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  1. CoTA fans?

    And he probably did it very well and is now on the short end of the stick... Sound like a pattern to you? Nick Yep. I'm sure his job at Miller was a very good one. I feel for Jason, others who have left, and possibly more to come. The people working in the trenches out there have never been the problem.
  2. CoTA fans?

    Crazy stuff happening at COTA lately. Apparent staff re-org underway. - Ward Merrill (all-around git it done guy) fired. - Jason Wade (Director of Track Ops) fired today. - Marty Hunt (Facilities Operations Director) left for the New Jersey race - Kevin Tao (sp?, Security Director) quit a few weeks back. - Others quitting. Hearing lots of bad stuff. Ex-Indy guy Harder on cost-cutting mission and bringing in his own guys...& much more.
  3. CoTA fans?

    Sources say it's not looking good for V8 Supercars to return to COTA. Sad.
  4. First races you attended?

    Dirt. Early 70s. Riverside in West Memphis, Arkansas. Lived in Millington, Tn, near Memphis. Pop was in the Navy. Sammy Swindell, Hooker Hood, Alvin Gatlin. First time I saw a racer killed was right in front of us when Alvin Gatlin passed. I was like 5 or 6. Pop gave me racing fever early on & I've been hooked ever since. Now I'm infecting my two young-uns.
  5. CoTA fans?

    Remember the breakfast subpoena served to Carmelo Ezpeleta last time he was in Austin? He has now been deposed in the Kevin Schwantz case: http://m.statesman.com/weblogs/formula-aus...-schwantz-case/
  6. Well, we have been hearing some things. But who knows.
  7. It's just sad...when you think of how it is vs how it could so easily be if done right.
  8. Yeah, I've had a few opportunities to drive/ride/walk around the track, but I luckily never had to pay a dime. Fantastic track,& I would gladly pay what some of those other tracks are asking for an experience. No doubt so would a lot of other folks, but I'd never pay the $2500 COTA wants. I could fly to London, then work my way from Silverstone to Spa to Monza, driving all of them, then fly back from Milan for less than that. COTA has made their bed with the high-end client. That's who they've decided to cater to, alienating multiple levels of race-oriented groups along the way. Smart? Not imho, but they're gonna do what they do. I think it'll bite 'em in the ass, personally.
  9. Nurburgring: $55/20 minutes or $101/40 min Silverstone: $240 for 20 min safety briefing & 6 laps in Ferrari 360 & Vantage OR $150 for 18 min in open-wheel car OR $266 for 9 laps in C63/GTR/Vantage/Evora, etc Monza: $60 for 25 min in your car Bahrain: $53 for 30 min in your own car, $132 half-day, $200 full day India: $127 for 20 min, $314 for 3 sessions Hungaroring: $36 for 20 min, $67 for 40 min...up to $224 for Ten 20 min sessions. Barcelona $65 for 30 min Spa: $308 for four 25-min sessions + a drink at the bar afterward
  10. Cotton Bowl ASCS July 4th

    Any of y'all going to watch or to race? I looked at the ASCS entry list page & it only shows 5 guys entered. Are there usually a lot of late entries for these events? I've been planning on taking my boys, but I don't know what to expect in terms of car turnout. Anyone have any info?
  11. Cotton Bowl ASCS July 4th

    Went last night. Dust wasn't an issue at all except nearest turn 1. Also, the drivers all said the track was great and complimented the crew on their efforts. Great racing, and an awesome high-groove run by the 31 car to win the A Main. Hooked up & hauling ass.
  12. pray

    Thanks HiTech. your welcome .i take it the f1 stands for fire station one or something like that ...those who put their lives on the line to protect us in any shape or form here and abroad deserve our thanks every day .its easy to forget these folks are out there until something tragic happens like this sad deal or your in need of their service ..i never pass by the boot without dropping something in em .i have even turned around or parked somewhere just to give ...i am known here for bad typing spelling grammar and not making any sense and a few other reasons .but no one could ever mistake where my heart is and strong feelings for all our hero's.. Nah...the F1 is for Formula 1. It's kinda what I do on twitter, facebook, etc. Everything related to COTA and its events. I am a FF though, so your additional sentiments are very much appreciated. The incident in Az is such a tragedy. It's been a very bad year for firefighters in the U.S. Not much I can add here. Also, thanks so much for filling the MDA boot. So many people give selflessly when we go out to collect, often not even knowing what we're collecting for, or thinking it's for the fire department. We always try to make sure they know it's for Jerry's Kids. Thank you, too, Nick. Great board you have here!
  13. Cotton Bowl ASCS July 4th

