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  1. Mel is that the car Rick put Mickey Mouse on the roof????? Good memories for sure R.I.P. Rick we miss you
  2. C.C. speedway Pics

    More pics. from C.C. and T.W.S. Partridge is the #41 and Lawrence Mikulencak in the #17, Dennis McClain C.C. Speedway program
  3. old days at cc

    There is no doubt Frank did a hell of a job keeping us entertained........ if my memory serves me right there were several stunt men over the years only one that comes to me now was the the car trying to crash thru big block of ice???Don't think it worked out the way he wanted

    the one off Violet was Calallen Speedway
  5. C.C. speedway Pics

    I know Gary and his brother Mark Wells both raced not sure but I think Gary was black #54 and Mark light blue #51
  6. old days at cc

    I saw go-carts and motorcycles maybe twice each and several fans crash their street cars during intermission when they did real street cars 1 lap races
  7. CC Speedway Past Champions

    James Mikulencak won 3--4 from mid 70's to early 80's in Super Stock and I'm pretty sure Dennis McClain won two super stock champ. in the 80's. Monty got a couple late 70's to early 80's, Dub Rollins several thru the 60's into early 70's and I'm guessin Rick Rapp and Slick Yeomen may have each had a couple from 75-83
  8. Corpus Christi Speedway History

    Not sure of exact location or what year it opened I think 30's r 40's but there was 1/2 track in Calallen in fact I believe it was Calallen Speedway
  9. To Dan & Kandy Monroe

    I dont no anything bout owning or operating a racetrack mr monroe but if there is any way possible please consider keeping cc speedway a racetrack for future generations to enjoy
  10. CC Speedway Hall of Fame

    yes the clock is way kool, alot of the super stocks i grew up watchin race good times for the track great memories
  11. 100 lap feature

    miss those days sompthin fierce when stands were packed mud drags goin and moto X such great memories
  12. Any interest in old race cars?

    James Mikulencak
  13. Any interest in old race cars?

    Lawrence Mikulencak
  14. Any interest in old race cars?

    Slick Yeoman drivin "Banny Rooster" think Allen Yeats owned it
  15. 100 lap feature

    This is the blue #1 James drove late 70's early 80's sweet car,, great driver & one of my hero's.
  16. Rest In Peace Rick Rapp

    My moms health has been very poor so i have been in nebraska for last year plus, that being said just found out one of my childhood hero's and texas legendary short track driver Rick Rapp had passed away. My prayers go out to his family friends and fans R.I.P. buddy. Ross Bowers p.s. favorite all time car had Mickey Mouse on the roof!!!
  17. CC Speedway's #11

    To answer viper the maroon # 6 car he thought was slick was Jerry Edwards im sure
  18. CC Speedway's #11

    I realize im a few years behind in this converstion but im gona add my two cents anyhow. 1973 was the first time I went to CC my father and oldest brother were the crew for Johnny Thomas out of mathis they won 2-3 stocker championships in the mid 70's. Until I left Texas in 1990 I didnt miss but a handfull of races and was a good friend of Mac and Dennis McClain so i helped them out in the pits anytime they needed. To get to the point and the topic of this discussion there is no doubt Monty was fast anytime he showed up as far as what he did in S.A. r Houston I never saw him race at either one. I very much agree that the equipment Monty was running was far superior to all of the local racers, im sure Fryar and several others at both of the other big tracks had the same equipment Monty had. And I will just say what no one else would the reason u dont hear Monty mentioned with other drivers of that era James Mikulencak, Slick Yeomans, Rick Rapp which in my opinion were the best at that time. Say between 1976-1984 and I may b off a year r so not that there wasnt other good drivers Rollins, Hardcastle, Flanagan, Unitas, Edwards, Sanders, Baldwin, Wells, etc. To the best of my memory Beddoe didnt start runnin super stocks till mid 80's and Denman after him which by then Dennis McClain was winning his fair share of races/championships and Lawrence Mikulencak was a force also. Back to Monty he was NOT well liked for several reasons he was young and had $$ which at that time was very uncommon, his driving style was very aggressive kinda like dale sr. on steroids!! Personally I didnt know Monty although we both grew up in Calallen/Tuloso area but i sure as hell didnt root for him. I honestly dont remember Freddy ever racing at CC but I do remember a super stock #0 from Houston coming down for a 100 lap race and leading 80 r so laps before tires went away r it may have broke but Tom Riley would show up anytime there was a big purse and he was a threat to win every time. As far as the best to ever race at CC even though he split his time on the asphalt with the 1/2 mile dirt at cuddihy before spending his last years in texas strictly at S.A. and Houston has to be Texas Terry. Does anyone remember him coming back I think early 80's and driving James Mikulencak car in a feature race. He started scratch and had no problems coming thru the field to win going away. I'd like to see how many times he raced against Fryar cuz i really doubt that Freddie won very many of those races!
  19. CC Racers

    Anybody have a picture of the car Rick Rapp drove with mickey Mouse on the roof.