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  1. HMP Rules 2021 season

    I have to agree with you on that one, reason being why I've decided not to change my body to an outlaw body. I believe from a fans perspective there needs to be contrast between the classes. The downside to that is I know most of the superstocks have outlaw bodies or are converting to them. Economically, they are much cheaper to build and repair rather than having to buy a new fender or quarter from five star. I've heard about the outlaw bodies providing more downforce on the RR, I'm just going to say....the jury is out on that one, especially on our small track.
  2. HMP Rules 2021 season

    Amen to that! I wouldn't mind dropping some weight and maybe giving us more left side weight too
  3. PM sent....I have some for you.
  4. HMP Rules 2021 season

    I don't believe there is much of a plan for them to change. I personally would like to see the rules for super stocks to change where we can have better steering parts, such as hiems. Were just as fast as the trucks but they can run better shocks and have more suspension adjustability.
  5. Sold

    Could this work with a 3spd Saginaw? I'm getting tired of these shift levers
  6. TSTRS/HMP Winners August 15th

    I don't believe Race on Texas was out there, however there was several other people walking around shooting film and taking pictures Always appreciate when Manvel Motorsports comes out as he takes some really good pictures
  7. TSTRS/HMP Winners August 15th

    Did anybody happen to record the races?
  8. This is a great car to run with us Super Stocks. Can you posted some picture of the chassis and who may have built the chassis. We’re getting growing interest in the class and this another great candidate
  9. Looks like my ignition box crapped out at the perfect time when I pulled off after the race this past weekend at HMP. The rain probably got to it... In the hunt for something lightly used before I go buy new parts. Let me know what you got and just shoot me a text at 8324665544 -Corey
  10. HMP Super stock camaro - SOLD!

    You've peaked my interest, give me a call to discuss.

    Looking for a pair of impala spindles and a 4150 carb. Please let me know if you have them and I’ll make the trip from Houston. I need the spindles more than carb. May also get a set of headers from you as well.
  12. 12 to 1 Steering Box - SOLD!

    Thanks for the box Mark, this definitely solved my steering problem.
  13. TSTRS/NASCAR Season Opener @HMP

    I had a blast! We also had (9) Super Stocks and (7) Outlaws....more importantly new racers showing up to race. The most important thing, Gina got those stands packed up while maintaining COVID policies. Also, great idea to have all the drivers come hang out in front of the stands and let Rodney talk us up...lol. I'm looking forward to the next action packed race come next Saturday!!
  14. Hey Racers, So after practice at HMP this past weekend I realized I need to do something about driver cooling. Usually I'd be fine with just sweating it out as the car will get some circulation, however with these newer bodies that isn't the case anymore. I'm simply not dealing with it as we have quite a few races during the summer this year. If you have a used kit with everything, I'd be interested with the exception of someones old cool shirt. I also need the ducts as well Let me know Corey
  15. 2020 TSTRS Re-Vised Racing Schedule

    I think I like this new revised schedule more than the original. Who's all going out this weekend?