    Sounds great guys. Thanks for the info. We'll definitely be there then. My first race track as a fan was Riverside in West Memphis when I was 5...Hooker Hood, Sammy Swindell, Alvin Gatlin, & more. Yeah I'm old. Now my 9 yo is really taking notice of the sprints, but he's never been to a decent-sized event. Should be fun! The sprints are what hooked me on racing.
  14. pray

    Thanks HiTech.
  15. Long horn speedway

    Doesn't Jesse James own it? If so, don't hold your breath.
  16. Long horn speedway

    I plan on running it seven nights a week and on Sunday afternoons as well. Every other day it will be dirt, then asphalt, then dirt. On Sundays we will have mud drags and creek buggy races. Also, I plan on leasing the nearby airport every third Saturday on even numbered months for the Lone Star Mile - a timed one mile course with several thousand feet of runoff which will end in the massive parking lot I have planned for the overflow crowds at F1 events. That should put everyone's mind at ease. All I need is a little financial backing to make all this come true! Nick Throw in a music venue. Then maybe Bobby Epstein'll back you...but not if you try to make a dollar off of GP parking.
  17. Though you really won't need to hurry given that this race won't sell out (no COTA race has sold out yet) and given the way COTA has been lowering prices and making other offers as they near event dates, WEC/ALMS tickets are up for sale now. Looks like one price fits all (General Admission or Grandstand). Three-day pass is ~$103 after taxes, fees, & Standard Delivery charge. FWIW. http://www.ticketmaster.com/2013-alms-and-...p;minorcatid=25 ETA: LMAO at $549 + Fees for VIP tickets.
  18. ALMS/WEC at COTA. Tickets on sale...

    COTA Facilities/Ops Director Marty Hunt leaves for the New Jersey F1 effort. http://www.autoweek.com/article/20130607/F1/130609839 Nick, maybe I should change the thread title to just "COTA", or is there already a general COTA thread? Hadn't seen one.
  19. They have a 5-year contract in place, but there seemed to be some rumblings during the weekend that they may not come back & may have been less than thrilled with the way the race was promoted here. Everyone's publicly putting a happy face on it now though, but they can't be happy with the turnout. Lots of Aussies we ran into couldn't believe how few people were there.
  20. I'd be surprised if the F1 crowd doesn;t decline as well. With F1, the first year at a new track usually has the best attendance.
  21. CoTA fans?

    Hi everyone. First post. Thanks Nick! Can't say I'm a long-time lurker, but I have been here a few times & have always enjoyed the interesting discussions going on here. This is a good conversation on both sides & it's what prompted me to register. Despite identifying strongly with reservations held by many here against the current regime at COTA, I have been on-site at every event there except MotoGP. I was at the Gypsy Lounge watch party for that one. When I do go out there I just try to buy tickets from fans who are selling them. That way at least COTA's not making anything extra off my attendance. I won't buy any of their overpriced concessions either, & I usually park out by trun 11 on Mr. Haywood's hill for about $10 a day. He also allows motor homes, pretty cheap. Not sure how much though. I thought the V8SC event was pretty cool even if not what we quite expected from them. In addition to the quick turnaround times between each day's 1st & 2nd races, I believe one reason for the lack of brawling racing that we're used to seeing from them is that they had to come so for and had fewer replacement parts than usual. In the final race on Sunday, they finally started to cut loose a bit. Something else is that, while TH & KS made COTA very technical and hard to learn, they also made it very wide in places to promote aggressive passing attempts that might be discouraged on a narrower track. This, combined with the FIA-mandated big runoff areas made for less of the fighting for a spot on the track that we usually see from the V8s on their much narrower Aussie tracks. They're already talking about moving the race to an earlier date and using the GP circuit to give the drivers more straights to rest. They said that the National circuit only left them with 10 seconds per lap when they weren't turning thr wheel. Trees. Man, they need a lot more where they already have 'em, and they need a ton over on the east side where they don't have any. Attendance. Wow...It was probably a lot closer in size to the Grand Am crowd than the 68K they announced, but oh well. We met a few of the drivers and some other folks from Oz and they all couldn't have been more friendly. Just reinforced my desire to get down under someday.