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  1. April 15th

    TY Hector
  2. April 15th

    YW chuck going to get a little more donated by Gray's Recycling
  3. April 15th

    Big Dog Racing donating 50 Stuffed Bunnies and other animals with goodie bags tied to them.
  4. Pure stocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well said slowman80. We need the rules so we know what they are changing if any. Time is ticking away and alot of people need to know!
  6. I understand everyone need a break now and then. But allot of racers need to know especially if there is going to be changes. Time will be up before you know it.
  7. Where can we find them or when will they be posted?
  8. South Texas Shootout December 4th 5th and 6th

    Rookie needs some driving time LOL
  9. South Texas Shootout December 4th 5th and 6th

    still got the pure top_shelf. Just wanted to run the E-mod too. But thats ok
  10. South Texas Shootout December 4th 5th and 6th

    No E-mod's, So disappointed Oh well I tried. I guess I will have to drive a limited LOL JK.
  11. Preregistation is now open

    Not feeling like the lone ranger--ette. I do understand that we were not the only ones to loose out because of rain just making a suggestion. Since this is our only track to race at . Where pure and street got other options.
  12. Preregistation is now open

    Why not add e-mod's instead since this is the only track that we can run at. And we lost our e-mod challenge due to a rain out. I am pretty sure you would get a decent car count with them. JMO!
  13. Practice date

    I actually meant before that. but ty