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  1. Arnold Oil Night at the Races

    Great Job Jon !!!!!!!!
  2. Starting to see improvements

    I seen that a few days ago, looking good !!!!
  3. Stolen truck

    "My brother said in surveillance camera it shows white 2WD dually with headache rack and lights on it, circling around parking lot and then driving off following truck" Good to have people on the inside!!
  4. A good CTS Topic

    Lol, Nothing but Love Brotha Brad. lol
  5. A good CTS Topic

    Great Topic !!
  6. A good CTS Topic

    Just going up there to spend my Saturday evening with all of you and my wife was a great time for me..Me and her stayed the night at the track a couple of times and just slept in our tahoe and i would always laugh when we woke up in the morning because she would always tell me " i didnt realize we were parked so far away from the bathroom" , I think my most memorable times though would have to be listening to Brad getting mad at the Front Runners and the Grand Stocks,,, i would be either sitting in the spotter booth or on the track and just LMAO at him up in the booth scolding the hell out of people. i always swore the Front Runners were going to bust the veins his neck the way he would scream at them....
  7. Portable Generators

    I aint touching this !
  8. CC Speedways plans!

    Dan and Ms Kandy, With all sincerity, weather it be this year, next year or in later years my offer is always on the table to help out with Corpus Christi Speedway and i wouldn't expect anything in return other than the Firm handshake and the Friendship yall have always presented to me. i / you know there are haters out there, BUT i guarantee you the scales are in your families favor on the people who Appreciate , Admire and Respect you. Dan you and Anthony have always taken the time outta your race schedule weather it be here or in Kyle just to shoot the breeze with me and with sincerity ask me how I'm doing and how my lifes going and what my thoughts were on whatever it might be at the time that im racing that night, I have always admired you for GENUINELY being concerned and jabbing at me to go out and have fun and be safe doing it and. Dan you and your family have been good to me and ill end this the way i started it, Ive got mowers, ive got paint brushes, ive got lots of basic tool and i have free time on my hands most of the time and a strong back..... just let me know where i might be most useful and i'll get it done Thank you again to the Monroe Family, when the time comes to work i believe we will have ALOTTA help and will be able to knock some task out quickly. ivan (361)876-0020
  9. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    her whole idea behind getting a Dwarf car was to travel to Kyle (and the outlets)
  10. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    you explain to my wife how im blowing 1/3 of my 401k ---and you convince her----ill do it
  11. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    Anyone give me a task at C C S and ill go down there with my own tools,paint brushes,lawn mowers and whatever other equipment i need to round up to help get 2017 season started, community effort and i believe this place wood get back some REALLY good races. Its the BULLRING, IT'S NEVER BEEN Daytona......... there is still enough there to pack the stands with some promoting and fill the pits!
  12. Asphalt car count in Texas right now.

    #46 DCRST Dwarf, Ivan Winningham Plan on running a complete season
  13. San Marcos BBQ catered our Dwarf banquet and they had some really delicious food and some very kind waitstaff. Dicks Classic Garage was a great pick for the Hall .
  14. What about reserving our pit spots?