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  1. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    I agree every Nascar team’s shocks being used today have progressively become several times more aggressive than in the past and that it has a high probability of being the cause. I’m just also saying they might have just missed it on their guesstimating of what the track was gonna do. Maybe they were anticipating the track loosening up over the course of the race so wanted the nose planted at the beginning. They then would be lowering the back of the car while adjusting which would raise the nose. Minimizing that would be a necessity for sure. Also, the traditional way of loosening the car would still lower the LF nose as you raise the RR and lower the LR which adds weight to the LF. Anotger thought has to do with aero adjustments which we don’t have to worry AS MUCH about while averages 90-95 at tracks like Kyle or HMP. I know for a fact they raise both rears to loosen the car overall but get the spoiler in the air a little more so the entry stability stays relatively close. Just some thoughts. I am also glad they are actually cracking down on this as they already allow a tolerance (yellow) which every team immediately could care less about the green zone anymore. If you roll through and in the green everywhere, someone is getting a talking to about why they aren’t winning...
  2. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Might not be the shocks fault though. Maybe the shock/spring combo was designed to be right at tolerance but didn’t factor in enough leeway for the chassis changes throughout the race. Let’s say the crew chief decides to put 2 turns of “wedge” in the RR on the first stop, a turn in both rears on the second stop, and another half turn in the right rear on the last stop. At the end of the race the RR is 2-1/2 turns higher and the LR is a turn higher. Never touched the front heights on pit stops but what happens to the nose heights? The nose is past the front pivot points and you raised the back of your “flat line” of the ride heights. The front of the flat line will go down. If you start the race with zero tolerance room to spare, you run this risk over the course of a race with multiple adjustments.
  3. Truck Confiscated

  4. Truck Confiscated

    That truck was a “new generation” truck for GMS. That is why no $ or suspension penalties. They probably should’ve just brought that one as the backup or dropped a new gen truck off at the R&D center before bringing it to the track. Nothing deemed illegal yet but as a precaution, it wasn’t allowed on the track until looked at thoroughly.
  5. Too Many Rules

    I’m not telling my name either...childish
  6. K & N East

  7. I vote run ‘em. They used to let them run and just required radios. At this point car count should be the most important thing right? See y’all on the 19th and 20th.
  8. Chris was 3rd last year and now 2nd this year. Way to go team. Seventh Annual Summer Showdown Unofficial Results: Pos Start No. Driver Laps 1 4 48 Preston Peltier 200 2 6 14 Chris Davidson 200 3 14 35t Robb Touchette 200 4 8 22e Chris Eggleston 200 5 5 75 Jeremy Doss 200 6 24 5j Jan Evans 200 7 15 08x Jace Hansen 200 8 40 52 Brittney Zamora 200 9 19 31 Jesse Jensen 200 10 16 43 Buddy Shepherd 200 11 27 98 Greg Bennett 200 12 7 12b Willie Allen 200 13 18 70 Jeff Knight 199 14 26 12c Chad Fitzpatrick 199 15 41 98 Molly Helmuth 199 16 32 20 Andy Sole 198 17 39 12 Trenton Moriarity 197 18 21 48t Tanner Holm 196 19 17 16 Dan Moore 195 20 36 22 John Lathrop Jr. 195 21 31 24 Roger Drake 192 22 23 64 Garrett Evans 190 23 33 35 Brian Cottrell 187 24 22 89 Doni Wanat 179 25 2 22 Lex Johnson 174 26 29 1 Mitch Kleyn 171 27 37 3 Wyatt Gardner 135 28 9 15 Tayler Riddle 120 29 25 00 Naima Lang 119 30 34 26 John Newhouse 101 31 20 39 Pete Harding 91 32 1 10 Owen Riddle 91 33 38 14c Brandon Carlson 91 34 13 32 Mike Holden 59 35 12 48v Eddie Vecchiarelli 38 36 28 78 Joe Constance 37 37 10 27 Gracin Raz 34 38 30 20s Jay Sauls 32 39 35 08 Greg Scott 31 40 11 5 Garret Archer 28 41 3 65 Tyler Tanner 23
  9. Future Racers at TMS

    Case James (Colt’s son) won the national championship race at TMS this weekend. Congrats James family.
  10. RIP Jason Marshall #42

    ***Service Update*** Jason's service is been moved to Hill Country Bible Church. Here’s the new addres: Memorial Service is moved to Hill Country Bible Church, Leander Location, (behind Smokey Moes strip center). 1pm. Reception to follow at Weed Corley (Leander) 11880 Old 2243 West #600 Leander, Tx 78641
  11. RIP Jason Marshall #42

    My dad, David Umscheid, asked me to post this to Speedzone: Racing family and friends, Sadly I am letting you all know about the unexpected Monday passing of Jason Marshall, Driver of the 42 truck and most recently dirt sport mod. Jason was a really good friend to me as well as a lot of you that he raced with over the years. He was always there with a smile or a story to share and always took the time to listen to another racers' story or problems. Jason really enjoyed the competition and more importantly the fellowship and camaraderie of our racing family. He loved winning and running well but he also loved just being at the track and being a part of it all. I will miss the races and the nights in the shop laughing and working on the truck with him. I will also miss the early morning phone messages he would leave me saying that he wouldn't see me for a while because had to go to NC because Childress or Hendrick had called him and offered him a ride. Jason leaves behind a wonderful wife Kathy and two beautiful twin children Lily and Cole. They will need our continued love and support as they try to deal and cope with this loss. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Memorial Services are scheduled for 1pm Saturday at Weed-Corley funeral home. 1200 Bagdad Road Leander, TX 78641 512-260-8800. A go fund me account has been set up for future college expenses. The details are at the site below. https://www.gofundme.com/jason-marshall-memorial Godspeed Jason. I will miss you brother.
  12. Modifieds of Mayhem 2018

    The picture shows the 2018 schedule and of of their gold cup races is at HMP July 7th!!!!! How cool is that?
  13. Bayley Currey

    Bayley got a top ten finish last night in Phoenix’s Nascar CWTS race. Qualified 21st after only having one practice session which he was 20th in. Finished the race in 10th place in only his second start. At-A-Boy Bayley. Proud of you man.
  14. Will there still be racing this weekend? Asking for a friend

    I am pretty sure Reb was joking about this question but: “For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.” ‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:2‬ ‭ESV‬‬ I believe nobody on this earth knows which day Biblically the Lord will come back. I'm heading to Houston today to come out of retirement again!!!