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  1. Big Chill Throwdown Feb 8 & 9 at 281 Speedway

    281 Speedway by C&S Promotions Open hotlaps Thursday Feb 7th from 7-9 pm... ish. Cost is $35.00 per car. Only one car on the track allowed at a time.
  2. Big Chill Throwdown Feb 8 & 9 at 281 Speedway

    They posted hot laps on there facebook page for this Thursday
  3. Thank you’

    Lets race
  4. Great Track to race

    So 281 was rained out last night but they had 80 plus cars ready even with the rain chances and no one ever left until it was called The pits are great, the track looked even better when we arrived at 4pm until to much rain. I even ate a hamburger there and it was good The promoters gave and give it there all Every dirt car should check this place out for future racing This is going to be a class act for sure for all IMCA classes and there local track classes Heck there was 20 plus Modifieds there
  5. Building my shop

    Also I did a 10 foot door on the same foot print Do not like it I wish I would of done a 12 foot wide door It gets tight when you back up to it with the trailer ETC
  6. Building my shop

    With 12 foot sidewalls get a lift that the controls are overhead Mine is on the ground and hard to push the cars over them Also when installing your lift do not center it where you think it should go push it forward you do not want the rear of your car up against the back wall I bought my lift from a guy in Hutto cannot remember his name but hes a racer and does a great job Ill send you his info when I go look at my lift Also if you need a electrician consider me Just sayin
  7. Results for 8-19-17

    Missed the gear in the truck in the Street Stock race We will be better next week
  8. Street stock gear

    I ran a 6.50 last week Needed a lower gear for sure going with the 6.83 this week Could not get out of the corner
  9. results for 5-13-17

    Although got 10th great night running a IMCA stock car First time in it my ole buddy let me run it. Just running the track to see where to run for future races in the Street stock This is a excellent race track great racing Very few yellows everyone races clean And the promoters are some of the best I have ever seen
  10. Thats cool Glad you got the racing schedule for these guys and gals Great job
  11. March 18th Results?

    Lets just say congrats to Hardy but please excuse me LOL First time in the mod we had some issues on the new car but I think we resolved them all
  12. Any new info?

    Yes when the schedule was announced it was assumed to race Sad deal for sure for all the people who had cars for the track
  13. Results 3-11-17

    Great car count for the rain that was in the forecast I am one that did not make the trip I was wrong But we will be there this weekend I bet the pits will be full
  14. ISO Transponder

    Need a transponder for 281 Contact Bobby 830-798-6001 Thanks
  15. Great Track to race

    Well HiTech Im 1 1/2 hr from my house How long did it take you to get to my house?
  16. Any new info?

    LOL Hitech If we built would they come?
  17. Running Order for March 11 at 281 Speedway

    Nick you need to get back with the live updates from 281 Everyone follows this when they are not at the track
  18. Great Track to race

    Heck we are coming back next week with a modified Wish me luck New experience for sure but we are racing
  19. Any new info?

    Hate to say because I love the track but it seems the dirt tracks are the way to go now in Texas I pray that at least they will all survive
  20. March 18th practice at HMP

    It would be a good place to shake down the cars and trucks going to Florida and wherever else to race for sure That is a fact That is a spectacular track foe sure
  21. Nice article!

    I hope yall knock it out of the park