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  1. I don't think they ever really believed COTA's ridiculously inflated numbers. More like they just looked the other way. But yeah, my initial reaction to all of this is that for some reason the Gov feels it's politically prudent to stop supporting the shenanigans and looked for a reason to torpedo their money for this year and then do lip service to next year. I could be wrong, but if not, this could be really, really bad for COTA. As in 'fatal'. Or it could all be a dog and pony show like when they briefly lowered the funding in 2015 and took the MERP into the Gov's office from the Comptroller under the guise of 'cleaning it up'. LOL. What do you think, Nick?
  2. It'll be interesting to see if the Gov stands fast on this though...
  3. Indeed. I get the feeling the Gov's office may be tiring of the shenanigans and is starting to distance itself from the COTA dumpster fire.
  4. Hey Nick!! I think Saward is wrong here in assuming the the State's preliminary approval was an error. IIRC that's pretty much standard operating procedure when it comes to the MERP. Seems like he's trying to help COTA find some wiggle room, but the law is pretty straightforward. But then, have you ever told Saward he was wrong about something? Oh, the humanity...

    NASCAR exec: Racing in Austin hasn’t been discussed ... and won't be. http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/nascar-auto-racing/texas-motor-speedway/article138413908.html
  6. COTA reports record Lone Star Le Mans attendance http://www.mystatesman.com/news/sports/motor-sports/cota-reports-record-lone-star-le-mans-attendance/nsZ5B/
  7. Signs not pointing to a WEC return to COTA next year...I guess. There have also been rumors of WEC moving to Indy, with WEC officials having been there during the 500 talking to Indy officials and touring the facility. Hankook 24H COTA Confirmed on 2017 24H Series Schedule - Sportscar365 http://sportscar365.com/gt/24hseries/24h-cota-confirmed-on-2017-24h-series-schedule/ The non-championship event for GT and touring cars will take place on Nov. 9-11, 2017 at Circuit of The Americas, marking only the second professional level 24-hour race in America outside of the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Meanwhile, Sportscar365 says a potential WEC-PWC Austin 2017 pairing has been ruled out: Mexico City Thursday Notebook: http://sportscar365.com/lemans/wec/mexico-city-thursday-notebook/ Anyone here know much about this series? Looks like it may replace WEC at COTA. There have also been rumors of WEC moving to Indy, with WEC officials having been there during the 500 talking to Indy officials and touring the facility. http://www.racer.com/more/racer-blog/item/130239-wec-series-evaluating-indy-round-after-500-visit?showall=1&limitstart=
  8. IMSA reveals future class format, 2017 schedule. Moves Austin stop from September to May. http://www.motorsport.com/imsa/news/imsa-reveals-future-class-format-2017-schedule-805561/ IMSA, WEC Split from Combined Event at COTA - Sportscar365 http://sportscar365.com/lemans/wec/atherton-cota-imsawec-weekend-a-compromise/ ETA: Just read (unsupported) speculation that WEC might go to Indy. Apparently they had people in attendance at this year's Indy 500. Can any of y'all confirm or deny any of that?
  9. Following news that WEC is not confirmed for 2017 at COTA, Pirelli World Challenge confirms move from March to Labor Day Weekend for 2017 Austin stop. Pirelli World Challenge - PWC: Series confirms 2017 schedule, SRO enduro http://www.racer.com/pwc/item/132583-pwc-series-confirms-2017-schedule-sro-enduro Also...Creventic Planning 24-Hour Race at COTA for 2017 - Sportscar365 http://sportscar365.com/gt/24hseries/creventic-planning-24-hour-race-at-cota-for-2017/ ETA: Intercontinental GT Challenge was moved from COTA to Laguna Seca. Didn't see that the first time I skimmed it. It doesn't say there'll be no IGTC event at COTA, but it sure doesn't look like there will be. I suspected as much when they cancelled the event they had scheduled here for 2016. So...all these pieces really make it seem unlikely to me that WEC will return to COTA in 2017, unless they do it in the spring and are still finalizing that... OBTW, those PWC boys might be in for a surprise on Labor Day weekend. It's a helluva lot hotter here that weekend than it is at the beginning of March (when it can actually be pretty chilly). It's typically at or near 100 degrees, and the hottest day I've ever experienced in Austin, 112 degrees, was on Labor Day a few years ago. COTA's not a place any sane person wants to spend long stretches at in that kind of heat. The hottest race I can remember out there was V8SC, when it was in the low 90s...and it was absolutely brutal, even for us locals. There's just no way to escape the heat out there.
