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  1. Hey Racers, So after practice at HMP this past weekend I realized I need to do something about driver cooling. Usually I'd be fine with just sweating it out as the car will get some circulation, however with these newer bodies that isn't the case anymore. I'm simply not dealing with it as we have quite a few races during the summer this year. If you have a used kit with everything, I'd be interested with the exception of someones old cool shirt. I also need the ducts as well Let me know Corey
  2. 2020 TSTRS Re-Vised Racing Schedule

    I think I like this new revised schedule more than the original. Who's all going out this weekend?
  3. Hey Racers, I've been doing the iRacing for a few weeks now and I want to enhance the experience by making a rig. I'm looking for a 18" or bigger racing seat that has the cover w/cushions on it. Doesn't need to be fancy or full containment, just need something better than an office chair.
  4. I'm pretty sure I have enough pieces to complete a front end for a super stock with the exception of the hood.
  5. I got an old 70s model camaro that you can have for $200. I was just keeping it for suspension parts as the body is all rusted up. Heck you may have something that I'll trade for it. Let me know
  6. The more I look into iRacing as a training tool when I’m off the track it makes all the sense. I curious how a track like HMP would be able to get “digitized”? I think it creates a completely different experience for drivers and spectators.
  7. ISO iRacing SetUp / Advice

    Great post guys! I'm looking into this as well and wasn't sure where to start. I started seeing on Youtube the Pro guys are practicing their scheduled circuit on iRacing. I'm not on FB, so if someone sees a good deal on setup...let me know
  8. I can vouch for the speed of this car, always setup well and gave me a challenge to compete against. If you already have a 602 and the desire race, you just might be able to practice the weekend ...or race it on April 18th at HMP
  9. Thank you for releasing the schedule and it surely will be exciting. I've heard the 2021 season will be even better! I'm happy with the rules and there are some cars out there that could run in the Super Stocks, however choose not to. Hell I may even try to run my Super Stock with the Outlaws just to see how well I do!
  10. TSTRS Pit Crew Program

    HOLY SMOKES....I love this idea. For the teams that only have the driver and spotter this comes of great value. I'm sincerely grateful you got this program started. In regards to practice tomorrow, I'll tell you there are a few of us including myself that don't have our cars ready. However come March 7th.....its showtime.
  11. Sell out crowd at New Smyrna on Monday!

    One thing for sure Speed51 is all over the place with their short track racing coverage, great stuff, we need this kind of exposure at HMP. The coverage is just short of MAVTV As soon as I saw all the action at New Smyrna I Googled how close it is with the goal of taking a shot at that World Series of Stock Car Racing next year ...and stock car racing is far from dead, it just needs a couple more solid kicks in the ass here in Texas, not to mention this 2020 season is projected to be a great one!!
  12. That's what I'm talking about, awesome to hear your wanting to mix it up and come to asphalt. PM me and I can help you get some base lines of what to look for on your setup, I'm still figuring this whole suspension setup magic out myself but I'm willing to help where I can. My first advice though would be to read the rules thoroughly
  13. Rule changes 2020 season

    My better judgement tells me there will be subtle rule changes to the super stocks and no adoption of another class. For the guys that showed up and brought their cars out, expect things to work in their favor. For the pro stocks, pure stocks or whatever people call them.....HMP needs a bit more commit than a few guys showing up for something significant to happen. You guys have the upcoming sponsor/ media track day coming up to make a meaningful impression.
  14. Does anyone know if there were any photographers out at this race? I'm looking for some photos
  15. SA Raceway - Oval Asphalt?

    I'm glad someone asked about this cause I was gaining curiosity about the track as well. Fortunately, we have a ANOTHER solid schedule at HMP this year and the classes are only growing. The TSTRS team did an outstanding job wrapping up the season in 2019 and I'm looking forward to what will be discussed at the banquet. I've said this once and I'll say it again....the growth of HMP is on us racers to get our cars there, NOT the promoters/ officials catering to our request. With that said, I'll see you asphalt racers next month if you decide to go to practice day.