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    If you don't get enough cars I can shine up the Super Stock and bring it out. I can commit to June 29th
  2. I'm so flippin pumped that heat races are back!! Now lets get them cars out there!! Thanks a bunch to Gina and the TSTRS team
  3. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    I believe there has already been a couple PLMs to come out and they were competitive with the Outlaws. If I remember correctly PLM runs 604's or similar motors.
  4. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    That was a great show!! Some very encouraging news for us racer. Looking forward to the July race In regards to the late models, we pretty much already have them between the Super Stocks and Outlaws. Heck, we may even try to get both of our cars out the next race.
  5. TSTARS @ HMP Video Highlights (RaceOnTexas)

    Awesome video guys!! Great footage and everyone looking their best. I'm thrilled the 22 SS made it to the highlights, my team and I had been busting our a$$es to make it out. A big thanks to TSTARS, Race on Texas and my relentless team (Dad, Bobby and John C)
  6. This is some exciting stuff!! You can expect to see the #22 back in action this Friday at practice. Thank you for the posting the schedule ....and to the rest of the Super Stocks, lets try to out number the car count of the Outlaws!!
  7. Pulled this out of my Super Stock and know it would work great for someone else. 4 3/4x5 lug pattern 3.73 gears with Yukon LSD Setup for disc brakes and can include calipers for the right price. If you could use the LSD and gears in my truck I would as thats wear all the money is at. I'm willing to trade for Chevy truck parts (K10), tools or building metal
  8. Looking for a couple single pass radiators, preferrrably located in Houston area but I don't mind driving an hour out. Just let me know the dimenions and we'll go from there. I need one for my Super Stock and the other for my mud truck. Also, if you have an electric fan I'd be interested as well.
  9. ISO 7.5 rearend

    Scotty....I'm pretty sure my dad still has the rearend out of the 55, its not 7.5" but may work for you.
  10. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    So....to get back on topic.... We all know what the track needs....(1) A full time passionate track promoter (2) Racers (3)FANS!!!! (4) Of course sponsors In our team we're going to continue to strive to keep racing alive, especially in our class...hell we have (3) cars, so we're well invested (That we own, build, fix and race ourselves). Also within our team we've been working on sourcing a class sponsor, not a track sponsor. The end goal is to get the sponsor to pay up to $1500-2000 for a Super Stock win. Then we will begin to see the beloved heat races and A-main/ B-Main races. Bottom line for me.....I'm simply tired of working on my car for weeks to only get one dam race a night. You can expect I'm going to resolve that challenge and solid sponsors are what is going to help. In regards to Bobby's thought on the bracket racing format, I support it. It's all racing to me and keeps us competive. If WE WANT THINGS TO CHANGE.......then we have to change.
  11. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Hey brother, I hear what your saying and I'm fortunate enough to have sponsors to help keep my dream alive. In regards to sponsors, its not as easy as sitting on your recliner and watching a NASCAR race, all of us devoted racers get our a$$ out there everyday. You call this purse respectable but you have no dog in this fight, this is business to us (simple P&L). I, like many other members actually race and feel the cost. Hell my car took a punch to the face in practice a month or so ago and I'm still investing money into it regardless of any uncertainty surrounding the track or the status of the class I run. I am one of many who greatly support asphalt oval track racing here in Texas by showing up to every race that calls my name, ready to set the pole. I find humor in the perspective your bring toyotatim, next time you come to HMP come find me. I'll buy you a beer for the good laughs.
  12. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    I'm not sure the term "respectable" applies here. If you want to win that race winning purse your more than likely buying a set of tires, which will cost you more than the purse. I'd say its a much appreciated payout just to get some money for doing what we love.
  13. In Need of Race Cars

    I think this is pretty dam cool, I'd take my car out there without question. However I'm in Houston, but might be worth a trip to Austin for my B day and pick up some parts while I'm out there. This is a perfect event to build up attention to racing in Texas, get people off the couch and in the stands.
  14. All mine are silver, I don’t really use the chrome ones. I can get them to you earlier if needed. The #22 will be ready for the June race and they are just taking up space. Tires on the wheels have one race on them too, they’ll go with the wheels.