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    Depending on tonight we may make it...
  2. Questions about the 26th

    Heck we're racing we don't care what the payout is!! Just to be a part of this show is a privilege!!! Besides, we donate all our winnings to charity anyways!! Did it last year and we're going to do it again this year!!
  3. Things are quiet

    Yeah, what Mike said!!!!
  4. World of Outlaws Tickets

    We got our tickets earlier this week in the mail!!
  5. Things are quiet

    Brad, yell at Eric when you see him at the track so he doesn't feel sad!!
  6. 2016 Grand Stock Rules

    Anyone heard anything on the rules yet?
  7. Grand stock fuel pump

    We were wondering what would be the best flow rate and fuel pump to run in a 1997 Crown Vic PI grand stock 4.6L? We'll be running at CTS this year and it's our first build.
  8. Is HMP circle track dead for good?

    You're no fun!!
  9. Season in the books!

    Yeah, that's why they call me hardheadted among other things.
  10. Season in the books!

    Aren't rules merely suggestions on paper?
  11. Season in the books!

    I loved being here this year. Great racing, great friends and some great memories all the way around!! Thanks to the whole crew there putting our races together. You guys and girls did an awesome job this year!! I think Tim ought to give you all a raise!!
  12. It was pretty awesome from the stands also!! Got the biggest response from the crowd I've heard all year!!
  13. Wild Child M/S Season Finale @ Central Texas Spwy updates

    Talked to Bob after the race and he said they were DQ'd for their springs on the car.. After 35 yrs to win and then get DQ'd has got to be tough especially when he thought everything was ok on the car. But it was great to see that car out front like he was..
  14. I've seen a 20% chance of the stuff on Saturday.
  15. sport compacts

    Could we still run on the rescheduled date after missing the first night?
  16. sport compacts

    We were wondering what happened to him. Get that thing figured out and get to the front again!!
  17. sport compacts

    Looked like Josh, at least it looked like your car, in the mini stock heat, spun the tires at the start and kicked the car a little sideways.
  18. sport compacts

    We were watching on Race on Texas and saw him spin the tires on the start once.
  19. sport compacts

    Wish we could have made it but finances said no.. Thumper, we totally agree on dirt helping driving skills on asphalt.. Eric got to practice when the track was really wet and slick a month or so ago and after that is when his driving skills went thru the roof. He says he can't describe what he learned but it showed in the last two races and his lap times. We'll be running dirt a lot more next year since I'm contracting again to sponsor the cars... Hope to meet everyone down there this next year..
  20. 31st

    We hope we can get it in this weekend. Eric is chomping at the bit for these next 2 races..
  21. The fuel filter works if you put almost 100 laps in on a Friday with 50-60 of them done on a slick track after and during some rain!! haha!! Eric has worked really hard on learning to drive the car on this particular track. He has listened to everyone that has given him advise on driving and where/how to put the car on the track..He was told to go out in the rain and wet conditions and learn throttle control and how to handle the car. Go hi, go low and figure out how to make the car work no matter where he was on the track, where to look when driving and countless other things. It has taken him since last year but he finally has something figured out. I could get in his car and I doubt I could do better than around 20.0 or upper 19 secs. He doesn't even know how to tell me what it is he does, says he does't know how to put it in words.. People can say what they want but not only does he put the time in at the track but he spends another 15-20 hrs a week at night running sim racing working on timing, reading tracks and reaction time.. All I can say is his work is starting to pay off. Mike we can talk about those brick now since I've started contracting again and will be sponsoring our cars with it..
  22. Mike, we're being really careful to keep the car 110% legal because we know they are looking. Eric's driving style is what is making the car fast. He doesn't even know how to put it in words yet as to what he's doing out there but whatever it is, it's working just fine.. Russel turned a 19.2 in it last year but he had illegal tires on it then. Eric wants to beat that legally, it ain't no good if it's done illegal..
  23. Yes he was wasn't he.. That boy was focused. He can do it again I know but just trying to keep one of his feet on the ground. He's watched the video probably 50 times to see where he was driving, watching others driving trying to learn more. I'll say this, he is focused on what's going on out there and really does apply what he learns.. All the coaching he has gotten over the last year has really helped.