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  1. Labor Day Classic Pictures

    Thank you sir! Just what I was looking for.... See y'all out at HMP next weekend to get more taken.
  2. TSTRS - Input needed

    Well Scotty...if you really want to race, you and I might be able to work something out. I have another Super Stock sitting in my storage that I just pulled the drivetrain out of and have realized the driver box is to short for me. I'd prefer to sell the car...but it just has to many good parts on it and it's actually an old late model from SA. I firmly believe you are still ready to get out there and turn laps, however I can't say the same for other parties. I seriously considered running the car at the end of the year but I'm not cutting up the driver box when I need to focus on the 22. One thing for sure in the SS Class, if your not consistently running mid to high 15s (dam near the Pro Truck times), you won't stand a chance. I only know of a few Pro Stocks that managed to get under a 16 and they had plenty of room to be faster, however the rules didn't help.
  3. Can someone post a link for the photographers that were at the track last race? It seemed like there were a few out there. Thanks, Corey
  4. Some great racing and seemed like not much racer cars got tore up either! It was awesome to witness Greg Davidson getting him a win in Houston, the man was on mission and straight dominated. ...and for those of you who decided to stay home and sit on the couch, once again Gina and her amazing staff got the event finished by 9:45pm....which is amazing!! This actually allowed a good amount of fans to come down in the pits and meet the drivers and sit in some cars. We all had a great time and we'll see y'all next race.
  5. I got asked an interesting question when I passed a few of these out to people I know, that question being " I didn't know you got a truck, are you racing trucks or pro mods now?" My answering is obviously that I run Super Stocks, which brings to light. For someone who has never been to one of these races could only assume there are only (2) classes racing and may not care for either one of them. A lot of people love the eco-stocks, legacys, nas karts and dwarfs as well. My point is that it these posters may be more effective to get fans out there if they knew what all they'd be expecting. I believe that the trucks and pro mods are just a small part of the show that deserve just as much attention as the other classes. Just wanted to give some perspective from a fans point of view. With that said, I'm just going to assume Super Stocks are running this Saturday and continue to slave away at getting it ready.
  6. Looking for at least (2) wheels that have 2 or 3" offset. Preferably black but I'll take whats available. I'm located in Houston and need them for this weekend Please text me at 8324665544
  7. TSTRS - Input needed

    As much as this will effect our team, I agree with this. I get asked often if I'm running SS or Outlaws, in which I'm running SS, but ultimately there does need to be "House Classes". I have my thoughts on how those rules would look but at the end of the day I'll still be at HMP competing in whatever class my cars fit in. I believe HMP's success will continue if we invest in the current classes, rather than what could come. We all know whats popular on DIRT, and we all see that trucks are popular in asphalt. Our team has something in the works that our goal is to have it run in the last race of the year. When we bring it out and it stays up front in the Super Stocks, they'll be no excuse why other metric chassis Pro-Stocks can't compete with confidence of being competitive. ....and I ABSOLUTELY agree with putting down some traction treatment, that outside grove doesn't get used enough for a reason.
  8. Great super stock

    I could put that car to use...pm sent
  9. TSTRS - Input needed

    I think it’s fair to say we all know the differences between the Supers and Pros Stocks....at the end of the day most owners of the Pro Stocks don’t even bring there car to the track. The #90 car proved a point last race, he showed up turned some laps, had some fun and drove his car back on the trailer with a little less gas and some tires a little more worn. That is what needs to continually happen, stop focusing on winning and “oh the rules blah blah blah” If it’s running and ready to race, then bring it out and open that throttle up. Is the goal to win the race....absolutely! However I’ve been running by Super Stock for 3 years now and haven’t placed higher than 4th and it really doesn’t bother me non because I SIMPLY ENJOY RACING. It’s a hobby that’s pay, not a business we’re looking to build an empire on.
  10. TSTRS - Input needed

    My vote would be factory stocks....I wouldn't mind the least bit of buying a factory stock roller and dropping my 602 in it. Even if Sport Mods became the new thing, I'd entertain the thought of building one. At the end of the day I want to race in a class where the purse is at least $1k to win, not $500. I won't mind beating up my car more than I need to to win a race for $1000 I love the Super Stock Class, but when there is a second difference between the leader and slowest car.....that's not to entertaining to watch.
  11. Nice Asphalt Street Stock, Trade

    What are you interested in trading for?
  12. Dirt Street Stock Race Truck

    It should be fun...I’d say let him run with us. If the truck meets the rules, WHY NOT! And if he manages to get that tank into the mid to low 15s he deserves to win.
  13. TSTRS - First race in the books!

    Mark this is in the HMP record books....I believe this might be the first time ever that HMP was done with racing by 10pm. The night felt so early getting home at midnight. Overall, outstanding job from Gina, Brad, Rodney, Tiffany and the rest of the TSTRS crew. From the time I got there Saturday at noon and they were pumping cars through with 5-6 lanes open to the time we left, the energy was high, everyone was on point, great communication (about this race and future races), Rodney kept the crowd pumped, all the sponsors really came through with all the giveaways for the fans and dam were those stands filled up. I may not have won my race but I left more confident about investing more into my car for the next one. This big event has also made all the sponsors have something new to crave, they want a part of whats going on at HMP! What was once on life support is now on the road to be something great again. So High Fives, Hell yeas and Hats off to the TSTRS crew!! I'll see you at the next race.
  14. TSTRS - Friday & Saturday Schedules

    Awesome schedule!! Now I know there are plenty more than 8 Super Stocks out there....bring them out and lets put on a show.

    If you don't get enough cars I can shine up the Super Stock and bring it out. I can commit to June 29th