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  1. street stock gear

    Hmmm now where to find a cheap one thanks for the help.
  2. street stock gear

  3. street stock gear

    Yeh, im leaning toward that gear as long as i run a 6200 chip. I might as well start pulling out the automatic unless someone knows what gear the trucks run.
  4. street stock gear

    I'm mostly gonna run a 6200 chip so I want to be on the chip going in or a bit before right now I think I got a 5.83 in it for hmp
  5. street stock gear

    I have a 602 crate with 350 turbo and 9inch what gear should I run?
  6. Fiesta's Speedfest Registration & Purse Info

    Thank you
  7. Fiesta's Speedfest Registration & Purse Info

    I plan on taking my stock car out for Friday night practice I'm just hoping there will be someone there to guide practice sessions
  8. Limited Late Models

    Running a late model chassis and body?
  9. Limited Late Models

    this would be a cool class to run. Just set the rules up like the trucks. Makes for some good racing, and probably car count will pick up.
  10. will we be allowed to run goodyears if we have em?
  11. Eco Stocks

    i might bring my few out there and are you looking to get one built?
  12. Any Eco-Stocks coming to THR?

    we gotta get up the money first for hotel and food cost first
  13. How old

    i ran a hobbby stock when i was 13 so i dont think its any higher for ecos
  14. Tour type modifieds

    yes cause ive been looking around on racingjunk.com and there seems to be alot of chassis going for rly cheap.
  15. Tour type modifieds

    Like the title says would it be a good class? Run it like a limited modified class, use a 602 crate with a box stock 4 barrel carb? I would like to see a economical modified class like this.