  10. Dagys/Sportscar365: WEC Links Up with Formula V8 3.5; 2017 Schedule Details Emerge: http://sportscar365.com/lemans/wec/wec-link-up-with-formula-v8-3-5-announced-details-emerge-on-2017-schedule/ Austin and Shanghai are the only events not confirmed for 2017. V8 3.5 series joining WEC for 6 events, including Mexico, Bahrain, and Fuji, but not including Austin. Hmmm....doesn't look good.
  11. More correction/rebuttal than retraction by ESPN, imho. (That may be how you took it too) I don't think it was anyone at ESPN who ever said pulling out had anything to do with the METF money. I thought it was interesting how quickly ESPN moved to correct that story. They seem to have gone out of their way to correct the leak that someone put out that it was all about the METF money. We've heard from the very beginning that there was friction between COTA and ESPN. It was pretty telling, imho, that they left a year before their contract was up, and that they're leaving without a new home to move to. I believe that the date was among their reasons for leaving (competing against the playoffs, heat, etc), but mostly I think they were just being nice (or just legally prudent) when saying that was their main reason for leaving. IMHO it's likely someone from COTA knew the announcement was coming , so they leaked the METF stuff the day before as a way to get in front of it and spin it as if it's all the Governor's fault for 'taking' more funding away from them ... you know, to keep pressure on him to get the most funding they can. So, COTA basically gave V8SC the boot in order to accommodate ESPN in that time slot (which was already way too hot here in Texas), and now they've left them with nothing in that slot. Karma. She's a bitch.
  12. The Summer X Games Are Really Moving Because Austin's Summers Are Too Damn Hot http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/the-summer-x-games-are-really-moving-because-austins-su-1766516749
  13. ESPN: X Games seeks new summer home in 2017 http://xgames.espn.go.com/article/15036232/ by Joshua Duplechian/ESPN March 22, 2016 - ESPN is actively engaged with and seeking interested cities in the United States to be the next host of an X Games summer event for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018, showcasing the world's best action sports athletes, internationally renowned musical acts and one of the most complete youth culture festival experiences. X Games has moved locations regularly throughout its history to celebrate and infuse the national and international elements of action sports and youth culture from each city. Full-scale X Games summer events have been hosted in nine different cities in 20 years. With the agreement between current summer event partner, Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas, concluding in 2016, ESPN is opening the host city bid process to any U.S. city or commercial entity that meet the event requirements of the X Games. Interested cities can learn more about the request for proposal (RFP) process at www.xgames.com/bid. "We've been honored to call Austin home of the X Games since 2014 and are proud to have run world-class competitions for athletes, hosted amazing musicians for our fans and sponsors together with the Circuit of The Americas," said Tim Reed, vice president, X Games. "We thank COTA, the City of Austin and State of Texas for their support, and look forward to an amazing final X Games Austin event this June. Looking to the future, we're enthusiastic to identify the next X Games host city and continuing to improve and bring the franchise to new locations and fans." The final X Games event in Austin will take place at Circuit of The Americas from June 2-5, 2016. Tickets will be available for purchase beginning March 24. For more information about X Games Austin, tickets and more, visit www.xgames.com.
  14. X Games will not return to Austin in 2017 http://www.statesman.com/news/sports/x-games-will-not-return-to-austin-in-2017/nqqKP/ The popular Summer X Games that will be staged in Austin for the third consecutive year this June will not return for a fourth year in 2017, a source with contacts at ESPN told the American-Statesman on Monday. The network is expected to make an announcement Tuesday stating that it will leave Austin for another location after this year. Charlotte, N.C., is a city known to be heavily interested in recruiting the event staged by ESPN, and Chicago and Detroit also bid on the X Games previously. This year’s X Games will be held in Austin from June 2-5. In July 2013, Austin was unveiled as the site for the X Games for four years starting in 2014. It appears the city’s run as host will be one year short of the channel’s original commitment. ESPN has reached the decision not to remain in Austin because of concern over possible recalculations of the Texas Major Events Trust Fund that has been used by the Circuit of the Americas to help underwrite the cost of the Formula One race on that site. The fund’s $25 million outlay to COTA has been reduced to $19.5 million. The X Games received $1.1 million in state incentives for the 2014 X Games, according to city documents. The circuit very nearly lost its spot on the U.S. Grand Prix 2016 calendar, but COTA chairman Bobby Epstein said it secured enough money with the state’s contribution and the settlement of a lawsuit that will save COTA about $13 million in taxes. The circuit also landed Taylor Swift as its marquee entertainment in conjunction with the race. The Major Events Trust Fund is fueled by out-of-state visitors’ sales, hotel, car rental and alcohol tax revenue. A portion of that is then allocated to help various event organizers host large events in Texas.