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  1. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    As unfortunate as the DQ is when he drove like the world was ending the next day....his team knew exactly what they were doing when they installed the caps. I'm sure at that level teams understand the political side of the manner between different sponsors. Your right Tim, if your not cheating your not trying and sometimes those odds bite you right in the wiener. An extraordinary driver is now known as a cheater when he probably would have been just as fast without those caps.
  2. Iso stock gesr box

    Are looking for a Saginaw, Muncie, Powerglide or GM auto trans?
  3. Texracing T101 Racing Trans

    As tempting as that is, it's not worth getting DQ because of a trans that really only helped me on a restart. ...and I imagine in the 2020 season it won't be as easy to get through tech. The classes are growing and we all want to win.
  4. As much as I'd love to run this beast in my Super Stock, I'm pretty dam sure a trans with straight cut gears is illegal to use. Comes with a 5.5" mini clutch, throwout bearing, flywheel and Long's slide shifter. I'm asking $2500 for it and I'm open to trades for about anything with wheels....such as an ATV, UTV, pit bike or a go kart for the kids. I'm also looking for parts for my Chevy K10, I'd even by interested in trading for a 602 crate so I can have a back up. Let me know what you got and just shoot me an offer 8324665544
  5. Interesting

    PREACH BROTHER!! These guys drive from out of state to run, compared to guys that won't drive 50 miles to run just for fun and complain. This would be an awesome race to go watch, I'm grateful our local track is getting that much attention.
  6. Considering this car has various front suspension pieces I can't use, I'd be open to trade for spindles, sway bar, drag link, tire rods and other front suspension goodies. Preferable Camaro or Chevelle spindles It may be worth to put this car on dirt just to go have fun, however this former TSRS setup won't be allow. Sure I'd love to sell it, but I need to do SOMETHING with it.
  7. Racers/ Fans, I've been working more and more on producing content from a racer and a team members perspective and this is the second video I've played around with. Most of us watch Youtube quite frequently for a variety of things, so I figured I'd give it a shot. You are my audience and I ask that you give me feedback... if you'd prefer more in-car footage (location in the car as well), outside of car or maybe interviews with people. As you can guess, I not only own, setup, drive and repair my car......I handle all the media as well. If you enjoy it, please like and spread the video.

    Rodney we certainly appreciate the kind words and making sure all Super Stocks made the race wasn't easy by any means. My car didn't see the scales until Friday night and the 55 was still getting welded on Saturday morning! Not to mention all the challenges the 40, 51, 89, 24 had in the pits prior to the race. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a few new Super Stocks out there along with seeing Kenny get behind the wheel again. My car may have got tore up a bit but it's mostly cosmetic. I'm very enthusiastic about the 2020 season and look forward to another memorable year. I also very much appreciate the (3) Pro Stocks that made appearances this season, we know for a fact there is at least a few of you out there willing to race.
  9. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    Brian I truly admire that mindset...”race the track not the cars.” Many times I feel I’m doing just that, improving my lap times. Unless I’m door to door or bumper to bumper with another racer, it’s just me v. Me out there. Yes it cost money and stuff breaks, but seat time and experience isn’t improved by sitting in the stands or having your car sit at home. You either want to race, improve your craft and grow a class or don’t. Racers this is Speedfest coming up and it’s kinda like the Daytona of HMP. This is everyone’s time to shine and bring the trophy home. I’d fully support all Prostocks starting at the front of the main race just to make it fun. Some of y’all have some strong motors and the Super stocks can just glide through the corner better...bring them out and let’s have fun.
  10. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    AMEN!!!! I would think if all these former Pro Stocks or almost Super Stocks we're to come out next Saturday, they would then have a stake in how the track progresses. I don't see Gina just allowing a class to come back when she has only seen maybe 2 show up the whole season. Remember that ol saying..."Build it and they will come" well Gina built it......so when are you Pro/ Street Stock racers coming out? Anybody who knows my Dad and I know when we bring 2 cars out it's at most 3-4 people in our pits and that includes the wives, we're all here to help each other...from strapping a driver in, pushing a car or loaning parts Hell...I broke all kinds of parts this past race and we had a handful of teams helping us get back on the track. A big thanks to Damon, Kenny, Bubba and Deed for the help, tools and parts
  11. As this car continues to sit the thought of stripping it down and selling off all the parts has become more attractive. So in an effort to help move it I'll drop the price. $2000 is the price until after Speedfest. After that there's a good chance this car is getting cut up to make room for my other projects. So if you want the rear end, spindles or anything else....you buy the whole car. So yes...that means I'll sell you the lug nuts for $2000 and give you a car to fasten those lug nuts to.
  12. HMP Point Standings after OctoberFAST

    Now just imagine if we could get all the Super Stocks that are in the points standings on the track at once.....that would make for an entertaining race.
  13. HMP-TSTRS Social Media Exposure

    I’ve been using #texasshorttrackracing #stockcarracing #cratemotor and #horsepowerprojects
  14. Racers/ Team Owners/ Fans, Something I've been watching closely and noticed a trend in is our exposure to social media at our local tracks. I see tons upon tons of post showing action at others tracks around the nation and these tracks have some serious car counts and tons of sponsors. Which just as many of you may imagine of the track and cars are getting exposure, more will jump on. I know I may only be a racer and team owner, however I ask that everyone use social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) effectively with the right hashtags. I think Facebook is old news and everyone uses Instagram mostly, with that said, pull them phones out take pictures and video of live actions. We need more people to know this track exist and we'd like to continue turning laps on it. Any representatives from TSTRS please post any and all hashtags we should use in order to be most effective. Much Appreciated, Corey
  15. With just a few days away....all of us racers are either burning the midnight oil or just cleaning up our stallions of fire breathing power. It's been too long since I got my stock car racing fix and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out there Especially fans like toyotatim.....I'm sure Gina and Mary Ann would appreciate your attendance like the rest of us. You fans are what keep racing ALIVE!!