life that lives in the coastal bend They Have gone to CCS for at least one race. I myself am a second year driver/ first year Bomber owner and would really like to stay close to home as much as possible and hope all the owners/drivers rally to make the April race and to continue the legacy for many more to come.
  8. Bombers/Pure Stocks 2014

    Feel free to chime in people. There's still a lot of drivers out there who's names aren't on this list yet. it's a April date that will be upon us before we know it.
  9. no bombers ?

    Mccains a Great driver and has a fast car, seen him run in the top at ccs and also at cts.
  10. no bombers ?

    lol, I hand that out to my employee's regularly.
  11. no bombers ?

  12. no bombers ?

    Got 2 of 4 panels done on the Javelin today, hopefully my buddy can get me my front fenders!
  13. no bombers ?

    Dennis hasn't announced a driver yet for his second bomber.
  14. no bombers ?

    I'm in for sure. Thanks Nathan. Trailers being fixed ($300.00) Transmissions been rebuilt ($450.00), replacement fenders being ordered($400.00), sheet metal being installed this weekend($350.00), tires ordered tomorrow($400.00), wheels ordered tomorrow($300.00), new paint scheme being done soon($750.00), new racing suit sitting in closet($300.00), new racing shoe($125.00),etc ... I'm going to be $5,000 deep in a $1,000 dollar car, so yeah i'll be there-- PROVIDED MY WIFE DOESNT SEE THIS POST lol.
  15. no bombers ?

    A street race doesn't have this much conversation. Lets just have the car count and commitment to show up and race and be thankful for what we get.
  16. no bombers ?

    My name is Ivan Winningham and I drove The 12x Javelin all season long (until the trans gave out) but it is ready to go, working on a trailer to get it there ( that isn't a issue thought).. I would love a full season at CCS but will take whatever is offered. Thank you Dan and Kandy for everything you have done for all of us. LETS RACE
  17. I believe were going to race,,,,,,,,get on boared.....
  18. roll cage

    for what?
  19. Thank you, 8/10/13

    Just wanted to say Thanks Nick, you spent the evening hanging out and helping us down to the last minute. I appreciated it... Thanks Dennis for the mechanical advise. Your always uplifting and good spirited, it's a pleasure to be around you.. Thanks Clare for having that extra part (Holley carb float) and providing it to us (i'll pay you back for it or return the favor). Your always helpful to us and we appreciate the advise from an ( OLD ) pro :-).. Just wanted to shout out and Say Thanks.. See yall next race. God Bless and have a good week.