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  1. My first night in a Dwarf car and it was an absolute Blast! There were a couple of terrifying incidents that happen last night and I hope all involved are ok.
  2. cts

    That's actually John's paid pit spot. Ross I had asked a few people to chase you down and offer you my pit spot for the night - guess they didn't.
  3. cts

    I'll be at the next race and i'll expect my pitspot empty..The free nights and weekends are over.
  4. 2000 mustang

    if you'll pull the left rear tire and wheel you will see a line that looks like a brake line going into the rotor, next to it will be a grease fitting with an abnormal size inlet, turn it until outward until you have one thread or so left on the fitting. now repeat the same to the right rear side. by now you should have both rear tires and wheels off the ground and the vehicle sitting on jackstands, next make sure the entrance door going into your house and unlocked and your garage door is in the upright position (in case of spillage or vapors) , you should have a clear access now to the rear fuel tank hose from the filler neck connected into the rear quarter panel, disconnect the hose clamp holding the hose to the filler neck-loosen the three screws completely holding the filler neck to the quarter panel. The fuel hose should now be disconnected and just hanging. Go to your toolbox and find either a blow torch or a coke bottle half filled with gas and t-shirt type rag attached at one end. Fire up you blow torch and lite the t-shirt filled with gas and throw it as possible hard at the car as you can. By now the car should be fully engulfed in flames and your earlier preparation of open the (escape) garage door and side door into the house has allowed you just afew minutes to go inside your house and drink a beer and slowly call 911 to report a fire in your garage...That my friend is how every ford needs to be worked on. Don't worry i'll send you my bill in a couple of day. glad I could help Mike.
  5. My Prayers and Gods strength are with you Steve. Get well soon Sir.
  6. #46 will be running at CTS this weekend and Josh McCain will be driving it for me (im leaving out of state) so if you would like to speak to him he is the most familiar with the car and contest to how good of a car it is. Thanks, ivan
  7. Met Jeff Gordon in Vegas for a meet and greet the first year he drove #24 for Dupont (was my automotive paint supplier at the time), he was very pleasant to all that approached him and he gave everyone an honest amount of time to ask and answer questions. Boy he's a little bitty dude.
  8. looked and looked and cant find mylaps time posted anywhere. any help
  9. Official TALMS Results

    helps when all your plug wires are on lol.... Good job Anthony
  10. c.c.

    Thank you Dan and Ms Kandy, i'll be there to support CCS everytime.
  11. Things are quiet

    Im gonna miss Brad screaming at us through the radio's lol. . . .
  12. We had fun with this last year

    That's a Great looking Mod !!!
  13. 2016 Grand Stock Rules

    I wanna how much those cheap generator are selling for ? I might want one.
  14. 2016 Grand Stock Rules

    There were afew things talked about, Chris will be posting the rules this week.
  15. We had fun with this last year

    Great topic! I need to get moving!
  16. Freddie is a WONDERFUL man. I wish you luck my friend with your journey and if I can help any further please don't hesitate to call me. (361) 876-0020 ivan winningham #46
  17. Please share the video or a link to the #79 Grand Stock flipping if you got it. From my perspective if was freakin AWESOME! Wow!
  18. No when ur OLD ? when you cant figure out how to CLICK ON A LINK to watch something! lol.... Love Ya Mike! lol
  19. Heck yah he earned it !! I had a GoPro on the roof of my car but i don't think it's going to show him rolling.
  20. Somebodies got to have video of it.
  21. As soon as any info comes in please advise us corpus travelers, Thanks, ivan
  22. Nick your a GENIUS. Can they put a Margarita machine a little closer to the grand stands also, lol... My new grand daughter is in S.A. and we'll get to go visit her either way (with a car attached or not) so im just gonna sit back and watch the updates until a decision is made.