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  1. Good luck to all going to the big show

  2. I have a Destroyer sport mod I am looking to sale or trade for a compact tractor with a loader and midmower. Chassis was built new in the summer of 2017, powder coated and finished over the winter 2018. Only ran four times last year. Had transmission issue and installed a Gentry built 1.76 power glide (from a new TCI Circlematic) and a new Fast Laps torque converter. Only ran once this year. Car drives really well. Has an IMCA cable sealed 602 crate with a little over one season on it. Valve springs were replaced at build. AED carb built by Dan Finn. Braced rear end with 3.23 gear with Moser axles. Front and rear rotors and calipers were new at build with new Hawk brake pads. Has Wilwood dual master cylinder with brake adjuster. QA1 upper and lower ball joints. New bushings front and rear at build. Seven QA1 shocks with all the tools and parts to re-valve. New gauges and wiring harness. New 17” Kirkey containment seat with cover. New 12 gallon fuel cell at build New yellow top Optima battery at build Body was new at build from Performance Bodies. Has a few scraps but is in good shape. The right side door panel is new. The nerf bar is bent a little but is removable and the rear bumper has a ding as well. Everything I have for racing goes with the car. I have numerous parts and a set of scales too. Several new and used front and rear springs. Spare headers gaskets and some hardware. Trailing arms, lower A arms, bushings and several new front end parts. Have a couple spare tires / wheels and two new tires that have not been mounted. Spare braced rear end and a box of spare parts and shims along with a new in the box 3.42 Richmond ring and pinion and a used 3.55 gear set. Also have a spare engine (I am keeping the short block) that I can pull the EQ heads, DUI distributor, carb and 2701 intake to go with it. Have some spare pulleys and a two blade fan for cool weather racing. I also have a 1.68 3 speed that needs to be rebuilt along with a 10,000 RPM clutch disc, pressure plate and flywheel. I’m sure I have a few other things not listed but will update if I think of anything else. Asking 9,500. Car and all parts have been shop kept. Located in the Houston area (Cleveland). 281-630-7410
  3. I'm guessing someone kin to Toyota Tim that gives Toyota Tim tickets for trying convince everybody that nascar's great agan.🤠
  4. results for 3-29-19

    Yes they do. Awesome facility as well. We're going back in a couple weeks to race Friday night and then Kennedale Saturday night Can't wait.
  5. https://autoweek.com/article/indycar/indycar-cota-track-boss-epstein-says-event-met-upper-end-projections They just might return next year if this is true.
  6. TMS

    Have fun and say hi to Essie for me. After the racing I've seen so far this year with nascar I wouldn't spend the money to see it in person.
  7. Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    Thanks for the live updates. We will be there for tomorrow nights race. Looking forward to it.
  8. Nascar Vegas

    Not watching just looking🤠
  9. Nascar Vegas

    Good article, pretty much sums it up.
  10. Nascar Vegas

    Haven't watched Na$car in 4 years or so. I watched the first three races so far and not much has changed that I see. I can not get behind this stage racing. I don't get it. I guess it's the soccer mom's approach to make more of them feel like they won something. Listening to the commentators trying to oversell what your seeing on the track about drove me to turn it off. And already talking about playoffs three races in is just ridiculous. I'll watch a few short track races and see if they make it move again. Or maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy.
  11. K & N East

    No, he still thinks na$car is awesome
  12. K & N East

    She's not Danica for sure. Danica wouldn't be in 4th fighting for 3rd. She would have been so far the back they wouldn't have caught it in the video 🤠