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  1. Who plans to run the shootout races this year

    Count me in!!! Randy Guzman
  2. 2011 Street Stock Shootout of South Texas

    You can definitely count me in I just don't exactly know about me attending the last race. Stephen are you putting this together? Randy Guzman
  3. **November 4-6, 2010 Fall Classic**

    I have the same question I would like to run but what Class?
  4. new question

    Same nights as the Fall Classic at HOT Speedway?
  5. ***Best Looking Car Competition***

    95 24 94 32 66 8g
  6. Reb Reb Reb my car was no where near sideways we talked about that last night.
  7. Damm wish I was there car is ready to go but I am no where near Abeline. Damm this softball stuff!!!! Nah I would not give up sitting out this season for my kids. But sure wish I was there. Hey Reb let us know how the locals SA boys do. Randy G
  8. Killeen's Street Stock Engine and Carb Rule for your Thousand Buck Race. 6. ENGINES: ALL ENGINES USED IN COMPETITION MUST BE ABLE TO BE USED IN PRODUCTION U.S. PASSENGER CARS WITHOUT ALTERATION. OPTIONAL SOLID MOTOR MOUNTS MAY BE USED IN STOCK LOCATION. CASTINGS AND FITTINGS MUST NOT BE CHANGED. NO MACHINE WORK ON OUTSIDE ENGINE OR ON THE FRONT OR REAR OF CAMSHAFT. FLAT TAPPET CAM/LIFTERS AND STUD-MOUNTED ROCKER ARMS ONLY (NOTE... NO STUD GIRDLES, MAY ONLY USE STEEL STAMP ROLLER TIP ROCKER ARMS). NO LIMIT ON ENGINE C.I., BUT MUST RUN GM WITH GM, FORD WITH FORD, ETC. O.E.M. FACTORY INTAKE ( NO AFTER MARKET INTAKES). HEADERS OPTIONAL, IMCA MUFFLERS REQUIRED. NO 180’S. STOCK O.E.M. MECHANICAL FUEL PUMPS ONLY. NO ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS. ALL CARS MUST HAVE OPERATIONAL STARTER. ENGINE COOLERS OPTIONAL (CANNOT BE LOCATED IN DRIVERS COMPARTMENT.) 7. CARBURETORS: ALL CARS MUST RUN A HOLLEY TWO-BARREL MAXIMUM 500 CFM OR STOCK O.E.M. FOUR-BARREL CARBURETOR, NO HOLLEY FOUR-BARREL CARBURETOR. ADAPTER PLATE MAYBE USED, 1” MAXIMUM. I-37 Street Stock Engine and Carb Rules 3. Engine Engine must be stock for type and year of vehicle used. GM in GM, Chrysler in Chrysler, Ford in Ford, etc… Engine must remain in stock position. #1 spark plug may not be further back than the most forward ball joint. All major components must remain stock for type and year of engine. Engine-360 cubic inch maximum. Heads must be OEM cast iron, minimum of 62 cc. No bow tie, angle plugged heads. Maximum intake valve- 2.02/Maximum exhausts valve-1.60. No porting or polishing. No gasket matching. No aluminum heads. No heads smaller than 62 cc. Pistons must be stock, zero decking of block is allowed. Flat top pistons with 2 or 4 valve relief. Unmodified stock OEM cast iron 4-barrell intake manifolds are allowed. Edelbrock aluminum 4-barrell intake manifolds (part #2101) are allowed. Marine cast iron manifolds are allowed on GM engines. Porting, enlarging ports, port matching, and floor or port polishing are not allowed. Carburetor must be stock 2 barrel of the same type and year engine was originally equipped or Holley 4412. Any solid or hydraulic cam No roller cams are allowed. Stock lifter boar only. Maximum .540 inch valve lift. Any stud type rocker arm. Any stock appearing rod, rod length restricted to 5.70” maximum Exhaust must exit behind drivers seat No exhaust flow devices allowed such as cross pipes or H-pipes. Headers are allowed-straight style only. Which Rules are Better????
  9. "Thousand Buck Shootout" Date change

    It would be nice to see some info on this race. What are the payouts? What are the entry fees if any? What are the rules? I-37 wants alot of people to come race and I would like to race against a bunch of cars but with out the info how will you get more cars to come? This race is right at about 1 month away and still no info Does anyone know when this info will be out? Randy G
  10. Gee I hope fans will be able to tell the difference...... Give it a rest Jay, the horse is down and beaten REB I dont care what anyone says that is still FUNNY.

    He is one bad mofo!!!!
  12. Halloween Havoc

    Perfect example of how asking a question on the internet helps everyone who is interested.
  13. I want to take the kids to see the races where is the track or address. Want to get my 5yr old racing and I am also looking for a car if anyone knows of any for sale. I am in the Converse area. Thanks Randy G.
  14. End of the Year Race

    Its sad to say because I have a Street Stock or a I-Stock but there are not enough Street Stocks around and if you start to invite the other streestocks they dont fit into the Weird rules. However if you do invite the other street stocks you guys better get prepared to cry about there cars because they dont fool around. Thats why there is never a big show for Streets at 37. I know one year Frank put up some good money one year and we had like 15 cars show up maybe even less than that.
  15. Topsy Turvy

    I think it is FUNNY that just about everyone complains about the tires. They have been like that since the track OPENED. The solution TO EVERYONE PROBLEM WITH THE TIRES WOULD BE DON'T HIT THEM. I have raced at this track since it opened and have yet to hit the tires once and if I did I would not blame the track or the tires I would only blame myself. Randy Guzman 021